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14 September 2019 Georgia Mae Gibbs vs Anllela Sagra

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Posted by Caspian on September 14, 2019, 5:41 pm



(Results: Lookout!, Words: Holloway)

4. Georgia Mae Gibbs vs Anllela Sagra (Lightweight)


(23, 5’10, 15:5 FCBA, VIXENs)
(25, 5’9, 15:4 FCBA, Holloway Boxing)

"NUMBER 1. I'm number 1 on not one, but two lightweight rankings there are in this league. That's how good I am" Anllela brags confidently before the match. "Gibbs isn't even a top 10 fighter and she thinks she stands a chance against me? I should be taking the belt away from Taylor, not playing with the little girls, which is funny, 'cause I think she's actually a little too big".

Georgia looks annoyed by her opponent's comments but manages to stay calm. "I have a lot to do tonight, I can't let that b*tch get in my head. She's just scared her stable will lose. I, on the other hand, trust my stablemates and won't let them down. Someone has to take down Sagra and that someone is me. I've already defeated every other lightweight in her stable, so it was just a matter of time" is her response.

The tall beauties stare intensely at each other as they get into the ring wearing only their colorful sports bras and shorts, showing off the muscular bodies they've worked so hard for.


Georgia comes out fast, looking to score some quick points early in the match with short jabs to the head. Sagra counters with some punches of her own. There's a stalemate between the two beautiful ladies, both trying to look for an opening. Gibbs seems to be the stronger fighter as she starts to push Sagra against the ropes. The Colombian beauty doesn't seem to be worried, however. A back-and-forth takes place for a minute but Gibbs eventually starts getting the upper hand. Soon after the round ends with the Australian girl taking the win and both having gotten a little taste of each other.

Gibbs comes out trying to maintain the same pace in the second. Sagra meets her mid-ring with caution. The two models start working each other's defenses once again, both clearly giving it their all. A right hook smacks into the side of the Colombian model and Gibbs follows it up with a hook to the stomach. Georgia stalks after her foe with more quick jabs, but gets up with a hook by Anllela, who's not letting her opponent take the upper hand once again. The rest of the round sees more of this back-and-forth between the ladies.

This round is just another great display of strength and athleticism by these women. Sagra's trying to even the score here with a knockdown but Gibbs is a tough girl! The first minute has Anllela on the offense, the second one has her on the defense. These girls are all over the ring trying to outbox each other. Ironically, the round ends with a tie, leaving both models hungry for more.

Gibbs is slowing down, she's a bit tired from the last round. This is Anllela's perfect opportunity for a comeback. She starts the round stunning her opponent with a right hand that pushes the taller model back a few paces. The Australian puts up her defense, she was clearly hurt but Sagra keeps jabbing away at her model. Gibbs tries to get some space between her and her opponent. With a minute left, she's just trying to play defense. Sagra sends a jab to the face of Georgia and she blocks it. She sends one to her abs and it gets blocked as well. Georgia's great defense is surprising everyone, even herself.

Stakes have changed. Anllela’s now looking to get even with Gibbs. A wild brawl starts taking place in the middle of the ring, both tall beauties clearly giving it their all. Sagra's swinging away low at her foe's tummy, digging her hooks into the girl's ribs. Georgia fights back with a few jabs but her abs are taking some serious damage. Once away, the Australian model dances away with Sagra following her closely. It's like a game of cat and mouse, except the mouse lands a devastating punch towards the end that shakes Sagra's whole body. Still, that's not enough to change the result of the round. Anllela has evened the score.

Sagra's left eye is starting to look a bit swollen. Gibbs' last punch was just as powerful as it seemed to be. The round starts with her picking Anllela off from a distance, thrusting rights and lefts into the face of the model, dancing around her with great skill. The Colombian model looks a bit dizzy. Her guard is up but she's taking quite a bit of punishment. Things aren't looking great for Sagra. It takes her almost two minutes to go back to her old self and finally start fighting back. But it's too late, Georgia has done quite a bit of damage and has once again taken the lead. But neither of them seems to care. They're going for the knockout.

Anllela's back. This is a faster-paced round with both women going at each other with everything they have. Lefts and rights fly into each other's faces and bodies. Gibbs is putting up a great fight, but Sagra's showing her raw power and skill with a series of punches to the head of her opponent. Georgia's starting to be overwhelmed as we go into the second minute of the round. Sagra looks in pain, but she's ignoring it, just trying to end this match once and for all. But Gibbs isn't making it easy for her. The tall model stands her ground and tries to fight back, but there's not enough time left. They'll have to settle it in the next one.

Georgia jumps out of her corner and tries to connect a cross at Sagra's chin, but the Colombian model ducks under it and counters with a devastating hook to the gut. Gibbs shouts in pain, Sagra follows it up with a three-punch combo to the head. Georgia doesn't even have the time to put up her fists, Sagra throws her into the ropes and goes at her. One, two, three punches to the solar plexus lifting Gibbs off her feet. Sagra's strength is really showing. We're only half way through the match and Gibbs looks finished. Sagra knows it. She backs away a bit and then sends her to the mat with a single blow to the side of the head. Gibbs can't stand up! It's over!

Official Decision: Anllela Sagra beats Georgia Mae Gibbs KO8!

"Easy peasy. I wasn't going to let some skinny b*tch make fun of my stable" says Sagra about the match. "And I'm not letting another skinny b*tch keep the lightweight title for any longer. I'm coming for you, Taylor". She then leaves the arena.

VIX/Holloway Stable War II: 2:2



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