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27 September 2019 Raquel Welch vs Pam Grier

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on September 27, 2019, 10:44 am



Circa 1973

Results: Lookout     Writing: GBS

This fight was huge when it happened in 1973. New star Pam Grier stepping into the ring against the new sex symbol Raquel Welch. The arena was packed as everyone was anxious awaiting this bout.

This bout was only recently found by a scholar while going through some other lost fight materials in a private collection by a collector. The film has been restored thanks to the resources and time of the FCBA Archive and their employees. We also want to thank the scholar and the collector as well. The scholar was also able to find a poster for this bout as well. This piece of memorabilia is worth quite the price on the market.

The referee for this bout was another mainstay on the female celebrity boxing circuit, Julie Adams. She was rumored to be looking to manage and train fighters during the coming year. Also she was rumored to be leaving the referring jobs soon as well. Adams wore black short shorts with a black and white striped bikini top with more coverage than the ones the boxers had on.

Raquel Welch appeared in a purple bikini piece with brown leather gloves.

Pam Grier wore a multi colored pastel bikini also with brown gloves.

Round 1, 2, & 3:

These two ladies came ready for action and in the three opening rounds they did not disappoint. The first round saw Pam get inside on Welch and go to her breasts. Then she went to her body and Raquel was taken by surprise. She tried to cover her and guard her body. Welch spent most of the round on the defensive as Grier seemed to be punching constantly. At the bell, Welch was stunned while Grier was all smiles and poses. In the second, Welch used her legs and fired some jabs to catch Grier coming in. Pam continued to come inside and soon these two sexy titans bang away at each other. Welch was able to get some short hooks into Grier. The round ended with Raquel landing a gorgeous uppercut to Pam’s face just before the bell rang. Welch now was smiling and posing after having won the second round widely. In the third round, Pam returned to her inside success and began to work Welch’s body. Just as in the first round, Raquel had to be defensive and jab back when she was able to. Grier was able to corner Welch a couple times but the punches did not knock Welch down or out. Pam won the third round widely.

Round 4:

Raquel got back into her movement and stick strategy in the fourth. She slipped a great right cross to Grier’s face during an exchange that stunned her. Welch then went inside with 2 punches to Grier’s breasts. It seemed Raquel had the round in control until late when Pam broke through and scored a double hook to Welch’s gut. She added in a couple crosses to Raquel’s face before the round ended. The round was now a close one but won by Raquel.

Round 5:

The ending of the fifth round was where Pam Grier started in the sixth. She went back into Welch’s body. But it did seem that Raquel was ready this time. Some even exchanges came until Welch missed with a right and got a short right cross into her ribs from Pam. Raquel was stunned and seemed to stagger after that punch. Soon Grier drove her to the ropes. Welch tried to clinch with Grier but got a huge left uppercut to her chin before she could tie up with her. WELCH GOES DOWN! Pam watched Welch fall before moving to a neutral corner. Julia came immediately and began the count. The crowd and Pam saw Raquel rise by the count of 6 and take it to the standing 8 courtesy of Julia. Welch was checked over by Adams and the bout continued. Raquel used her legs more as she jabbed and moved with Pam before finishing out the round on her feet. Pam took the round widely.

Round 6:

Pam Grier came out of her corner for the sixth round, looking to knock Raquel out and win the fight. She figured Welch would be slow out of her corner and easy. Well Raquel seemed to have gotten a second wind or something as she used her legs to draw Pam out. She landed a juicy left jab to Pam’s mouth. That froze Pam and Raquel unleashed her own power punches. The crowd watched as Welch began to dismantle Grier. Some overhand rights and uppercuts bogged Grier down. A few more hooks soon had Grier finished, Welch hit her twice more with crosses to her jaw. GRIER GOES DOWN! Welch’s eyes are blazing as she is off to a neutral corner. Pam tried to turn over by the count of 4 and did so by 8 but got no further. KO6 – Raquel Welch.


Raquel waved her gloves around after the bell rang and the fight was over. She did pose about the ring before having her glove raised in victory. The fans gave her quite the ovation. Grier was sitting in her corner and watched the Welch announcement.

Doing further research has established that Welch and Grier did box again and did so into well into the 1980s. We look forward to see more of those fights as we do with all discovered bouts.



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