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27 September 2019 Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Salma Hayek

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on September 27, 2019, 10:41 am



Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Salma Hayek (Cougar Bout)

Results: Lookout, Words: GBS

This bout was the main event of the evening. It featured two of the most popular fighters in the FCBA. Jennifer Love Hewitt will be taking on Salma Hayek.

This will be their fifth bout. The score is currently 3 wins for Jennifer and 1 for Salma. But this is the first time they will box in the cougar division.

Jennifer made major steps forward with her fourth round knockout of Eva Longoria. This fight saw Longoria’s protégé Isabela Moner leave the arena in a hurry. There has been talk of a bout between her and Hewitt but as of fight time there has been no movement on this. Meanwhile, Salma will be boxing as a cougar for the first time tonight. Her recent pictures of social media announced her return to the ring.

Salma came to the ring in her blue turquoise bikini with blue gloves.

Jennifer wore a black bikini with black gloves.

Round 1:

Both boxers come out and went after the breasts of each other. WOW! These two want to turn back the clock tonight and boy are they doing it. The crowd is standing as these two jug mug. They are trading punches to their busts. Hayek is seemingly more in charge as she forces Hewitt back to the ropes. Salma is going right into Hewitt’s breasts with some hard hooks and straights now. Jennifer is getting hit hard and tries to go up into Salma’s face. The bell rings and the crowd cheers for the enjoyment of the round. Salma returned to her corner having won the round widely.

Round 2 & 3:

The next two rounds were closes ones with Jennifer winning the second while Salma won the third. Again the two boxers opened with hard punches to the breasts. Jennifer hit on a hard right cross to Salma’s face. Hayek seems hurt and Hewitt goes right into her jugs. After some hard left and rights into Hayek’s bust get her to clinch with Jennifer. After they are broken apart, Hayek gets back with a couple shots to Hewitt’s ribs and gut. Jennifer seems surprised as the two throw right and left jabs to the bell. Jennifer won a close round. The third round, Salma seemed to be tightened up form wise as she goes into Jennifer’s abs and gut with some more straights. Hewitt is again punched to the ropes. She does seem to trade with Hayek but those Salma body shots stop that. Hewitt ties up with Salma and when broken up, she uses her hard crosses to Salma’s face. The bell sounds with the two working on the face and body now. Salma wins a close round this time.

Round 4:

Jennifer opened this round with a one-two to Hayek’s jaw. This causes Salma to back up. Jennifer advances with some hard rights to Salma’s bust. Hayek tries to answer with some hard jabs to Hewitt’s face. But Hewitt is going to Salma’s ribs and bust. Then she fakes a left to Salma’s bust and hits a huge right hook to her face. The round ends with the bell sounding and the referee separating them. Jennifer won the round widely.

Round 5:

Jennifer practically meets Salma in her corner as the round begins. After some jostling and almost clinching, Jennifer digs in and goes into Salma’s breasts with some hooks and uppercuts to her face. Salma is hurt by those as she is laying back in the ropes now. Back to back uppercuts from Jennifer snap Salma’s head back. Jennifer goes back to mauling Salma’s jugs and HAYEK GOES DOWN! Salma falls at Jennifer’s feet as the referee shoves Hewitt to a neutral corner. The count is a formality as Salma is unmoving during it. KO5 – Jennifer Love Hewitt.


Hewitt again is jumping for joy in victory before coming to the middle of the ring. Soon Jennifer’s right gloved fist is raised and she soaks in the crowd’s reaction and cheers. She also seems to be enjoying Salma’s pain as she is slumped and seems to be drained as she is being attended to. Hewitt soon is saying how her jugs stopped Salma’s again.



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