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27 September 2019 Kate Mara vs Kirsten Dunst

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on September 27, 2019, 10:39 am



Kate Mara versus Kirsten Dunst
Results: Lookout! Words: Emilia

Pre-Fight: Tonight’s bout sees Emilia’s Empresses Kate Mara going up against Rampant Fighting’s Kirsten Dunst. Both girls are on heavy losing streaks, Kate of six and Kirsten of seven, but fortunately for one (or both in case of a draw) of them the losing streak will end tonight.

Kate: Yellow sports bra with yoga shorts, yellows mittens with hair in a ponytail.

Kirsten: Black bra & panties, black mittens with hair loose.

Round 1: Kirsten charges across the ring at the bell, surprising Kate with a burst of jabs upstairs, driving her to ropes then pounding downstairs with precise uppercuts, making Kate gasp for air after every punch. Kate struggles to escape or clinch and finds herself back in her own corner treated to a series of hooks of uppercuts failing to. She manages to escape the onslaught but finds herself getting punches across the ropes within seconds. Kate establishes a defence and manages to block most of Kirsten’s incoming punches, that’s all she can do for now. Bell: Kate’s defence kept her from a knockdown but defending won’t win her the fight. Kirsten did a toll on her in round on and she’s hungry for blood.

Round 2: More of the Dunst aggression, she’s all over Kate as soon as the bell rings, practically ragdolling her across the ring. Kate: gloves raised, she’s defending as best as she can but not responding. An occasional punch slips through Kate’s defences moving her back a step and leaving marks across breadbasket. Kirsten stops with flanking and penetrating Kate’s defences and start punching for her arms until she can’t hold them up anymore. When Kate finally drops her arms Kirsten proceeds with a jabbing session and sends her back to her corner. Back to step one for Kate, she’s back in her corner and taking another beating. Despite bucking knees Kate manages to keep standing for another round. Bell: Kate out of breath and ideas while Kirsten jogs back to her corner.

Round 3: Dunst still in charge and still all over Kate beating her without mercy. Kate still defending and not doing much attack wise until BOOM, AN UPPERCUT DROPS KIRSTEN TO HER BACK. While she was too busy hooking for her breadbasket Kate deployed a brutal uppercut that no one saw coming. Kirsten beats the count at eight and now its Kate all over her. She picks the blonde apart as she tries to figure out what just happened and rushes the flanks when she covers up. Kirsten finds herself at the ropes on the receiving end of a face lashing via jab hook combos. Blonde’s legs give a shimmy but she stays up long enough for Kate to leave her with a bloody nose and a few bruises on both of her cheeks only to be separated by the bell.

Round 4: Kirsten is in shut down mode after the surprise knockdown in round three, the avoids conflict slowing down the pace of the fight. Kate isn’t in the best shape either, she did dominate most of round three but after taking a beating for two rounds in a row she is going to have to tread carefully if she wants to win the fight. Kate keeps her composure as she lands a few jabs to the blonde’s belly, then backing out, baiting her into a hook, going back inside and rocking Kirsten’s jaw with a cross stunning her. Back to the ropes it is, Kate strapping hooks to her ribs, going upstairs with jabs and uppercuts then down again with jabs, back and forth as the blonde groans in pain. Bell: Kirsten struggling on her way back to the corner, hand on her ribs, breathing heavily. Kate smiling through the pain, she’s slowly cracking Kirsten’s spirit and she knows it.

Round 5: Kirsten slow of the stool, barely navigating across the ring, Kate exhausted but pushing forward jabbing Kirsten to ropes then lashing her ribs with hooks. Relentless uppercuts send the blonde down for the count for the second time of the night. She beats the count at seven and as soon as she’s up she get treated with a series of jabs and hooks back to ropes. It’s all Kate, she’s sending uppercuts of Kirsten’s chin then lashing her ribs with repetitive hooks. Dunst covering up but it’s no use, Kate is all over her and her tired arms won’t be a problem. Kirsten butt-in-ropes taking the punishment, knees shimmying, she’s slowly dropping to canvas. A few more hooks are enough to get her there. 7… 8… 9… 10… You’re out!

Winner by Knockout in Round 5: Kate Mara

Post-Fight: Important night for Kate Mara, she earns her first victory under a new stables and finally ends her three year long losing streak.

“She was never a match for me” Kate boasts to the press despite barely standing “she landed a few lucky shots in the first two rounds but I got eventually got the better of her, proving that I’m a top fighter.” She continues boasting.

Regardless of the outcome tonight’s event was wild from both sides and show the capabilities of both fighters.



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