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27 September 2019 Natalia Dyer vs Chloe Moretz

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on September 27, 2019, 10:37 am



Natalia Dyer versus Chloe Moretz
Results: Lookout! Words: Emilia

Pre-Fight: This is a big fight for both girls, both of who are coming of losses. Natalia coming of a two losses, Chloe coming of four. Chloe is the more experienced of the two fighters with 17 fights compared to Natalia’s two.

Natalia: Red sports bra, black yoga shorts with white gloves and shoes, hair in a topknot
Chloe: Baby blue sports bra and panties, black gloves and shoes, hair loose

Round 1: Both girls play it defensively at the opening round, resulting in, well not much. The majority of the round is spent with the fighters poking at each other, attempting to breach defences, circling and jabbing from afar and generally figuring each other out. Chloe does get the slight upper hand when Natalia jabs for her belly leaving her face open resulting in a strong right hook. Natalia reacted like a frightened cat and ran away. Chloe soon caught up to her and landed three additional left-right jabs to her belly while Natalia was too busy defending her face. After the little scuffle things slowed down as they were at the start. The round ended on a highlight with Natalia getting suddenly aggressive and chasing Chloe to ropes, breaching her defences in the process and landing a revenge hook. The round still went to Chloe by a close margin.

Round 2: Now that the fighters are done figuring each other out the real fight can begin and the girls can show their true colours. A change of pace for both girls as they storm out of their corners and clash in the middle. Maybe not the most thought out choice on Chloe’s behalf. Natalia landed stronger and more precise punches, leaving a few bruises on Chloe’s ribs and face, forcing the blonde to switch back to defence and chasing her to ropes. Chloe escaped via clinch but not without taking a fair beating by Natalia. With Chloe hurt and in retreat Natalia wanted an early KO, she marched towards the blonde but she underestimated her opponent who side-stepped out of the way sending Natalia straight to ropes. With Natalia stuck Chloe switched back to offensive, hurting her face with jab and hooks combos resulting in a bloody nose and lip to end the round. Natalia dominated the first half but fell apart in the second making the round result in a draw.

Round 3: After bruising and bleeding each other the girls went back to the defence. For a full minute they were circling and poking each other as they were in round one, until Chloe got tired of the slow pace and started forcing the action much to Natalia’s favour. Whenever Chloe would force an attack Natalia would find a way to evade it and slam a double hook to her ribs. Natalia was to slick and agile for Chloe to land a proper punch, she had the round under complete control while Chloe had a new bruise for each attack made, or at least attempted. Chloe tried bossing Natalia on the inside, but she’s having none of it, trading body blow for body blow with Chloe, eventually turning the tables and pushing her to ropes. Now it’s time to get aggressive as Natalia unloads with jabs and crosses of her face, then hooks to body making Chloe unsure what and when to defend, but it’s hopeless as she gets send to all fours via brutal uppercut. Luckily for Chloe, or to her distress she gets saved by the bell.

Round 4: Chloe getting patched up by her corner crew, it’s time to get serious now that she knows what she’s dealing with. Chloe doubling the jab, clipping Natalia’s cheek, making her cover up following it up by reaching for the ribs with a powerful right hook then pushing her back to ropes with her left. Natalia forced to retreat, she’s being punished and failing to retaliate with an adequate attack. Until she does, with her arms raised and Chloe jabbing to push her back Natalia slips out of there, baby steps around Chloe and slams her with another uppercut. Chloe gets sent to canvas again in minute two this time, so she won’t be relying on the bell to come to her aid. It doesn’t matter as she beats the count at six and immediately fires a double hook at Natalia’s chin, but misses by a hair, giving Natalia just enough time to duck under and respond with ANOTHER UPPERCUT sending her down for the third time of the night. She beats the count again but her confidence doesn’t. The incredibly wild round ends with Chloe limping to her corned.

Round 5: Chloe’s not sure is she want’s any more of Natalia, her confidence is gone and her fighting spirit is shattered. She rises from her stool with a painful grain and with Natalia already on top of her. Multiple jabs chase poor blonde to ropes, she’s looking exhausted and defeated. Natalia looking to mop things up, stuffing lefts and rights into Chloe’s belly as she starts slowly dropping. Natalia continues with hooks and uppercuts, making a mess out of her face. Chloe completely paralysed, she’s stuck in ropes taking whatever Natalia offers, unable to do anything about it. The referee has seen enough, moves in and stops the fight as Chloe drops down for the last time of the night.

Winner: Natalia Dyer via TKO5.

Post-Fight: The fight was a proper challenge for both gals, who are too exhausted to talk to the press. Back and forth action finally concluded with a one-sided final round in Natalia Dyer’s favour proving that she deserved a spotlight in the FCBA. Both girls fought valiantly and both proved to be capable fighters.



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