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27 September 2019 Lady Gaga vs Madison Beer

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on September 27, 2019, 10:33 am



Tonight’s bout was quite a surprising matchup. Singer- movie star Lady Gaga would be in the ring against singer Madison Beer.

Gaga was 4 and 11 in FCBA competition while Beer was 1 and 1.

Madison wore a pink bikini top and tight pink shorts and pink gloves for her bout.

Gaga is wearing a leopard print bikini with black gloves.

Round 1:

Madison came out charging but Gaga repelled her with her jabs. Soon Beer is inside on Gaga and snaps her head back with a huge right hook. Gaga replied with a left and right jab combination to Beer’s face. After a short clinch, Beer starts giving Gaga some straight punches to her body as she wants to get back inside. Again Gaga is on her toes circling Madison and going in and out with some crosses. Then Gaga swings some right hook and left cross combinations to Beer’s body. Soon Madison is driven back to the ropes and a neutral corner thanks to Gaga’s gloves. Beer protecting her body has her head hit with a right cross and left uppercut combination. Gaga has Beer in the ropes as the bell sounds. Gaga won the round widely and enjoyed her reception from the crowd as she returned to her corner.

Round 2:

Beer now watching for Gaga’s punches to her face goes low with a straight right and left hook to her body to open the round. Gaga has to jab back at Beer’s face. But Madison is inside and go to her body with a couple back to back straight punches. Gaga has to clinch up with Beer and when they broken apart, she circles around her. When Beer misses with a hook, Gaga goes with a left uppercut which puts Beer wobbly for the moment. Gaga goes into her body with a right cross to Beer’s body. Madison has to step back now. The rest of the round which was short finished up with short cross to Gaga’s body. Beer took a close round as the fight is 1 to 1.

Round 3:

Again Beer goes in low and strikes into Gaga’s body with a couple hard hooks. Soon she is able to work in a couple combinations to Gaga’s body and head. Gaga backs away from Beer. But she does seem to stumble as she does so. Beer sees Gaga’s gloves high and knock her back into the ropes with a tight left cross to her body. Both boxers throw hooks into each other after that cross. Madison gets in a left uppercut to Gaga’s face. GAGA GOES DOWN! Lady goes down on her front as Beer moves to a neutral corner. Gaga moans as she goes to sit up. Madison tries to move her hair from her face as the count continues. Gaga is on her knees but can’t make it to her foot by the count of 10. KO3 - Madison Beer.

AFTER: Lady Gaga caught by surprise tonight and so are her fans - booing loudly at the sight of Madison Beer standing over her, brushing her hair out of her foe’s face so she can look down at her dazed expression with a smirk. A wicked little snicker escapes Madison’s lips as she calls for a tube of lipstick and her cell phone, which she receives instantly. Dragging Gaga towards the corner as she props her up against the turnbuckle, one foot across her throat to keep her in place as she writes across her tummy “Beer’s B*TCH”. This draws no reaction from an unconscious Gaga, but a very furious one from her fans, which Beer ignores as she leans down to take a few selfies with the latest addition to a very exclusive club. Beer then gives a little kiss to Gaga’s cheek as she pats her foe’s tummy and then rises to her feet, coming over to address the press with a grin, “Look - I’m a HUGE fan of Lady Gaga. She’s a pioneer in the music industry and for women in general, but when you step into the ring, there are two people you can be - you can be a winner like me or you can be the newest member of my little club. Lady Gaga is my latest little b*tch and I won’t be stopping anytime soon. Avril - I’m coming for you!! There is a special spot in my club just for you!” Madison then extends a middle finger no doubt meant for Lavigne and three fingers over her head with her other hand to symbolize her third win in a row as she high fives and takes selfies with fans on her way out of the arena to celebrate!



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