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27 September 2019 Elizabeth Henstridge vs Leighton Meester

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Sep 29, 2019 at 4:32pm


Elizabeth Henstridge versus Leighton Meester

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Girls Friday vs Free Agent)


Elizabeth Henstridge and Leighton Meester resume hostilities tonight, Elizabeth defeated Leighton in 2017 by knockout in the fifth round, can Elizabeth win again or Leighton get revenge tonight?

Elizabeth is 31 years old; she stands 5'4, holding a record of 23 wins, all coming by way of knockout, with 14 defeats.

Leighton is 33 years old; she stands 5'5, holding a record of 26 wins, 22 coming by way of knockout, with 30 defeats.

The two fighters were asked for a word in their locker room before the fight, Elizabeth is working the punch pads her coach Taryn Terrell is holding up.

When she finishes; Elizabeth looks serious as she comes over to the interviewer, saying "I'll be honest I didn't think I'd be as low a ranking as I am so quickly, this year has simply sucked for me"

Taryn butts in to say "yes it has! But Elizabeth is one of the hardest workers in our stable, she will start moving back up those rankings, starting tonight!"

That gets a smile from the Sheffield lass, who nods before she gets back to warming up, the interviewer being ushered out the room by Taryn.

In the Americans locker room; Leighton is shadow boxing as her coach gives her a pep talk, the interviewer is waved into the room as Leighton nods at them.

"I've waited too long to get back at Elizabeth, how the hell she has a stable and I don't is a joke" says Leighton as she looks frustrated.

Thudding her gloves together as she turns to face the interviewer, she says "this time I am going to kick her British arse as they say back to her home country, she can go back to the BBU for all I care"

Fight night; Elizabeth is out with Taryn and Eva Carneiro beside her, she smiles as she heads to the ring, she doesn't look her usual cheery self though, more a forced smile on her way down the aisle.

She is wearing a grey sports bra, matching trunks with an Agents of Shield badge on her left leg, grey gloves and shoes, her hair is tied back into a ponytail.

Stepping into the ring; she bows to each side of the ring to a good cheer from her supporters, settling into her corner as she waits for her opponent.

Who comes out with her coach beside her, thudding her gloves together as Leighton heads down the aisle, she looks intense as a win will be massive for her career right now.

She is wearing a black sports bra with white trim, matching trunks and shoes, her gloves are white, while her hair is tied back into a ponytail.

Climbing into her corner; Leighton raises her fists into the air as she stares across the ring at Elizabeth to cheers from her fans, then warms up with some punching drills.

Coming to the center of the ring; both women touch foreheads as there is no love lost here, the referee nudges them apart as they are warned to keep things clean.

Thudding gloves together when ordered to touch them up, they return to their corners, ready for the bell to signal the start of 10 rounds of flyweight action.

Round 1:

At the bell both women start off exchanging jabs to start off things, Leighton though soon enough throws a double jab while moving forwards, both are blocked though as Liz moves to the side.

The next exchange sees Henstridge dodge a straight aimed at her head by moving her head, she then counters with a left across the face of the American.

It is clear Elizabeth has come out the gates quicker as Leighton mostly lands glancing blows, the younger fighter is ducking punches before landing her own cleanly.

But as the round comes into the final minute, Leighton feints with a left then lands a right to the jaw of Elizabeth, she then pushes forwards with punches aimed at the head of her opponent.

Elizabeth forced to cover up as Leighton has her stuck towards the ropes, Meester landing punches to the side of the body as she steps in close, trading up to the bell ringing.

They return to their corners with Leighton looking at Elizabeth across the ring with angry eyes, compared to the more cheerful looking Brit talking to her coach in the Girls Friday corner.

Round 2:

Both come out trading more punches now they are warmed up, Elizabeth using her head movement to dodge before moving inside to work the body.

Pushed back though; Liz eats a right across her brow, with Leighton pressing forwards with a four punch combo into the face of her opponent to knock her head back.

Elizabeth on the defensive as Leighton keeps pressing her backwards, the American has the center of the ring and is out working the Agents of Shield star.

When Liz lands two body shots, she gets caught with a right to the ear, Leighton landing an uppercut to knock back the Brit, with more punches landing on the gloves of Henstridge as she pressed along the ropes.

At the bell Leighton pumps her right fist in the air as she jogs back to her corner, her coach tells her to keep pressing back Elizabeth.

Round 3:

As the round begins, Leighton is quick out her corner to throw punches at the head of Elizabeth, pushing back the younger fighter towards the outside of the ring.

Most of the punches from Leighton are blocked, but Elizabeth can't get out of her guard to land much more then single punches.

With Leighton moving in close to work the body as she pushes her head near Elizabeth's chin, forcing Liz to pull her into clinch to get the referee to break them apart.

Once apart and in space; Leighton goes to throw a double jab at the head of Liz, who ducks under before landing an overhand right to the cheek of Meester to turn her head.

Now it's Liz firing back at her opponent, driving back Leighton near the ropes, both fighters landing stiff shots to the others face.

Up to the end of the round they trade head shots, turning back to their corners, they both look intense as they sit on their stools, Taryn telling Liz to push back at Leighton.

Round 4:

Stepping out to the center of the ring, both women let their hands go in close, heads grinding together as they swing away at the body of their opponent.

Leighton nudges back Liz, bashing her towards a corner with three punches straight into the face of the Sheffield lass to knock her head back, sweat flying into the air.

But when Elizabeth's back is pressed near the ropes, she pushes back Leighton to her tits, before moving off the ropes as Leighton smirks at her, seeing desperation in the Girls Friday fighter.

Stepping forwards with a right cross; Leighton misses and is made to pay, a left hook under her ribs makes her groan, an uppercut follows to knock back the head of the American.

Pressing back Meester now with punches hammering through the mitts, sweat flies off the head of Leighton as she is knocked into a corner.

The bell rings to close the round, Elizabeth looking more relaxed as she returns to her corner, while Leighton shakes her head as she gets to her corner, needing to get a rallying speech by her coach.

Round 5:

Trading punches at the center of the ring, Leighton swings a right hook that finds air, LIZ COMES UP WITH AN UPPERCUT THAT SNAPS BACK THE HEAD OF LEIGHTON, TWO HOOKS KNOCKS MEESTER TO HER BACK!

Jogging to a neutral corner with a big smile, Elizabeth bangs her gloves together as she looks at Leighton, 1...2...3...4.. Leighton shakes her head as she turns to her front, 5...6...7.. Grabbing the ropes, Leighton leans on them, 8...9... She can't get her legs under her, 10 that's all she wrote!

Winner Elizabeth Henstridge KO Round 5


Back on the winning trail goes Elizabeth as she raises her fists in the air, looking as much relieved as anything else as her fans cheer her.

Compared to the seething Leighton who sits against the ropes, punching the canvas in frustration as she clearly can't believe she lost to Liz once again.

The coach of Meester helps her to her feet, she nods her thanks but then turns to stare daggers at Elizabeth, mouthing "bytch" before being helped back to her stool to be cleaned up.

Elizabeth hugs both her corner team, telling them "I have missed this winning feeling" giggling as she winks at them, making Eva laugh and Taryn to nod with a grin.

Coming to the center of the ring for the final result to be announced, Elizabeth jumps into the air with her left arm in the referees hand in the air.

Leighton turns and heads out the ring, heading up the aisle with her coach telling her to get into the ring Monday and train her butt off.

Inside the ring Elizabeth stands for the cameras with her arm around Taryn and Eva, all of them smiling as they pose, happy to have gotten Henstridge out this losing slump.

As they leave the ring though the question remains will she be able to start of run of good results or start another bad run when she next steps into the ring. 



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