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12 November 2005 Title CH Jenny ODell vs Taylor Cole

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Posted by Simguy on 11/12/2005, 8:32 am.


Before: “She’s nipping at my heels again!” Jenny banters with reporters in prefight. “This Taylor Cole just won’t go away, Seriously—I was very impressed with Taylor’s KO over Brooke Shields—that’s what’s putting her in this title bout—but I didn’t see much else. We’ve always known Taylor had power, but unless she’s improved all across the board—from conditioning to technique—she’s not going to get by me. God love her for trying though—keeps me on my toes!”


Taylor not enjoying the champ’s high hand—Cole reportedly merciless in training camp as she prepares once again to storm Castle O’Dell. “Not only have I gotten better each time out,” Taylor says in earnest, “but Jenny’s starting to slip (holds up hand to silence the murmurs). Jenny’s a well deserving champ, but she’s doing a lot more holding, more resting, fighting in spots now—she’s not the punch-a-holic she was in her beach prime. Some would say that’s ‘sophistication’, but I’m calling Jenny’s bluff. I think Jenny’s legs are going on her and she’s starting to cheat a bit to compensate. I’m primed to expose Jenny at long last: you’ll see me set a pace she can match and I’ll run this girl into the canvas!” Taylor in red “Summerland” bikini. Jenny in bright baby blue. Unforgiving staredown as girls get nose to nose: neither flinching.


During R1: Taylor right hand at lips, pawing, probing left, then she’s in with brawling overhand rights and clubbing lefts. Jenny covering up temples, bouncing off ropes—champ laying back, letting kid get off brazen Good hounding work—brunette right on her girl, stepping-with along the perimeter, laying down a fierce bombardment to either flank. Cole very muscular to Jenny’s body prepping the blonde with tuff shoulder-bumps, then pounding that paunch tight right/lefts. Jenny with some cuteness late-pulling Taylor’s head down and spinning off the ropes, getting leggy, opening up the canvas—O’Dell just sussing things out as Cole storms ahead on the cards.


R2: Jenny covering up temples, gritting her teeth as Cole hammers away at the flanks: Brunette shelling blonde at the ropes early. Taylor softening Jenny up with diligent body work—brunette dipping shoulders, bouncing fists off taut, tanned abs, munching her way up torso to bump those bulging Jenny-jugs flat. Cole tight n’ tasty with her work, turning her shoulders, all back and legs behind the thumping stroke. Minute mark, Jenny trying to punch her way off the ropes—girls trade right hands and O’Dell’s right leg gives way, toppling her wonky to the ropes. Taylor’s eyes bright—she’s in there close, pounding the short right to the jaw, pounding it again—just blunt force smashing applied as Jenny’s disorganized, loose at Cole’s able to smash through clean to the ribs, jug and jaw. O’Dell clearly hurt, just dig in, grim to weather the storm—Cole squares away, goes through her pattern with thumping vigour. Hooks, uppercuts, crossing—robust body shellack—withering flank work. O’Dell grimacing, hunkering down, takes a tanning as Cole pounds away bell to bell. Taylor stomping back to her corner, nostrils flaring, eyes flashing: THAT’S what she wants to do every minute of this fight.


R3: Taylor rushing Jenny to ropes again: O’Dell spending an AWFUL lot of time with her butt in the strands, sopping up thick wallop. Cole baring her teeth, working hard: ready to position for hands is at her chest—she just tilts side to side, snapping harm off Jenny’s golden brown chassis and limbs. Taylor really scrubbing away multiple right uppercuts, clanging away at the front grill of Jenny’s guard—O’Dell finally clinching to slow things up, walk her girl back to midring for the break. Middle minute-Jenny fade-stepping, ducking under Cole’s punches, then walking her into the clinch, turning her around Jenny’s got Taylor moving her feet, out of position late: blonde starting to knock hard jabs off stubborn brunette skull, finally dictating terms at the bell.


R4: Jenny with smart, tactical clinches, getting down low, then coming up with arms around Taylor’s waist, turning and spinning the brunette. O’Dell picking her spots to paint Taylor sneaky led right hands or spice her up jab, right hand combos—O’Dell showing veteran wiles in draining a little of exuberance out of Cole. Taylor crouching, coming forward, pawing the jab, but getting herself timed—she’s contained, bamboozled, touched up I a stop-and-go fourth.


R5: Jenny comes ou to bang Taylor’s midsection, runs into fierce resistance and it’s brunette bashing blonde all the way to the ropes from midring in savage give and take. O’Dell eyes wide—she’s hitting Taylor some good licks, but Cole just won’t back off: Taylor in a world of her own, eyes hard with bad intentions as she belts away side to side. Jenny slowly covering up temples, sitting in the ropes—Cole able to straighten up, arch her back to lift lefts and right up into Jenny’s lungs and jugs, then scrape away at the guard right uppies, hoping for chin, Breathless Jenny clinching for breaks, mouth oen on Taylor’s shoulder—Cole really pressing in on O’Dell, suffocating her, burdening her at all times—brunette leaving her scent on blonde through 5.


R6: Jenny hooks Taylor’s midsection: Taylor hooks Jenny’s chin and blonde STAGGERS AWAY WOBBLY BUTT! O’Dell desperately hut, palm-pushing out her hands as feet stomp in fence post holes—Taylor waves a pushy left and LUNGES into a go-home right, pancaking Jenny’s right ear to right shoulder and DROPPING CHAMP TO HER BACK! Crowd roaring up out of their seats—that just HAS to be a KO, but JENNY BEATS THE COUNT! O’Dell trembling, badly, badly rocked—gloves at lips she PLEADS with the ref not to stop this thing and ON COMES TAYLOR! OH THE BEAT DOWN! Taylor having her finest moments ever on Jenny, beating blonde waist and ribs with HUH-UH! Grunts—coaxing every ounce of leverage from broad back, long legs. POOR JENNY! OH, she’s sopping it up—face in gloves, tilting forward and back, shock and re-shock as big bombs land amidships. Final minute, Taylor breathing hard, but feeling it, palming Jenny’s shoulders, then stroking on the harm and JENNY CATCHES COLE A-HOOKING! Jen just squeezing in the short shot, turning her shoulder into it and covering up on her right side—COLE staggers away glassy-eyed, suddenly wobbly butt. Jenny attacks: right hand clubs behind Taylor’s head, bludgeoning her sideways to ropes; left catches her in the chest, lays her back on the ropes; right hand drives through the chin, tossing pretty brunette head. Taylor tilting forward—Jenny babystepping backward while lifting short, shrugging lefts and rights up into tummy and tits and TAYLOR GOES DOWN! Cole open mouthed, trembling in shock on all fours—SHE looks out, but bravely beats  the count reeling dumbfounded along the ropes. BELL! Both beauties lock-kneed and staggery, staring with groggy resentment—they wobble to respective corners or desperate repairs during the break.


R7: Ramshackle beauties plod to midring—girls stiff, slow—they bump guards, shuffle around each other while leaning forward.  Jenny getting off—helping herself to a thick, ponderous left-hook to paunch—liking the beefy spank of it, so taking one more, then guarding up. Cole pushing Jenny, but nt really getting off—blonde able to turn her foe, nudge behind her elbows, getting her feet moving again—O’Dell working angles like a veteran. Jenny still sending Taylor open-mouthed and wincing to her corner.


R8: Tired girls lean in again—Jenny landing  clouting shirt right in past Taylor’s left wrist—Cole stumble-bumming to her right as Jenny fids jaw. Short right uppercut Jen, then the clouting right overhand—O’Dell in close with her guard, banging away compact, moving Cole with hard punches, Taylor answering back in spots—she’ll step right, plant and walk Jenny’s tummy onto a swinging right/left to hunch big blonde up—Taylor clinching as Jenny falls in, preventing receipts. Murky stuff—Jenny the busier, the more insistent—she’s starting to push Taylor around more and more Cole’s legs look the wearier through it.


R9: Jenny with more smart, short right hands as girls front up with their guards—blonde working over and under with bludgeoning efficiency. Taylor being outworked, pushed and punched around—Jenny getting her body on Cole, smearing her against the ropes for breaks—blonde just breaking her challenger down the way a champ should. Cole still trying those right uppercuts, but Jenny’s barring the door: blonde’s scouted that punch very well, done a nice jab of taking her chin off Taylor’s plate. Workmanlike round Jenny—she’s firming this thing up in the championship minutes.


R10: Taylor with renewed vigour, lays into Jenny’s waist some thick, strapping rights and lefts-O’Dell grimacing, giving ground, misses on right hand counters as she counters as she walks Taylor in, but can’t close the sale. Cole banging Jenny to ropes, then beating the champ shabby—brunette palming, jostling, reaching under Jenny’s arms and chesting—Taylor catching a second wind very late and putting it to O’Dell hard.  Jenny laying on the ropes, pulling at Taylor’s arms, tugging her head down—she’s just trying to big Cole down, Middle minute sees very, very good body work from Cole—thick, short bumping rights and lefts—Taylor turning her torso into them, driving flat to ribs and waist—Jenny breathing through pursed lips, stooping forward and giving up jig to Cole’s tender mercies. Down the stretch, Cole really pounding away to rack nearby, loosening Jenny up—blonde opens up to clinch and THERE’S THAT RIGHT really pounding away to rack nicely, loosening Jenny up perfectly and O’DELL SPUTTERS TO HANDS AND KNEES! Cole stopping down to shriek in Jenny’s bruised and puffy face—blonde wobbling, gets to her feet ad reels sideways into far ropes, looping arm round top strand to stay up. Tottering 8, Jenny and ON COMES TAYLOR COLE! Deep breath, Taylor, then she’s digging on Jenny like gangbusters! Oh the jug! Oh the tummy! Oh the chin! Taylor busting Jenny her hardest lick, getting on up in there, lifting Jenny up into ropes with glorious body punching but O’DELL WON’T GO DOWN! Bell: Taylor heaping on extra right hands to Jenny’s helpless gut—ref brunette away by her arms and this thing goes to cards. Lengthy delay, but comes back one point duke—for the winner  and NEW welter champeen: TAYLOR COLE!


After: 10th round knockdowns are golden—Jenny took a one point lead into tenth after sterling work down the stretch erased Taylor’s strong start—Cole surges ahead with the late romp to nip belts from trembling blonde waist I a heartbreaker—Cole weepy, triumphant: “Third time’s a charm,” Taylor blubs, wiping happily at her eyes. “I had too much for Jenny—I felt her aging as I pounded her body and I just focused on keeping up the pressure downstairs, This puts me on her level, and it’s just beginning: I’m going to stamp Jenny out. From here-on, it’s beatings for O’Dell until she steps aside for good. She held me down as long as she could, but you know what? The genie out of the bottle now and Jenny’s on the run!”


O’Dell puffy, demoralized, but classy enough to respond, “If Taylor wants to think that I was keeping her down—if that’s what she needs to tell herself to motivate herself—so be it. As for being on my level—she had the best night of her life tonight and barely squeaked by. Even with that late mistake of mine, I felt like the judges gave Taylor way too much credit in a couple of those close rounds—a different panel of officials and I’d be retaining my belts. I don’t want to sound bitter or take anything away from Taylor—she’s earned this tonight, no question But if she thinks this is the beginning of HER era and the end of mine? She’s sadly, pathetically mistaken."




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