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8 September 2006 Amanda Tapping vs Cat Bell

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Posted by simguy on 9/8/2006, 7:02 am

(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)

Before: Amanda T dishes on Cat in prefight - blonde bringing to light her side of the story for the first time. "Before Bell signed with TE, we worked some of the same West Coast gyms and sparring pools together," Tapping recalls. "Local promoters wanted to put us together in a gym-smoker and we had that fight signed - but TE bought Cat's contract and threw the fight out because they KNEW I'd handled her whenever we hooked up. Charlize Theron became the tall blonde in Cat's life and I never got another look. I laugh when Charlize is billed as the snooty movie star and Cat gets the label of the hard-working, honest TV celeb - because Bell's been just as - if not MORE - exclusionary than Charlize ever was. She's ducked me for 10 years - waiting for me to get old I guess - but I'll NEVER be too old to give Cat Bell a beating." Bell strangely tense throughout, sensing the other woman's frustration and resentment: common emotions in the FCBA. "I'll give her this," Cat says at the podium, "Amanda's not afraid to be a cliche. I've been blamed for a lot in this sport, but the idea that Amanda - in all her years in the business - couldn't secure another big fight and get something going for herself - that all that is somehow my fault, is laughable. Deals get broken all the time, for a variety of reasons. We never went back to her because yes, after Charlize, my price point went up and a Tapping fight never made sense." So Cat - why now? "I'm not going to kid you," Bell continues, "this is a little bit personal. I was very green when I first came out to LA, and yes, Amanda did get the better of our sparring - initially. And she's never stopped harping on it! She beats me now, I'll take my hat off to her - but I'm not some kid fresh off the bus this time. You're in a fight now Amanda - a real honest-to-God fight - a fight YOU say you've always wanted. I'm sorry, but I'm going to show you - woman to woman - exactly why you never made it big, in or out of the ring." Ouch. Cat in electric blue bikini - Amanda in navy bikini, twist-tied bottoms - white gloves, both vixens.

During R1: Similar rangy textbook stances - right hands tight to cheek, lefts loose, lower, relaxed in constant preparation for jabbing duty. Sliding, just-enough footwork - clockwise off the jab, counterclockwise after a one-two/hook combo. Both girls stepping into their work, getting off, then disengaging - both ranging in around middle and long distance. Bell with a nice little torso weave - nothing exaggerated - just a little twist to the left out over her front foot, then dipping down while swaying back to her right, jabbing into Amanda's chest to keep tabs. Tapping more apt to parry with her raised right mitt, blocking Cat's jab and issuing immediate receipts to mouth. Tactical, classy tall-girl negotiations: Amanda haggling for points as she quietly outboxes Bell midring.

R2: Similar distance-negotiation going on, but Amanda pushing the pace a bit, taking more of the fight to Cat. Stiff blonde jab occupying brunette guard, brushing Cat back: Tapping stepping in on front foot to lambaste the Bell waist right/left, thick n' spanky amidships. As Cat starts to retreat from the body blows, Amanda steps-with, clouting Bell the mop-up hook on the right ear, jamming the straight right (partially blocked) up the middle. Cat running out of ring - final moments see her stand her ground and punch-with: ladies trading crisp, tidy right crosses/hooks - Bell getting neatly banged up in exchange. Break: Amanda relaxes out of her stance and WINKS with a knowing little smirk. Bell turning away without expression, which generally means she's wrankled. 


R3: Cat a little stiffer with her jab, denying Amanda canvas now, joining in on the lusty body banging as girls plant on strong left legs to work right/left snapping tic-toc off one another's waistlines and ribcages. Both pivoting with the left foot anchored, and torqueing into muscular hooks to jugg - nothing so frenzied as actual mugging, but distinct, purposeful and hurtful wallops to rack bringing grimaces to the faces of both beauties. Hot tossing downstairs as both girls start to gallop a bit as they lean forward to get some - punching coming more consistently now, tempo creeping up throughout the third as Bell finally beats some backward steps out of Tapping. Break: girls exchange meaningful glances, searching each other's souls for signs of weakness.

R4: Clearly Cat - Bell outclassing Amanda as Tapping loses concentration for some reason. Cat stepping in a spearing jab, knocking back Amanda's head or touching her hard in the body. Cat leaning in the right cross, following up mop up hooks - good muscular extension driving Tapping in orderly retreat as blonde blocks high, maintains her composure. Amanda hard-pressed, scowling as she skirts the perimeter - but she's very poised, keeping her dukes up, blocking a lot of shots if not answering very effectively. Bell doing her best work on Amanda's unprotected flanks - big, batting wallops spanking ribs, shivering Cat's toned arms on contact.

R5: Counterpunching - Amanda T. Tapping sees Cat's aggression, fades it, hooks-with Cat's jab and catches a good portion of Bell's chin to startle brunette in opening moments. Amanda following up with a brace of stiff, targetted jabs on the face, then dropping her hardest right hand off the night on Cat's chin: BELL'S HURT! Cat stepping in fence post holes - crowd shrill at the sight of Bell's rubbery legs: Amanda strong to the body like an old pro as Cat wilts ragged to ropes. Big thumping-thick mop up applied - Tapping laying into Bell with a vengeance - lovely rip-right hands up underneath and lashing lefts round the flank shake Bell, beating her to a seat in the ropes. Cat gritting her teeth, nips and chops back with little left uppercuts and hacking little rights, fighting just enough to keep Amanda honest. Break: Tapping fierce-eyed, knows she's effectively just scored first-blood, sending Bell back to her corner HURTING.

R6: Cat shying away - scoot-stepping to her right, keeping the right hand high - she's just trying to get her legs back. Amanda making all the right reads - sees Cat wants to rest, so ups the pace accordingly. HARD blonde pursuit - Amanda penetrating off her jab to bang that body - rich, robust, rights and left shellacking ribs and waist, winning achy cringe-and-grimace from a beleagured Cat. Bell pinned to ropes time and again, savagely worked up and down her flanks as she covers up - Cat shipping a beatdown, bides her time, then draws Amanda into ragged clinches. Tapping holding her arms immediately out to the side to signify she's being held - veteran bringing the ref in quicker than he otherwise might have issued the break, keeping the pressure on Cat. Bell to bell Amanda - a steady, measured thrashing driving Cat to all four corners along the ropes - Bell as rudely used as we've seen in some time as Tapping PREENS back to her corner all smiles. 


R7: Trade in short, chopping right hands; brisk, tight left hooks tidy to chin and TAPPING GOES DOWN! Explosive exchange sends thunderstruck blonde scooting to her backside as brunette strides purposefully to neutral corner: just like that, Bell answers, and answers, with vigour. Momentum sloshes all the way over to the Cat Bell corner as TAPPING is beaten savagely pillar to post - Cat bearing down, planting on that lead leg and just giving Amanda hell. Cat batting the flanks, but more likely to lick uppercuts off the body to clip at Amanda's chin, splitting blonde mitts and doing better damage than did the blonde when positions were reversed. Poor Amanda! Face weary and disappointed as she covers up - torso twisting sulkily to either side, or drooping forward whenever her waist is licked hard. Amanda relying on the block rather than clinching - letting Cat set her feet and pitch with uninterrupted fluidity. Big banging Bell shutout - Cat working up quite the sweat, lips curling back with the effort of muscling up on wilting blonde comp. Break: Cat chests up and gets nose-on-nose with Amanda - Bell clearly hasn't forgotten the ingenue beatings she received from Tapping, forcing Amanda to suffer for them in the seventh.

R8: Amanda just won't go away. Badly thrashed in the 7th - she regroups, stick-and-moves beautifully in the first minute of the 8th to suck the momentum from Cat's attack. Tactical boxing midring - girls narrow-eyed with concentration, each stepping in stiff jabs to chests and mouths, taking turns backing each other up. Amanda separating herself on the strength of a fine counter-right uppercut clipping Cat's chin in the second minute, and a muscular right cross over Cat's left mitt to turn Bell's head in the third. Tapping showing veteran poise and skill in denying Cat a potentially fight-winning clean-up round.

R9: Savvy punch n' clutch from Cat - vixens trading jabs as they edge in, then tieing up - Cat steering Amanda in the clinch until ref's break. Bell slowly able to do more out of the sporadic pace - hooking Amanda to breadbasket while keeping right hand nice and high; startling Amanda a little chop-right hand just before clinching; freeing up a mitt IN the clinch and jamming to Tapping's tummy, or picking her up tidy uppercuts inside. Amanda frowning wearily, getting pushed and walked around, scuffed up, banged up - she's wobbly butt at the bell after Cat is very, very physical with her blonde in the 9th.

R10: Bell's the fresher beauty - Tapping starting to wilt. Amanda dukes up, just cringing forward as Cat spear-jabs the body, then tap-jabs the guard to ease herself back outside. Cat rotating counterclockwise, keeping her distance now to change things up: Tapping waiting her turn, not releasing her hands because she's still thinking in terms of Cat's punch n' clutch. Midway through, Cat tosses Amanda a shifty one-two up top (blocked), then drags a succulent, lanky left hook into Tapping's liver as Amanda's tilting forward behind her mitts. Splash of agony on Amanda's face - Cat's fat-free hooking arm shivering on contact - AND TAPPING GOES DOWN! Amanda folding slowly to hands and knees, then SOBBING back onto her haunches, reaching forward with her hands on the canvas to extend her throbbing torso. Cool look from Cat as she strides past, assessing the damage - she looks up, nods once at Syren even though the count's only at 4. Cat knows hurt when she sees it - Amanda paralyzed on her knees - can't beat the count. KO10 in decisive fashion, Catherine 'Cat' Bell. 


After: Amanda distraught, wiping at tears in the aftermath when Cat comes over to the Tapping corner. Amanda's disappointment painfully evident, but she's got the class to acknowledge Bell - two veteran pros exchange cool, but sincere hugs - Cat offering her usual encouraging words to a defeated opponent. "I told her she fought a great fight," Cat says in postfight, "and I told her she would be a much sought-after trainer if she decided to go that way. She reminds me of Terry Farrel - just a consummate professional in the ring - so smart and sharp. I roughed her up in the later rounds because I honestly didn't know if I could outbox her, so I made her take body, pushed her around, wore her down some. That was a perfect body shot to the liver I took her out with - there's absolutely no shame in her going out to that punch." Tractorpull reporter pushing Amanda to confirm retirement rumours - Tapping coy on the topic. "I've had a bunch of offers to train young fighters, but I don't know...I think for the right fights, I'd lace 'em up again. I heard Cat mention Terry Farrel (shrugs - raises eyebrows) you know - that's a possibility. I'd love to box Terry and I KNOW she's itching to get into it with somebody. If I do hang 'em up, I'd like it to be on a win. I really don't want to go out the way I did tonight: Cat's a sweetheart, but I don't want to be dismissed as just another notch on her belt, you know?"

Sim Guy

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