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27 September 2019 Kim Kardashian vs Laura Pausini

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Sep 29, 2019 at 4:19pm


Laura Pausini vs. Kim Kardashian

The bout featured two fighters who were looking to get back on the winning side of their FCBA records in Laura Pausini and Kim Kardashian.

Both boxers had lost their previous bouts and seemed confident they would walk out of the ring with the win. They gave such statements to the press of the FCBA.

Kim appears in the ring wearing her black bikini outlined in red with red gloves. She was accompanied by Daisy Fuentes and in a surprising move, Leah Remini a new trainer to Global Boxing Syndicate. Both wore their GBS gear for the bout.

Laura wore a dark blue bikini with blue gloves.

Round 1:

The boxers came out slower and cautious to begin the bout. Soon they circle and jab as they get used to the ring and the fight. Kim is able to barge her way inside and goes to work on Laura’s gut and ribs. Laura is taken by surprise and takes the punishment. Finally she answers back with a hard hook into Kardashian’s gut. Soon the two are trading punches back and forth. The punches do seem big and wild on some exchanges. In the last moments of the round, Laura is backed pressed to the ropes. Kim is going to punch Laura wherever her guard is not at. Laura does get a clinch in with Kim and manages to shove her away. The bell rings ending the round before the two can throw any more punches.

Kim returns to her corner as she won the round widely.

Round 2:

The second round began with both fighters moving and jabbing. Laura starts to bang inside on Kim’s body with some big right hands. Soon she has Kim clutching and doubling over. Kim is soon forced to cover up and protect herself. Laura is now shifting her jabs to Kim’s face. Kim begins to retreat and stops when she is able to slam some crosses to Laura’s ribs. Soon Kim is moving back thanks to Laura’s slugging. There is little defense being used as these two slug for the crowd’s appreciation. The bell rings and the female referee has to jump between these two to stop the round.

Laura walks to her corner, knowing she won the round widely and tied the fight up.

Round 3:

The two boxers meet in the middle of the ring to open the round. Back they go to slugging not that the crowd complains. Kim seems to be getting her punches in a bit quicker than Laura, those seem to drill into Laura’s body. Kardashian moves upstairs with a couple crosses to Pausini’s face. Soon Pausini is retreating. Kim keeps the shots coming and Pausini is soon backed into a neutral corner. She tries to cover but Kim keeps on punching. A short right uppercut connects with Laura’s chin and she takes a seat. PAUSINI GOES DOWN! Kim looks back as she struts to the opposite neutral corner. Laura almost rises by 9 but slumps back down and are counted out. KO3 – Kim Kardashian.


Kim raises her gloves up and down as the bell rings. She eggs the crowd on for more cheers as she shakes her moneymaker on her way to center of the ring. Soon Kardashian has her right glove raised in victory.

Fuentes and Remini congratulate their boxer before she poses for more pictures.

Kim leaves the ring as Laura is helped and steadied to her locker room. 



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