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27 September 2019 Luisana Lopilato vs Rachel McAdams

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Sep 29, 2019 at 4:15pm


Luisana Lopilato vs Rachel McAdams


(31, 5’6, 115, 19:8 FCBA, VIXENS)


(40, 5’4, 52:41:1 FCBA, Foxfire Boxing)


“Luisana’s an up-and-coming fighter and someone whom I have tremendous respect for,” Rachel saying to reporters with a smile. “I’ve loved watching some of her matches as my team studied her fighting style, and I’m definitely gonna go into tonight playing it a little cautious. But if she wants to take down an old veteran like me, I'd advise her to bring along her A-game.”

“Likewise,” Luisana beaming back across the table. “I’ve watched Rachel’s Hollywood movies when I was younger, and of course, I’ve watched her fight her way in the ring all the way to becoming a multi-time Bantamweight champion. I’m gonna do my best to win tonight and prove I belong in the same ring as her.”

Square off at the podium is a friendly affair, with Rachel and Luisana both shaking hands and even sharing a brief hug. It’s a battle of old versus new tonight, blonde versus redhead, as both ladies head backstage to prepare for the fight proper.

In the arena, the cheers are loud as Rachel emerges first. The 41-year-old actress hasn’t aged a day, still looking regal as she strides in, beaming, her strawberry blonde hair tied up neat in a ponytail. She’s dressed simply: black sports bra and white briefs, donning a pair of red gloves that matches her flaming orange hair. Luisana also a relatively young and unknown commodity, walking down the ramp next and waving to her fans. She’s wearing white lingerie, simple and classic bra and briefs, later putting on a pair of blue gloves. 

With the referee done with the rules and regulations, HERE we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!


Luisana leaning in hard at the opening bell, taking the veteran to task despite her earlier, more friendly language. She rushes in and pesters with a combination of jabs and hooks, meant to throw Rachel off guard early. McAdams' greatest weakness is indeed her stamina at her age - question is whether she can go ten rounds with a woman almost ten years younger than her in terms of age. Luisana scoring jabs to the face early on as a result, her speed doing her favours as she forces the veteran back on the defensive. Rachel however turns her fortunes around with a late minute shocker to Luisana's face, timing a right hook expertly as she connects with hard purpose! Ouch! That one shot rattled Luisa bad! Vixen stays far away for the rest of the round, can’t fend off any of the return jabs that Rachel continues to land, and lets the veteram steal the round from under her.


Bad news if a veteran can disrupt a younger woman’s battle flow just like that. Luisana understably fearful of Rachel’s power now, stays away in the first minute as Rachel instead homes in on her target. McAdams firing short and powerful strikes to the arms, targeting the blonde's body as she shocks her with everything she’s got. Luisana grunting but keeping her cool, moving back as she blocks and parries like she’s in the gym. Knowing what McAdams is capable of is half the battle won, and Luisa stuns the redhead with some short and snappy punches to the face. Rachel finally gets the clue, hangs back with her arms back up. Last minute has both of them exchanging jabs from afar, but Luisa clearly walking Rachel down, shooting more often in, and for greater effect. McAdams panting hard at the end, hanging about in her corner with some red welts already appearing on her cheek. Luisa’s round by a wide margin.


Rachel going back to basics, also focusing on defence as she blocks jabs Luisa sends her way. Luisana also going at it with caution, shooting few and far between, then also blocking whatever Rachel throws at her. What happens when you get two defensive fighters squaring off in the ring, we ask? A careful slow dance is the answer, as both fighters circle. Soon though, Rachel switching targets, pounding on Luisana’s open tummy, making the blonde grunt as she’s finally pushed backwards. Rachel may be getting on in years but she’s practised those straight hands down to perfection, as they land square on Luisa’s belly button and fold her over repeatedly with loud HOOFS. End of the round and Luisa hugging her midsection all the way back to corner. McAdams back in the lead by our count.


This back and forth match continues, with Luisana forced by her corner to rush forward in a mad blitz. Apparently the VIX corner getting impatient with their girl and advises her to go all in. It has the desired effect: Rachel scrambling for cover as Luisa gets straight into her face, starts swinging, landing a double hook combo that rattles the Foxfire starlet to the arms and sends her reeling into the ropes. Luisa storming after, payback for the earlier body abuse, some stiff shots sent into the tummy, shocking Rachel with a grunt or two before both girls wrap up on the ropes and wrestle. Luisa still the fresher woman, pinning McAdams down on top whilst batting her right glove into the side of her head. Rachel groaning, shoving at shoulders, then manages to turn the action around and pump her right hand into the blonde's body, until the bell rings and the referee has to separate them both. Both girls banged up a little but we’re still scoring it for Luisa.


Another wild charge as Luisa looks to continue her earlier success, but this time, Rachel’s ready for her. McAdams with her guard up, blocking her rapid hooks left, right, squaring her knees and keeping her center of gravity firm and intact. This way, she’s able to power a surprise, strapping hook across Luisa’s face immediately after the Vixen's blitz attack. Luisa not knowing what the hell just hit her, groans as her eyes go wide with shock. Another right hand comes crashing in and this time, the clothesline FLOORS the younger women down onto her back! It's a KNOCKDOWN for Rachel McAdams! 

Luisa blinking up at the lights, spreadeagled in the middle of the ring, her head ringing from the repeated hard knocks. Referee hovering over her already, and she’s trying her best to get off her back at least and then attempt the slow climb back up in order to beat the count. Rachel in her own corner, catching her breath, watching as Luisa manages to steady her legs by the count of 8. 

There’s still a minute and a half to go on the clock, and Luisa looks like she needs much more than that in order to continue fighting. But there goes the bell and McAdams leaping back into action, jamming jabs into the blonde’s face without much response. Luisa’s back still stuck on the ropes in a reversal of fortunes that’s so ironic: Rachel the one in her face and rocking hooks to her head left and right, then jamming fists straight into her tummy, bowling over the young Vixen repeatedly.After her arms are blown apart and Luisa's rocked by two more hooks clean into the face, referee finally jumps in to save her from more permanent damage! Luisana falling back down to her knees, completely knocked senseless, telling us that the referee could have stopped this fight a little earlier!

Official Decision: Rachel McAdams defeats Luisana Lopilato via TKO5! 


An upset in the making as McAdams puts her young counterpart down within five rounds, and with a technical knockout no less. McAdams proudly standing tall, arms in the air, then quickly walks over to check on Lopilato, who’s collapsed onto her side and is being checked over by medical personnel. Rachel heard whispering some words of encouragement down as Luisana nods back, fighting tears on her back, which just shows the amount of sportsmanship between both women tonight. 

McAdams shows off a contemporary skillset and modernncapabilities in this fight tonight, proving that you can still get away with murder at 40. She smiles wide as her fans chant her name all the way back up the ramp, the redhead still looking like a million dollars. 



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