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27 September 2019 Naomi Scott vs Selena Gomez

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Sep 29, 2019 at 4:08pm


Selena Gomez vs Naomi Scott

(Lioness Club of America vs Hawkeye International Sports Consortium)

(27-18, 24 KO vs 4-2, 4 KO)

Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Selena Gomez is far more experienced than Naomi Scott but this is her maiden bantamweight tryout amid rumours she could be moving full-time north side of 110 lbs following the departure of Nicole Scherzinger from the Lioness stable. Obviously performance will have a lot to do with the eventual decision to move Gomez up the scales but nobody can accuse the Bradenton-based group of picking a low-hanging fruit since Scott is a member of the mighty HISC organization which takes extra pride in guiding their faithful straight into the Hall of Fame more often than not!

Selena shows little nerves ahead of her bantam debut but Naomi's the one who preaches her talents in the media even though the Lionesses have access to her unofficial boxing tapes from native UK. "We know more about Naomi than even Mr Hawkeye does! She's not fooling anyone with her new-found FCBA fame!", LCA coach Eva Mendes dismisses the idea of this bout being too close to call by Vegas. "There's always a pressure to perform and we'd like to score a big win here tonight and focus on fixing the potentially vacant flyweight spot next month! We have some girls coming over for a tryout session so let's don't waste time, people!"

Selena Gomez wears a leopard print bikini top, black hotpants & red gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a curled ponytail. Naomi Scott wears a light blue bikini set with golden trim & silver gloves. Shoulder lenght black hair straight, tucked behind the ears. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Round 1:

Selena uses a supreme footwork to dance around Naomi's aggressive rush as the Hawkeye brunette tries to engage in immediate slugging but comes away empty as the older girl neutralizes her in the center of the ring before blasting a wicked hook on the nose that bumps Scott off the phone booth plan. Suddenly Selena picks up the pace and drills Naomi's chest and takes it up a notch bouncing into her chin and forcing the younger girl to seek cover along the ropes. Selena is still faster than her rival and manages to land a couple of good shots on the nose while Scott just can't fire back from her heels and spends remainder of the round reeling away from a promising head-hunting attack that gears Gomez up for more slugging damage.

Round 2:

Naomi tries to ignite some raw bantam power as she slugs the Lioness brunette in the guts but Selena bangs a drive over the top and she looks excellent in punishing the Hawkeye fighter up the middle. Naomi lands heavy shots downstairs but leaks too much leather upstairs and has to jump away into safety however Gomez still knocks her back with a drilling hook on the nose that makes Scott gurgle in anger more than actual pain. Both women cycle around each other before a late jabbing push in the final minute; Selena matches the bantam resident stride for stride and whacks her across the chest to set up a quick uppercut double that sends Naomi reeling onto the ropes again. Ugh! No wonder the Brit is vocally upset during the break as she hasn't established any sort of authority in the ring thus far.

Round 3:

Things go from bad to worse early in the third as Naomi soaks up a brutal hooking double on the nose which triggers a furious jabbing series from the Lioness brunette. Selena barks in her efforts to dismantle the younger brunette's high guard and she tears it up alright to the point Scott wobbles to the side with a whimper and gets NAILED with a vicious right hook on the temple... DOWN GOES NAOMI!!! The Brit just can't fend off the Latina's heat and drops to her knees amid a wild cheer from the audience! Just who is making her bantamweight debut tonight? Selena begins to dance around the ring in joyt but she's only annoyed the Brit even more now... Naomi scrambles back to one knee at six and beats the count at eight. She's developed a visible swelling around the left eye but other than that, she's good to go! Gomez tries to nuke her with immediate head-hunting blast but Scott responds over the top and suddenly both hellcats dish out plenty of punishment with Naomi unwilling to back off. Selena becomes desperate in her kill shot pursuit and gets clobbered on the boobs before Naomi rallies late to clean out her midsection and prevent a complete disaster.

Round 4:

Selena believes she has the other girl rattled anyway and jumps into another quick-fire pursuit however Naomi switches low and stuffs the Latina with a brutal dose of harpoons aimed at the liver area. Selena tries to bump the Brit off but eats a scything cross on the lips and struggles to swing back from her heels as Naomi just picks her shots downstairs and glues her foe to the spot removing the significant threat of supreme mobility that allowed Gomez to be so successful until now. However Selena wants to work around that swelling and bangs more shots upstairs so Naomi doesn't have it all her own way during the second minute; she finds the breakthrough when she belts the older brunette on the navel and bends her forward; Gomez bumps her chin against the Brit's shoulder and Naomi shoves her back to rifle a left hook on the nose that sinks the American into trouble... Naomi beats the Latina over the top and drills her on the mouth with a one-two combo before she switches low and plugs the reeling Lioness in the gut... Uh-oh! Selena groans out in pain but fails to lock a clinch and gets NAILED with a vicious cross on the chin that sends her spinning into the ropes and DOWN ON HER KNEES moments later! Booyah! The Hawkeye mojo is back as Gomez just can't handle the heat and drops under pressure. The clock saves her from more trouble as the count reaches six before the bell sounds and Naomi's the one dancing around on her toes as she's right back into this one.

Rounds 5 & 6:

Chaotic efforts from both girls follow as the Scott knockdown pulls her even on the cards but she's not polished enough to take full advantage of the circumstances as Selena still has that supreme mobility to bail her out of trouble. She might be yielding artistic impression value here but that's still within coach Eva Mendes' strategy and Naomi can't lock a dominant bumper action as she hoovers around Selena's boobs & tummy with pesky shots that lack magnitude required to throttle the Lioness brunette outright. Back & forth slugging ends in a repeated stalemate as both girls drag each other into the corner where more body assault gives Scott a slight edge but not enough to punish Gomez who fires back over the top and works around that swollen eye. Ugh! Naomi doesn't look all that attractive anymore as her left eye is badly affected by the swelling but she maintains the fighting spirit and tells Claire Danes she will chop Selena in half before this one is over.

Round 7:

Different but familiar strategies here in the seventh, Selena is glued onto Naomi's eye injury while the Brit pounds away at the body and leaves visible marks on Selena's abs along the way. It's a battle of attrition alright but Scott finds more success as she barks through the Lioness spikes to drop Gomez into loud spasms when she simply carries too much sustained power to haul in down there. Ugh! Selena sinks on her knees and can't stop moaning her heart out as she gets whacked repeatedly on the ribcage; she spends the middle minute clinching the pesky Brit but Scott shows enough guile to break free and shatter more Hispanic tummy. Ugh! Selena wobbles onto the ropes and stays there sinking on soft knees with every punch creeping into her breadbasket as Naomi has a field day thumping her back & forth to silence coach Mendes in the LCA corner! Uh-oh! Selena is visibly hurt as she walks slowly to her stool while Claire Danes gets surprisingly loud in the HISC camp: "We got this bytch now!!!"

Round 8:

Selena's speed advantage is all gone as she can't escape another mad rush from the aggressive Brit who doesn't even try to fake her intentions, she delivers the bull rush downstairs and cripples the aching Latina on the spot with another dose of ribcage punishment... Selena leans forward but still gets busted in the chops and tails off shrieking out more damage with her eyes closed. But Naomi wants more and keeps blasting the subdued brunette from both flanks until Gomez cries out even louder... battered Latina drops butt-in-ropes while Scott comes rolling along, she digs her left forearm into Selena's chest and brutalizes the midriff with her right hand to the point Selena just can't take it anymore and bellows out into a tearful mess... Ugh! Apparently Naomi wants to fracture her ribs outright and the ref reacts at the last moment! HE PULLS NAOMI OFF HER PREY and it's all over! Selena slides to her backside and folds to her side unable to stop the tearful demise any longer. TKO8 Naomi Scott in body-busting fashion!!!

AFTER: Naomi yells out in delight as she tops the Ashley Benson scalp with another A-list name in Selena Gomez: "Huh! Told ya I'm gonna wreck the bytch! Gawd, I hope I broke her ribs there, she sooo deserved this! Forget my undergound tapes, I'm the real deal! You know nothing about the real Naomi until I smash you into pieces! Stupid Selena learned it the hard way! Go back to flyweight or just retire if you can't handle the juice!"

Eva Mendes refuses to slap Naomi out of her bragging mode but is truly worried that Selena suffered some structural damage to her ribs: "Well, that wasn't the plan at all! Might as well cancel my trip to the Asylum where I was supposed to watch some promising free agents. Damn it! We had this covered after three but Naomi is a tough cookie. Claire Danes knows what she's doing even in retirement! We can only go up from here and Selena will bounce back from this no matter what!"

The initial X-rays on Selena's ribcage came back negative but she refused to speak to the media following this disappointing performance.

Official Result: Naomi Scott def. Selena Gomez TKO8. 



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