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27 September 2019 Evangeline Lilly vs Kaya Scodelario

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Sep 29, 2019 at 4:02pm


Evangeline Lilly versus Kaya Scodelario

Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Girls Friday vs Lookout! Boxing)


With a new bantamweight champion defending their title later in Bella Thorne, Kaya Scodelario and Evangeline Lilly do battle again hoping to get notice of the champ.

Kaya is 27 years old; she stands 5'6, she holds a record of 35 wins, all coming by way of knockout, with 8 defeats, she is a former FCBA bantamweight champion.

Evangeline is 40 years old; she stands 5'5, holding a record of 59 wins, 35 coming by way of knockout, with 31 defeats and 2 draws, she is a former 6 time FCBA bantamweight champion.

These two have fought twice before; the first fight was back in December 2017, Kaya won that with a seventh round knockout.

But just May of this year Evangeline was able to get revenge, winning the second fight with a seventh round knockout of her own, who will emerge victorious this round?

They were interviewed at their gyms before the fight, with Kaya sitting on a weight bench talking to the FCBA Networks Lucy Liu, both grinning as they chat before giving an official statement.

"I respect Evangeline a lot, I mean she is a hall of famer in the making with the titles behind her" admits Kaya as she looks at Lucy.

Before she begins grinning as she adds "you see though I don't particularly care for any Lookout girl though, they are all arrogant bytches and from what I have seen Evangeline suits them down to a tee"

When Lucy goes into the Lookout stable gym, Evangeline is sparring with her stablemate Emily VanCamp, someone who knows Kaya very well too.

As they finish sparring there's a glove bump before Evangeline stands leaning on the ropes looking at Lucy with a big smile, giving her a wave as the two of them laugh and joke.

"You want my opinion on Kaya? She is a big mouth who I hate to admit can back it up in the ring, she is good" says the American with a grin.

"But you know me Lucy; I believe I am the greatest bantamweight to ever be in this ring, Kaya is making a mistake if she thinks she is going to catch me snoozing" continues Lilly.

Who tosses her gloves off at Lucy as the two exchange joking insults about whose the best bantamweight, Evangeline leaving the ring to shower as Lucy tells her good luck against Kaya.

Fighting time; Kaya is out with coach Taryn Terrell and Eva Carneiro behind her, Kaya is grinning as she jogs down the aisle, looking confident on her way to the ring.

She is wearing a red sports bra, red and black chequered trunks, black shoes and gloves, her hair is tied back into a ponytail.

Getting into the ring; Kaya does a quick lap inside of the ring, settling into her warm up routine once she finishes the lap.

Evangeline comes out with her coach Julie Benz beside her, the legendary intense stare of Lilly is on show as she marches down the aisle.

She is wearing a black sports bra with yellow trim, black trunks with three yellow stripes down each side, matching shoes, yellow gloves and her hair is also put into a ponytail.

Stepping into the ring; Evangeline climbs onto the bottom ropes of her corner, thudding her right fist on her chest as her fans cheer her on, hopping down to the canvas where she begins warming up.

The fighters come to the center of the ring, Kaya asking her rival "you sure you are ready for this old girl?" Making Evangeline laugh at her in reply.

When they thud together their gloves, Evangeline tells her "oh I am always ready w****" the two smirk confidently as they return to their corners, ready for 10 rounds of bantamweight action.

Round 1:

Both come out focusing on finding angles to strike, it doesn't look too exciting as they throw more probing punches then actually land, plenty of respect being shown though.

It is Kaya who pushes steps up a gear first; feinting with a left up top, she quickly throws a right under the elbow of her opponent to her body, stepping out the way of an attempted right cross.

Kaya is darting inside and out with two or three punches at time, Evangeline can only land single punches in return.

As the round continues; Evangeline begins to read Kaya's movements better, catching the Brit with a left across her face, followed by a straight into the mouth.

With the American moving in close to work, both landing stiff shots as they let their hands go in the final moments of the round, heads nearly clash when they both throw hooks.

The bell rings with both turning on their heels to return to their corners, coaches telling their fighters where they need to see them improve after a cagey opening round.

Round 2:

Bouncing out their corners; Kaya again starts off quickly, drilling her jab into the body and cheeks of the legend Lilly, taking mostly glancing blows in reply.

Till the "Wasp" lands a double jab into the face of Scodelario, following up with a left/right cross to turn the Brits face, as Evangeline moves in closer to her opponent.

Forcing more heated exchanges between the two, the crowd roars as they watch both women land some nasty looking combinations.

A missed right cross by Kaya leaves her opponent to a right hook to her ribs, then an overhand left across the cheek of Kaya turns her head to the side.

Leading to Kaya covering up as Evangeline drives her towards the ropes, most punches land on gloves or elbows, they are stopping Kaya coming back at her.

So when the bell rings Evangeline jogs back to her corner to a smiling Julie, who tells her fighter to keep getting into the face of Kaya to win this.

Round 3:

After the last round; Kaya is looking to be more aggressive, the two fighters trade in close as they attack the others body, throwing hooks as they fight in a phone booth.

Evangeline begins backing up Kaya with two uppercuts to the body, she drives back her younger opponent with another two cross punches up top.

But when Kaya is near the ropes, she uses her left shoulder to bump back the American, moving off the ropes as she drills a double jab into the cheeks of Lilly.

Boxing more on the outside; Kaya looks to have the faster hands, outworking Evangeline in the long range exchanges.

In the final seconds of the round, the fighters exchange near the center of the ring, sweat is flying as they bark out in effort with each swing till the bell rings.

Returning to their corners, both fighters know each other well but they still look annoyed at how hard it is to tackle the problem their opponent is giving them.

Round 4:

Circling early on as Kaya is trying to keep Evangeline to the outside, landing stiff jabs and straights as she dodges Evangeline's punches.

Feinting with a right; Evangeline lands a left hook across the face of Kaya, turning the face of the younger fighter, while she steps forwards to get inside the reach of Kaya.

Landing an uppercut when they exchange, Evangeline shoves Kaya back into her shell, where she presses the Girls Friday fighter along the ropes.

Kaya tries to swing a left hook out her guard, missing though and earning herself a right to her ear to knock her back behind her guard.

It's clear Evangeline has complete control of this round as she keeps Kaya pinned along the ropes, swinging hooks to her body after lifting that guard up, like a conductor telling the band what to play, she has Kaya doing what she wants.

When the round ends; Evangeline understandably looks a lot more relaxed then her opponent does, Kaya storming back to her corner with rage written across her face.

Round 5:

Back out they come with their eyes locked behind their gloves, trading more in close range as Kaya looks miffed at herself over that last round.

She lands a jab/straight combo to push back Evangeline, missing with a wild right hook though, AN UPPERCUT INSTEAD CATCHES KAYA ON HER CHIN TO SEND HER TUMBLING TO HER BACKSIDE AFTER A STUMBLE!

Raising her right fist into the air as she heads to a neutral corner, Evangeline looks confident as the count begins, 1...2...3...4.. Kaya shakes her head to clear any cobwebs, 5...6.. Pushing herself up to a knee, 7...8.. She beats the count looking pissed off at getting put down.

Allowed to fight on; Kaya boxes more at range, not wanting a repeat of what caused her to be put down, though she looks tense as her punches don't seem to have much sting to them.

Giving Evangeline the opening to move inside after slipping a straight, digging in several body shots as her head near bashes into the chin of her opponent.

With Evangeline stalking Kaya around the outside of the ring, landing several punches through the mitts of Scodelario, till the round comes to a close.

Sitting on her stool; Evangeline knows she has a big lead to play with now on the scorecards, Julie telling her to keep on top of this situation.

Round 6:

Evangeline is stalking Kaya around the ring, with the Brit boxing more off the back foot now, stinging jabs landing to marked up cheeks.

The American moves in with two rights to the body, Kaya landing a right to the ear of Evangeline, before she moves away from the ropes after nudging back Lilly.

When Evangeline moves inside the next time, Kaya drills a jab into the bridge of her nose, followed by a right across her jaw to make the legend step back.

Seeing an opening Kaya strikes a straight into the mouth of her opponent, following up with two hooks to the body as she steps inside.

That leads into a heated exchange; grinding heads as they slug it out, neither looks ready to admit defeat yet even as they are grimacing.

The bell rings to end the round with both giving the other a shove, tempers flare as the referee moves in to keep the two apart.

Round 7:

Trading around the inside of the ring; Evangeline is looking to get back in control of the action, she gets caught coming in closer with a left to her mouth.

Evangeline does on her next attempt get inside to land two body shots in, Kaya clinches up with the Marvel movie star when she finds herself pressed on the ropes.

After being separated; they trade stiff shots through the others mitts, feet planted more as both cut the others bottom lip with cross punches.

A right cross from Evangeline is ducked as she steps in, the counter right by Kaya buries itself into the gut of the American, making her groan out as she steps back.

Kaya comes on strong as she sees Evangeline breathing harder; winded by her last punch, the two trade but the greater volume of punches is coming from Scodelario.

Who backs up Evangeline around the outside of the ring now, dipping under a straight to land a right of her own again into the abs of the older fighter; making her hiss out.

The round ends with Evangeline taking deep breaths to try to recover the air she lost this round, Julie telling her "I warned you to keep on top of her" giving Evangeline advice on what she needs to change up.

Round 8:

Both women thud their gloves together before they come out their corners, starting off with single punches as they both know one mistake could be curtains in this fight.

Feinting with her jab; Kaya looks to be luring Evangeline into a trap, one the more experienced fighter isn't going to fall into it seems as she keeps her guard tight.

Evangeline throws a double jab as she moves forwards, throwing a right hook that finds air as Kaya ducks under, THE COUNTER LIVER SHOT LANDS FLUSH, EVANGELINE CRIES OUT BEFORE FALLING TO ALL FOURS!

Kaya has to be shoved back by the referee as she actually tells Evangeline to get up so she can hurt her more, the temper of Scodelario is burning hot and Taryn has to tell her to calm down.

1...2...3.. While Evangeline is sucking in air, she spits her gumshield out, 4...5...6.. She tries to push herself up, but holds her stomach and rolls to her side, 7...8.. Julie doesn't bother shouting as 9....10 Lilly is counted out!

Winner Kaya Scodelario KO Round 8


Kaya has to dig deep but she comes from behind the proverbial eight ball to get the win tonight over the tough legend Evangeline.

But the crowd are shocked when Kaya tosses her gloves off and charges across to the downed Evangeline, kicking Evangeline in her gut to make her cry out.

Boos ring out as Kaya mounts Evangeline; slapping the defenceless Lilly across her face, screaming "I f***ing hate you old bag!" As things have turned really personal between them.

Julie rushes out to shove Kaya off Evangeline, Taryn holding back an out of control Kaya as she looks ready to fight the Lookout coach!

Kaya gets one last kick in on Evangeline's leg before she can be wrestled back to her corner, Taryn telling her to calm the f*** down, especially as Kaya is trying to break free.

Evangeline can't help but cry as she covers her face, her body is hurting her like hell, the kick certainly not helping things as Julie kneels down with an ice pack now in hand to help numb the pain.

"You want to get your f***ing fighters under control Taryn!" Yells Julie visibly red faced, rightly judging by the crowd reaction irate over the attack, which has marred a hard fought contest.

Taryn just scowls at Julie as if to say don't dare tell me how to manage my fighters, with both coaches locking eyes in an intense stare.

Soon with help from a medic; Julie gets Evangeline out the ring as she doesn't want to give Kaya another chance at attacking her when she isn't well fit enough to defend herself.

A round of applause and chants of "Evangeline" ring around the arena, Evangeline mustering a quick wave to the crowd before holding her stomach again, grimacing as she heads to the back.

While inside the ring; there's a heated discussion in the Girls Friday corner, Taryn asking what the hell that was, Kaya replying "I hate that smug cow and all those Lookout pieces of s*** that thing they are better then everyone else" making Taryn just throw her arms in the air.

Eva has to work as a peace maker in the corner, before the referee goes and reluctantly lifts her arm up, Kaya getting booed but doesn't show any regret for her actions as she flexes her arms in the air.

The Girls Friday crew leave the ring as they sense celebrating any more will just cause more trouble, Kaya is smiling as she heads up the ramp to the back.

The biggest story though will be if Kaya is fined by the FCBA for her actions and how will Evangeline seek to get revenge for Kaya beating her after the fight was over? 



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