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27 September 2019 Nina Agdal vs Robin Holzken

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Sep 29, 2019 at 3:59pm


Nina Agdal vs Robin Holzken


(26, 5’9, 121, 20:11 FCBA, VIXENs)


(22, 5’10, 0:1 FCBA, Free Agent)


“Mismatch my ass,” Nina scoffing. “I’m racking up wins and that’s all that matters. Despite what some people might say, I actually pick my opponents carefully. Robin’s been talking smack about me ever since she arrived here in the FCBA. Let’s just say there can only be one Danish Devil on these shores.”

“Nina’s on the decline. There’s no doubt about that. Just look at her past year of failures against top competition. There’s where I step in and show her how it’s done. I’m younger, faster and hungrier than Agdal,” Robin replies. “I have no doubt who’s going to win tonight.”

It’s a Danish derby as these two girls are set to square off for ten rounds of Lightweight action. Rest of the press conference is a tame enough affair, with both of them stripping down to their colourful briefs, then sizing each other up at the podium. Nina in dishevelled strawberry dirty blonde hair, smirking into the face of this latest challenger to her throne. Robin grinning back, chin cocked upwards to show she’s not one bit intimidated by Agdal’s experience.

Later, when they’re in the ring, Agdal is wearing a sky-blue bikini top and white trunks, together with black gloves. Holzken decked out in a white bikini and red gloves. HERE we go with the referee’s wave of the hand!


Danish wolves on the prowl as the bell rings, circling each other as they hunch their shoulders over, every muscle in their bodies primed, coiled, and ready to spring into action. Robin of course the younger of the pair, been caught on tape singing the praises of her own new generation of models. She proves it somewhat in the opening round with a flurry of activity that’s designed to make Nina look outdated, lagging behind and someone who deserves to be in a retirement home. Steady stream of jab combos dictates the action, with Robing constantly aiming at Nina’s head and not leaving much space for her to fight back. Agdal in trouble if this kind of exchange is going to go on unabated for the next nine rounds, keeps getting hit to the face as she squeals or gasps in pain. Nina with little choice but to retreat and hide, pledge to be a bit more cautious about getting into an all-out war with her younger counterpart. Robin smirking at the bell, as though saying, “I told ya so, b*tch!”, taking the round wide on her way back to corner.


No doubt, the youngster’s going to try the same tactics in the second round, and here she comes, feet flashing fast as she resumes her jab barrage towards Nina’s head, expecting the same kind of dominant result. But she’s forgetting Nina’s experience in the ring, her being in MANY more fights as compared to herself. Nina looks more comfortable as she leads Holzken with her back to the ropes, blocking her jabs with her arms before SENDING a fist STRAIGHT into her face! CHOKE from Robin as her face disappears early in leather in this fight, and she’s almost knocked off her feet right when as Nina continues her beating, slapping more leather into the nostrils as Robin turns tail and runs back to whence she came from. Final minute and it’s Nina’s turn to be the alpha wolf, stalking her younger, upstart prey around the ring, a steady stream of jabs shot in from afar and landing on her face and body repeatedly. Robin barely manages to escape this round, looking red-faced and panting hard, her would-be world turning upside down by this revelation that she’s in for a fight for her life.


Robin understandably cautious as she moves out of her corner, guarding a little higher and her face a whole lot more covered as compared to before. Nina however marching towards her with a confidence of a veterean by comparison, slams a few jabs into her arms just to test her resolve. Predictably, Robin goes scrambling backwards in fear, allowing Agdal to jump in and play all her cards early. Vixen goes unabashed over her opponent’s body, jamming in punches at close quarters, until Robin’s forced to lower her guard, mouth open, and the rest of her body is bent over in shock and pain. Cue Agdal’s immediate HOOK to the side of her face, torquing those beautiful lips to the side and SENDING HOLZEN DOWN with a minute to spare!! 

An early knockdown from a Vixen tonight as Nina Agdal stands proudly over her foe, chest breathing in and out as she surveys the damage wrought: Robin letting out a loud groan as Agal plants a foot into her groaning belly, only to herded back to her corner by the referee. Holzken turning over onto her back, eyelids fluttering in the wind and lips parted, making absolutely no move to recover! Referee grants her the mandatory ten-seconds to save her from potential embarrassment, but no dice for the young Dane , with the match ending less than 10 minutes before we got started!

Official Decision: Nina Agdal defeats Robin Holzken via KO3! 


Agdal proud and beaming, that confident smile we’ve seen much earlier in her career making a reappearance as she throws her hands up into the air. But she doesn’t go far from Holzen - not one bit - feeling that three rounds of abuse ain’t enough to punish the young upstart sufficiently. Agdal kneeling down beside the groggy brunette, before continuing to rain punches down into the poor woman’s face. Holzken’s team officially protesting with the referee, starting to climb the ring ropes to intervene, but there’s little else they can do to stop the actions of a deranged and mad Agdal, who’s taken a loss too personally, already with too many to take things lying down. Blonde girl straddle Holzken in a schoolboy pin, both thighs pinning her shoulders down as she cups the groggy girl by the chin and bellows down into her face:

“You’re NOTHING compared to me, got it??”

Robin with barely the presence of mind to respond, letting out a groan instead before she’s finally released when ring officials pull Nina off of her.

Certainly a charged fight. Who knows where these young people might go from here, but for tonight, they’ve established the pecking order in the Danish hierarchy! 



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