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27 September 2019 Lily Aldridge vs Candice Swanepoel

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Sep 29, 2019 at 3:55pm


Lily Aldridge vs Candice Swanepoel

(Lioness Club vs Foxfire Boxing)

(9-6, 9 KO vs 18-33-1, 11 KO)

Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: It's been a back & forth 2019 campaign for Lily Aldridge who opened with three straight losses followed by three straight wins however Candice Swanepoel's last winning season dates back to 2011 and some experts dismiss her as genuine punchbag these days. It's true Candice got her big break due to sharing the same nationality as the GOAT Charlize Theron but she's writing her own story now - even though the story ain't the most successful one.

This lingerie model battle is still too close to call, Candice has all the tools to outslug Lily in a hot-tempered dispute and most fans expect that kind of a storyline tonight. A loss for either of these two babes will send them into a proverbial no-man's land so the stakes are quite high. Meanwhile Miranda Kerr has tagged this bout on her social media account raising the possibility of her facing the winner of this bout next... but then again she's Lily's close friend so expect her to check on the South African here instead!

Lily Aldridge wears a white & black vertically striped bikini, black panties & red gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a sleek ponytail. Candice Swanepoel wears a violet bikini set & yellow gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a custom ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the lightweight division.

Round 1:

Lily is the more aggressive of the two as a quick jabbing exchange ensues in the center of the ring with both models looking for success upstairs. Candice's head begins to snap back more frequently which forces her to step back into mid-distance but this only allows the brunette to become more aggressive and she dials up a hooking route that splits the blonde's mitts and sends her reeling onto the ropes as she stops Aldridge's attacks with her face! Ugh! Not a good look there for the South African who gets trapped behind the aerial slugging and bellows out into a lenghty earmuff cover while Lily just keeps piling more shots up the middle and shuts the younger model down for remainder of the round.

Round 2:

Lioness entourage believes Swanepoel's punching resistance is below par so Lily is ordered another high-tempo attack which she dwells on as she rips more crisp shots up the middle to slice through the leaky high guard. Moreover the blonde becomes stuck on her heels as she struggles to mount a proper counter-punching response and is fortunate enough to avoid getting trapped on the ropes. Lily channels more head-hunting precision and she doesn't even have to tackle the South African to the body as Candice remains subdued by the aerial assault alone. Come on, now! Half-hearted single-shot response ain't gonna get it done and Candice is spun onto the turnbuckle when she eats a nasty hook on the chin with Lily trying to wreck more havoc upstairs; she enforces another desperate earmuff cover from the struggling blonde and only belts her across the tummy late on when she can't quite follow through over the top anymore.

Round 3:

It's getting late early for Candice to make any sort of impression here as she got washed in the opening two rounds but she channels a solid jabbing series from mid-range here and whacks the brunette on the brow ridge which finally slows the American's aggressive approach. Blonde cashes in with more head shots and makes Lily's guard look equally vulnerable before she finds a quick gut shot that makes the older model wince in pain. Ugh! Candice immediately drops into a body assault that bumps Aldridge onto her heels and there's another quick hook on the jaw that opens a big hole for Swanepoel to drive in with the left/right double. Lily trips back onto the ropes but escapes from the blonde's wrath at the last second however she's forced to yield estate for remainder of the round as Candice tries to gun her down with a spirited albeit futile pursuit.

Round 4:

Candice settles into a proper head-hunting blast following that promising recovery in the third but Lily responds in equally aggressive fashion so both models trade head shots until the blonde bends her opponent sideways with a wicked gut shot almost out of nowhere. Bad timing there from Aldridge who tried to add more juice upstairs but she's exposed downstairs upon impact and Swanepoel quickly gets down to business cleaning out more abs. She stuffs the brunette on her heels and almost head-butts her in the process but the body assault allows her to dominate the second minute with Lily reeling onto the ropes and unable to stretch her elbows. A brief clinch halts the blonde's production before Lily escapes from the trap however Candice follows through on the pounce again and lands a couple of good hooks on the brow ridge to leave the American fuming at the bell. We're back at two rounds apiece and Lily can't quite understand what happened after that dominant opening spell.

Round 5:

Lily channels that wrath into a sudden body assault that catches the blonde off her guard. Candice expected another overhand dispute but she gets stuffed when the brunette wrecks havoc downstairs and plugs a big shot into her solar plexus to assume command. Another wild hook tears a small patch over the left eye as the blonde's defense collapses on the spot and allows Aldridge to smash the stunned opponent into a standstill before a nasty uppercut on the jaw slumps Swanepoel into spasms. Lily brings on the heat and bounces off the fellow model's face on speed dial while Candice remains glued to the spot; she tries to swing over the top in rather desperate fashion but gets SMOKED with a brutal hook on the jaw AND CRUMBLES SPREAD EAGLE with her eyes closed! How about that for a lights out finish? The count is waved off at five since the blonde makes no effort to recover and appears to be half-dazed from that leather rush at the very least! KO5 Lily Aldridge!!!

AFTER: Lily is still upset she made this fight more difficult than neccessary: "C'mon! Candice is Miss Glass Jaw! There's nothing to be scared off! I should have finished her OFF like in three rounds tops!" Lioness coach Claudia Schiffer is satisfied with this performance however it's a tall order to rise above all these models coming along in the lightweight division so a lights out KO over a veteran like Swanepoel might not be enough to warrant plenty of buzz going forward: "It's a bumper to bumper mess out there! Watch out for some wannabe s### to earn a better shot based on posing topless on Instagram! We're soooo above this ####!"

Miranda Kerr on twitter: "Geez, what a waste! Gonna double up on this soon!" #OzRules

Official Result: Lily Aldridge def. Candice Swanepoel KO5. 



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