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27 September 2019 Emily DiDonato vs Eiza Gonzalez

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Sep 29, 2019 at 3:50pm


Emily DiDonato vs. Eiza Gonzalez

Emily DiDonato: 28 years old, 5’10,” 11-5 with 11 KO since 2017. Fates Boxing.

Eiza Gonzalez: 29 years old, 5’8,” 11-12 with 11 KO since 2015. Odds and Ends.


In lightweight action tonight we see two women who have made names for themselves in the lightweight division in the past year, both catapulting themselves into the top 20 fighters in the division. A win tonight would mean a substantial amount for both fighters – for Emily, it would be a means of getting back to her winning ways after suffering only her second loss in her year at Fates in her JMDD title bout against Upton last month. For Eiza, knocking out Emily – a top 10 opponent – would go a long way to making Eiza a legitimate contender for the title.

“I know that Emily wants to put up another win after losing to Kate in August and that she has title ambitions, but she’s not going to be going anywhere soon after I knock her out and take her down a peg,” Eiza confidently tells the press. “She thinks she’s some hotshot model who can hang with the best of them – I’m here to prove to her that I’m the brunette who everyone should be hyping.”

DiDonato scoffs at Gonzalez, “I have more wins than Eiza does with half the losses. I’m looking forward to coming back to top lightweight action and crushing the dreams of someone who thinks she is a contender. She’s a good fighter, but at the end of the day, she’s going to learn the hard way about the difference between good fighters and contender material.”

On fight night, Emily is the first to make her way to the ring, sporting a black sports bra and matching trunks with white gloves, her hair up in a bun. Once Emily settles in, Eiza struts out to the ring having donned a red sports bra and red gloves with blue spandex bottoms, her hair in a ponytail for the bout.

The two intently look at each other as the referee goes over the rules one last time, then they touch gloves and the bell rings.

Round 1:

DiDonato charges right out of the gate and draws Gonzalez’s attention with a left feint, then absolutely knocks her with a right. Emily closes distance but Eiza recovers quickly and pumps two punches into Emily’s chest, knocking the model back and stopping her push. Gonzalez moves closer to DiDonato to get in range of hitting her and finds a quick right to Emily’s jaw. Eiza moves her feet and fires a straight left at Emily but DiDonato dodges out of the way and finds a jab that gets Eiza in the nose. DiDo follows up with two quick punches to Gonzalez’s ribs and the actress is getting bullied around the ring. Emily keeps Eiza at a distance where she can abuse her extra reach and jab her opponent in the mouth and Gonzalez can’t seem to find an answer as every time she tries to close distance, Emily knocks her back and works her into the ropes just before the bell. Thanks to her offense and ability to control Eiza, Emily takes the opening round on points, wide.

Round 2:

Emily looks to pick up where she left off in the first and goes to her jab straight away to start the second. Eiza adjusts however, and stays juts out of Emily’s range, forcing the model to step forward and close distance if she wants to punch the actress. DiDonato closes the gap and Gonzalez rips a right across Emily’s face, clipping her mouth. Emily tries to punch back at Eiza, but the actress dodges and comes back at Emily’s belly and ribs, driving the air out of her lungs and knocking the model back into the ropes early. Gonzalez starts driving short, fast punches into Emily’s body while the model is on the ropes, but DiDo finds a straight right to Gonzalez’s head, knocking her opponent back just enough to get some breathing room and get out of the ropes. Afterwards, Emily keeps her distance from Eiza, trying to use her jab to keep her opponent away, but Eiza sneaks in occasionally. After the bell, Eiza is the woman who is comfortably going to her corner, having won the round on points, wide.

Round 3:

The two brunette fighters bound out of their corners for the third round, having each taken a round on points, wide, already. DiDonato again reverts to using her jab to try and punish Gonzalez from a distance, and early on, she lands a few punches and prevents Gonzalez from landing many back. DiDonato doing a good job keeping Gonzalez at a distance and Eiza stays fairly passive and stationary for the first minute, but she switches to a more hit and run approach, moving around the ring and making it much harder for Emily to land a punch. Emily lashes out with a left hook but it misses and Eiza finds more blows to Emily’s body. DiDonato keeps her guard up and prevents headshots, but she can’t seem to quite land her counters and Eiza wins the final 90 seconds. At the bell, it’s a close round, but Eiza edges it out thanks to her ending.

Round 4:

DiDonato clearly got the message that Eiza is a good fighter from close range and she adjust her game plan accordingly. Every time she sees Eiza look to close distance, she punches at Eiza’s head, forcing her to to stop her up-tempo high-movement strategy and start circling, which Emily reciprocates. Gonzalez keenly aware that DiDonato has the reach advantage, and makes sure to stay beyond Emily’s reach. DiDonato carefully goes after Eiza, trying to bait her with her feints and then follow up with powerful crosses and punches, but Gonzalez doesn’t fall for the feints and while Emily’s blows occasionally connect, Eiza lands two solid retaliations, catching Emily in her chest. DiDonato still edges out better trades, but the key word is edges. Eiza is neutralizing Emily’s reach advantage fairly well and not letting the Sports Illustrated model launch potshots. Gonzalez looks to break the circling pattern and get in more consistent punches, but DiDonato freezes her with a good left and the two circle until the bell. DiDonato takes the round, close, after stopping Eiza’s offense.

Round 5:

Gonzalez elects to come out of her corner guns blazing, quickly getting in close to DiDonato and targeting the model’s body. DiDo tries to trade short, fast blows with Gonzalez, but she is in Eiza’s element and can’t hold a candle to her. Gonzalez rapidly punches leather into DiDonato’s ribs and breasts, working her opponent backwards. DiDo tries to counter, but Eiza clocks her with a right to Emily’s chin that stuns her and the model is hurting! Eiza hammers away at Emily’s face as she shocks the model back to reality. DiDonato puts up her guard as she takes a beating from Gonzalez and gets pushed into the ropes and Eiza starts teeing off on Emily. DiDonato goes into desperation mode and desperately clinches with Eiza, holding on to her hopes of avoiding two consecutive PPV losses. The referee eventually separates the two women, and after the break, Emily seems to be better able to handle Eiza, getting in some solid punches, although Gonzalez keeps on targeting Emily’s bruised body up to the bell. Unsurprisingly, Eiza Gonzalez wins the round on points, wide.

Round 6:

Despite the beating she took the previous round, Emily comes out of her corner with a good amount of energy to match Eiza. Gonzalez tries to go back to DiDonato’s body, but Emily has seen Eiza go for her body too many times and crushes a right into Gonzalez’s chin, rocking the actress. Gonzalez staggers backwards and DiDonato goes after her, chopping rights and lefts all across Eiza’s body. Gonzalez sets her feet and launches a vicious right but DiDo sidesteps it and buries a right into Gonzalez’s solar plexus, nearly doubling her up. Emily nails a left across Eiza’s jaw that smacks her back up and then crashes in a right that drops Gonzalez! Emily quickly moves to a corner having shown off her power and the referee starts to count. One. Two. Eiza is shaking her head, trying to get her senses. Three. Gonzalez looks up and sees the ref counting. Four. Five. Eiza gets her hands underneath herself. Six. Seven. Gonzalez gets a knee under herself. Eight. Nine. Gonzalez shifts her weight to get up, but she crashes onto her side! Ten. It’s over, folks. Your winner by KO6, Emily DiDonato!


The Odds and Ends staff goes out to Eiza as Emily exhales a sigh of relief as she is declared the victor. DiDonato doesn’t pose for photos for very long before going over to the sitting Eiza and checking in on her. The two women exchange a few words and share a laugh before bumping fists and DiDonato exits the ring.

In her post fight interview, Emily praises her opponent. “Eiza is a fighter. She had me going early, but when push comes to shove, she didn’t have the ability to hang with my kind of power. Gonzalez will go far though, just watch.” DiDonato pauses, sips some water, then continues, “As for me, it’s obviously great to get another win on a PPV, and I hope to get another one in October after I face Rohrbach in the VIX-Fates stable war.”

Gonzalez is brief in her post-fight comments, “DiDonato has power. That’s how she got me. It’s a tough thing to lose, but next month, I’ll get back on the winning track. Just watch.” 



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