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27 September 2019 Behati Prinsloo vs Bridget Regan

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Sep 29, 2019 at 3:39pm


Behati Prinsloo vs. Bridget Regan

Behati Prinsloo: 31 years old, 5’10 1/2,” 10-9 with 10 KO since 2016, Fates Boxing.

Bridget Regan: 37 years old, 5’8,” 28-19-1 with 25 KO since 2009, Bazz Fight Club.


Saying that Behati Prinsloo needs this win is an understatement. Just three months ago, she was challenging for the welterweight title. It marked the beginning of a three fight skid that Prinsloo is still in. These losing streaks can cost careers, and with Prinsloo facing Hannah Ferguson next month in the VIX-Fates Stable War, she needs to get back on the winning track. Regan, on the other hand, hasn’t had a winning year since 2016, but she is looking to make her 2-2 record for 2019 a 3-2 one tonight as she looks to hand Behati her fourth consecutive loss.

Prinsloo shuts down any questions from reporters who wonder if she’s still a top welter despite dropping her last three. “Of course I’m still a top fighter, and I’m going to put away this past-her-prime actress tonight and end my skid. Hannah Ferguson, I’m coming for my revenge.”

Regan, meanwhile, laughs at Behati’s statement. “Pfft. Just because it’s been a while since I won a title doesn’t mean I can’t kick this model’s butt in a fight. She’s not the elite fighter Fates thinks she is, and I want to end that narrative tonight.”

Fight night:

Prinsloo is the first to step into the ring and has donned a pink bikini set with white gloves, her hair up in a ponytail for the fight. Regan then emerges in an emerald sports bra with matching gloves and black trunks with her hair also tied in a ponytail. The referee gives final instructions before asking the two women to reluctantly touch gloves, then calls for the bell.

Round 1:

Regan knows that Prinsloo has the reach advantage thanks to her extra height, and tries to bait Behati into closing the distance between the two of them and countering her. Prinsloo cautious of closing distance too quickly and elects to stay at a distance and try and work her extra reach. Behati successfully jabs at Bridget and connects with a couple jabs in the first minute, but Regan doesn’t take anything too hard and starts noticing Prinsloo’s jabbing pattern. The next time Behati goes for a jab, Bridget neatly gets out of the way, then closes distance on a vulnerable Behati and nails a punch right into the model’s face. Behati shaken as she steps backwards and now it’s Regan who is working her gameplan. Regan keeps herself fairly close to Prinsloo and gets in hard, fast punches to the Namibian. Behati is no pushover though, and she returns fire on Regan, getting in some solid shots to the smaller woman, but Bridget is able to get the better end of the trades as the bell rings. Regan, thanks to her efforts after the first minute, takes the first round on points, close.

Round 2:

Both women emerge energetically from their respective corners for the second round, and Behati Prinsloo comes right out of the gates with a big left that clips Bridget and the actress jumps backwards, aware that she dodged a bullet. Prinsloo sets up to go after Regan from range and Regan tries to beat Prinsloo to the punch, but Behati catches her with a right to the mouth, momentarily stunning the actress. Prinsloo hammers away at Regan’s head until the older woman puts her guard up, and then the model turns to her body. Behati starts getting her powerful punches in, working Bridget and coercing her back into the ropes. Regan smartly clinches as soon as she possibly can, in order to prevent the Namibian from dealing too much damage. The ref separates the two women and the match resumes with Prinsloo looking to go right back on the offense, but Regan is more solid in her responses to Prinsloo. Although Behati takes the round, wide, Regan showed that she could work around Prinsloo’s reach and power.

Round 3:

Regan starts out the round by quickly closing the distance between herself and her opponent, pumping short, quick punches out at Prinsloo’s head and body. Bridget smacks Behati in the chest with two solid punches whose thumps are clearly audible to the crowd. Prinsloo keeps her guard up and looks for possible counters, firing in openings between Bridget’s punches. Prinsloo places a well timed straight right into Bridget’s mouth, but the actress stops the model from getting anything more. Regan then looks to get some offense going, working in close to Prinsloo, rapping lefts and rights across her body. Prinsloo taking the punishment reasonably well and starts getting her own short, quick punches working, driving into the body of Regan. Bridget initially tries to keep pace with Behati, but the larger model’s punches just pack too much more of a punch for Bridget to keep up, and she gradually turns to a more defensive posture before the end of the round. Courtesy of her late resurgence, Prinsloo takes the round on points, close.

Round 4:

Prinsloo now looking to put some distance between herself and Regan and opens with a salvo of long range jabs, fishing for a punch to the face of Regan. Bridget knows what’s coming though and she backs off, forcing Behati to pursue her. The Namibian chases after her opponent, but Regan keeps enough distance that Behati’s punches barely even reach her. Bridget quickly plants her feet, fires off two punches that connect with Behati’s body, then backs off. Regan continues with the hit and run strategy, clearly frustrating Prinsloo, but the model catches a break when Regan tries to go for her head and whiffs. Behati turns in some quick offense, landing blows into Bridget’s body, trying to force the actress backwards. Prinsloo is successful for a bit, but Regan starts dodging punches as Prinsloo’s pattern becomes predictable and Regan is able to work in close and pepper Behati’s body with punches seconds before the end of the round. The judges give this round to Regan on points, close.

Round 5:

Behati comes out of her corner strongly, swinging with lefts and rights that tag Bridget in the face and body. Regan is retreating as on comes Prinsloo, but Regan is able to dodge out of the way of a couple of blows and land some of her own in response, even if she lacks the power that Prinsloo has. Behati throws out a massive right…but she misses and Regan plugs leather into Prinsloo’s solar plexus and Prinsloo’s hurting! Behati cries out as Bridget hits her mark and then the actress hammers home a left that wobbles Prinsloo as the model gets her guard up. Regan starts wailing away on Prinsloo’s body and guard, and after a few shots to the ribs, Prinsloo’s guard opens up enough for Regan to nail Behati with a straight right and down goes the model on her back! Regan to a corner as the ref starts to count. One. Two. Behati rolls herself over onto her belly. Three. Four. Prinsloo shakes her head. Five. Behati gets a knee underneath her. Six. Seven. She pushes herself up on one leg. Eight. Nine. Prinsloo gets herself up just before ten. The ref checks in on her and once satisfied, the match gets back underway.

Behati just trying to survive as Bridget unloads on her. Prinsloo is trying to counter, but Regan is just moving too quickly and efficiently for Behati to have an opportunity to fight back. Bridget is corralling Behati into the ropes and Prinsloo is desperately trying to avoid them. Regan feints hard with her left and Prinsloo buys it all the way only to get smacked by the right follow-up and driven into the ropes. Prinsloo tries to cover up but the Regan is unloading with all of her might and Behati’s guard can’t absorb everything it has to, nor cover her entire body. Slowly, her guard slips and only the ropes are propping up Behati. Regan wallops Behati with a right to the nose and blood trickles down Prinsloo’s face and Behati doesn’t respond to the follow up cross to the jaw AND THE REF STEPS IN! Prinsloo looks like the undead as she’s barely able to prop herself up on the ropes and it’s a TKO5 in brutal fashion for Bridget Regan!


The Fates staff rushes out to help Behati down to the canvas as Bridget parades around the ring, yelling, “I told you all!” She takes one glance at the suffering Prinsloo, then goes off to the press.

“She went from what? Title shot to loser of four straight after tonight? Make it five – she has her long desired rematch against Hannah Ferguson next month. Behati is not an elite fighter – Fates has gotten everything he’ll ever get out of her, so he should just stop trying to push her as an elite welter. She is anything but.”

Prinsloo shows up several minutes later, and is peppered with questions from the press as she steps up to the podium, tears welling in her eyes.

“Are you still an elite fighter?”

“Has Ana Beatriz Barros surpassed you as Fates’ top welter?”

“How do you prepare for Hannah Ferguson after losing four straight?”

“I… I-um,” Behati struggles to speak as tears are streaming down her face. The cameras flash even more frequently and Prinsloo breaks down crying, immediately leaving the podium and trying to shield her face.

The press is already off formatting the summary of the fight – a picture of a teary Prinsloo headlined by – “Former Challenger Turned Broken Model Loses Fourth Straight.” 

One has to wonder two questions after tonight. First, is Regan able to make one last run at the title? And second, where does Fates go with Prinsloo? 



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