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27 September 2019 Title Ch Bella Thorne vs Kira Kosarin

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Sep 29, 2019 at 3:10pma


Bella Thorne

(21, 5’8, 120 lbs, 27:9 FCBA, The Dollhouse) 


Kira Kosarin

(21, 5’8, 131 lbs, 20:9 FCBA, Bonzo’s Gym)

Results: Lookout!; Story: Caspian & The Dollhouse


Kira Kosarin at the top of the world right now with recent wins over Evangeline Lilly and Troian Bellisario, not to mention her impressive victory over the current Bantamweight champion herself, back in September of last year. These are the reasons why the young Bonzo girl is looking supremely confident today as she stands on stage, flashing that dazzling smile to the audience as she poses in her orange sports bra and short gym tights.

“So Thorne’s the champion now, huh? How the hell did that happen? You’d think I’d be the one holding the belt, not someone I beat a few months ago. No matter. Thank you Bella for allowing me to come back and finish the job. This time though, I’ll be walking away with that belt on my shoulder. Because frankly - this is where it belongs. And everybody here knows it.”

Bella curiously not as bothered by her opponent’s comments, smiling widely as she arrives at the press conference moments later, bouncing in her seat, excited for the coming battle, and of course, cradling that Bantamweight belt tightly over her shoulder, taking every moment to flash it proudly for the cameras.

"It’s my first Bantamweight title defense! This is hella exciting! “But guys…spoiler alert! - I'm NOT losing my title tonight. Yeah, Kira beat me a year ago. Props to her. So f*cking what?” Bella turns directly towards the brunette. “But being the champion, to me, means being better than EVERYONE else in the division, and tonight is about me proving that I'm the best to those who still doubt it, like cocky Kira over there. I'm sure I'll be able to convince her, at least once I’m done lighting up her face. Kay! That’s all I have to say for now. Let's f*cking go do this!"

An hour later and as is tradition, Kira emerging first into the arena, a little sprite in her step as she strides down the ramp with a big, confident smile on her face, after being granted another title opportunity since November of last year when she competed against Dobrev for the Bantamweight gold. The big brunette is clad in a black as night mono-kini hugging her impressively fit and strong looking young body, with her dark hair held tight in a big bun. Bubblegum pop music reverberates throughout the arena with an irritating repetition of “Come get some, baby! Come get some!” As she enters the ring, however, Kosarin’s expression turns serious, doing her final stretches in the corner before tying on red gloves on either hand.

Bella’s entrance as the newly crowned Bantamweight champion been updated for an even greater spectacle, with pruple fireworks firing off on-stage as the Doll makes her grand entrance with a sexy flourish. Bella with every reason to celebrate - she’s the first AND the second member of her stable to actually clinch a title here in the FCBA, the first being her equally coveted JMD credits. So far, none of her other stablemates, hungry as they are, have secured a title around their waists, which makes Bella’s achievements all the more impressive. Thorne knows this fact as well, flaunting it with a strut down the ramp, that golden Bantamweight belt secured around her waist as she makes her way up the ring-steps. The Champion is in her usual fight attire: dark purple and black sports bra with matching long tights and gloves, her flaming red hair tied up into a messy ponytail behind.

Referee calls both ladies to the center of the ring to explain to them the rules one more time, like two old opponents who’ve been called back into action. Thorne with more to lose tonight if this match goes sour, and Kira the opposite, with lots to gain by winning a second time. Referee waves his hand and HERE we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action! This here’s for the Bantamweight championship!


The last time these two fought, Kira utilised her power to devastating effect, flooring Bella within seven rounds. Thorne not about to make the same mistakes as before, and that would explain her early caution as she keeps her distance from the hungry challenger. If Kira’s offended, however, that smile on her face ain’t showing it - the Bonzo girl looks complimented instead - it means the freakin’ Bantamweight champion is scared of her. Thorne however wiping that grin off her face with a sudden flurry of jabs sent from afar, showing how ridiculous that thought is to her mind. Kira struggling early with having to deflect attacks from a distance, gets pushed backwards as Thorne shows she ain’t afraid to get down and dirty. Kira returning later on, swiping a couple of heavy hooks towards Bella’s head, but they mostly miss with Bella leaping backwards and back out of range, thereby taking the first round wide for herself..


The only question is whether Bella Thorne can keep up this pace of rapid movement for the rest of the fight, and of course what she hopes to achieve by the end of ten rounds. Kira willing to play her long game, with both women spending the first minute trading jabs from a distance. Thorne sensing an opening to strike when a one-two flurry stings Kira on the nose, rushing in fast and letting her hands loose, thinking that Kira might just go down early. However, such an assumption makes Bella reckless. She walks Kira back with a steady jab-jab-jab to her arms, then all of a sudden gets her face BASHED in when Kosarin reverses course and SLAMS a right hook into her head! Bad news for Bella as she managed to played right into Kira’s waiting hands, now feeling the aftermath of her power. Kosarin like a bulldog not willing to let go of her prey, bashing more gloves into the champion’s arms in a relentless chase to put Bella down. Thorne still reeling in shock, partially paralysed as she’s thrown about in close quarters, unable to get away until Kira SENDS IN ANOTHER SWING to the face, which literally SHOVES BELLA DOWN to all fours!

Good lord! It's a KNOCKDOWN from Kira Kosarin in the second minute of the freakin’ second round! Bella sputtering in disbelief herself, hands holding her chin as the rest of her body shivers from the insult. If this action is any indication, Kira's going to have a very special night indeed by the end of it all! However, Bella’s fans breathing a sigh of relief when the redhead slowly makes her way back up, recovers by the count of 7, shaking her head and trying to steady herself after rising too fast. Kira of course smirking in her own corner, a knowing smile on her lips: she's got the tools needed in order to take this fight across the finish line.


Kosarin CHARGES, hoping for lightning to strike twice! She wants that belt, damn it, and wants it now! Bella frustrating her efforts, however, scooting backwards at breakneck speed, keeping herself a few feet away from the charging brunette at all times. Kira scores some glancing hits off the arms, but mostly her attempts fall short, scolding herself for the sudden turn of misfortune. That knock to the head last round surely must have bashed some common sense into Bella Thorne, who looks even more focused this round than before, bobbing, weaving and blocking when necessary. Bella using the third minute to land a jab or two into Kira’s face, the challenger much too tired to do anything about it, really, besides standing still and taking the abuse. The round ends with Bella back in control, much to Carmen’s relief in her corner. It’s still too early however to tell which girl’s really in control of this fight!


Kira not willing to let her earlier knockdown go to waste, comes roaring out of corne, swinging hard. Neither of these women want this fight to last till the tenth round, but the way Kira is trying to exert her dominance early, Bella has little choice but to scatter to the wind, like water rushing around a dam as she weaves back and forth to avoid her opponent’s heavy swings, then begins to plant leather in between the little pockets of space between Kosarin’s arms, knocking those painful shots into her tummy and chin. Things are going well for the champion in this manner, if she keeps this precise shots up, but Kira’s wild nature also too much, unpredictable for someone like Bella Thorne, who gets caught by another right hook late in the round that screams first into her guard, then another one shocking her to the face. Bella lets out a strangled scream, knows she’s come too close for comfort as her face gets pushed to the side - even her guard showing signs of breaking down as Kosarin goes into overdrive, like waves slamming into her arms, threatening to burst the dam and let everything flow over her. But no, Bella manages to reset her stance at a distance, re-locking arms over her head, but those poor forearms already looking red and bruised at this point in the fight. Bella spends the remaining minute getting chased by Kira, the Bonzo girl switching to short bursts of jabs to steal the round from right under Thorne by the time the bell rings.


Back and forth continues but both girls FINALLY catching a breather, at least momentarily. Kira, as young and fresh as she might be, has been the one doing lots of chasing, spends the first minute hiding behind her arms, chest heaving, still moving towards Bella, trying to pressure her. Thorne spritely by contrast, actually picks up the pace of the action in the second minute when she shoots in her jabs and hounds the Kira’s arms in some payback, reddening action of her own. Kira letting out grunts from her lips, tasting a little of Bella’s quality AND quantity when the champ BASHES her on the chin with a stray right hand. Kosarin very good so far at going all-out offensive, but when it comes to staying put and defending against attacks, the young fighter still has a ways to go. The round ends with Thorne using the brief lull in the action to catch up in points overall.


Checks and balances, people, with both girls knowing they need to do something significant, and soon, in order to cement a victory. Kira all for trying, jumps forward multiple times, lunging at Bella with luckless swipes at her face, the brunette’s patented hook just not able to catch the faster woman by surprise any longer. Bella on the other hand looking alert, immediate reflex action as she leaps backwards whenever she sees the slightest sign of Kira’s muscles tensing up for the spring forward. Quite an even round with stray jabs landing at odd times, with mixed results, which is ironic: both girls wanting to end this fight early enough, but we’re already heading into the last quarter!


Kosarin actually changing up her tactics, trading jabs with Bella for the first minute, which surprises Thorne somewhat - the champ wasn’t expecting a flurry in response to one of her own. Thorne initially landing a quick combination to the lips, then prepared to jump out of harm’s way when she anticipated another of Kosarin’s hooks to scream back at her. But no, Kira fires immediately back with a jabbing one-two to her own nostrils, making her yelp out loud as she retreats. Kira pursuing, sensing another opportunity to make history, continues to hound Bella with more straight punches aimed at the head and body. Bella covering up, trying desperately to adjust - she doesn’t know exactly how to do so just yet, but at least she’s blocking a majority of Kira’s punches. Kira squeezing in another fast combo to the champion’s body, which almost bowls her over in pain, Bella’s body jerking as the air shoots out of her lungs. Thorne however careful to avoid another close quarters entanglement, quickly scampers backwards with clear relief on her face when she sees that Kira is too tired to give chase.


Round 8 and I don’t think Bella Thorne was expecting this vigorous workout in her first ever title defence! Both ladies looking ragged as they stagger out of corners, hands wavering tiredly in front of their chests. But Thorne ever so craftly, first to fire a straight right hand at lightning speed, catching Kira off guard, when she’s mid-swing pulled back herself. But Kira not ready enough. Bella stunning the face with another and another straight shot, landing in quick succession, taking careful aim at the chin in order to further disorientate the brunette. Kira grunting, also flinging back hooks but they’re largely aimless and wild - a desperate attempt to get her attacker off her case. Kira’s eyes watering as Thorne SLAMS another punch into her eyebrow, stunning her long enough for another clean hook screaming across the face, which sends Kosarin staggering into the ropes in utter shock! This might be it, folks! Bella roaring forward, gonna do her best to FELL this giant that’s been in her way since last year. Kira covering up as she retreats, but her lean body getting battered with more lefts and rights, forcing her to drop her guard and EAT ANOTHER HARD SWIPE across the face. Finally, Kosarin stumbles to the side and then tumbles down to the canvas! It’s a KNOCKDOWN for Bella Thorne!

Thorne gets some sweet revenge, but at this point, too tired to celebrate, staggering back to her corner and letting the fans let out a cheer on her behalf. Kira floored by that rapid combo, now having trouble sitting up, rolling over onto her back instead with her eyelids rapidly blinking upwards at the white lights. Referee goes all the way up to 8 and the entire arena descends into silence, wondering if this match is truly over for one woman. Kira barely stirring, however, only manages to prop herself up to all fours before the bell rings rapidly, it’s all over! Bella wins!

Official Decision: Bella Thorne defeats Kira Kosarin via KO8! Bella Thorne is STILL the Bantamweight champion of the world!


One of the few girls to have beaten Bella before now sprawled beneath her feet, and Thorne finally breaks into a wide smile back in her own corner, finding the strength to raise a battered arm to the assembled crowds who is celebrating her impressive performance with the victorious redhead!

It’s the best of both worlds for the young champ, having bested a heated rival and more importantly, having not lost the freakin’ belt on her first title rodeo definitely the cherry on top of the sweet cake. Thorne high-fiving members in her corner, before turning around to eye Kira back in the middle of the ring, getting checked over and consoled by her own corner team. Bella taking her own sweet time, sauntering over to Kira, surely wanting to make a statement here. The champion signaling to the fans before forcibly planting her foot on Kira’s hip and taking a sexy victory pose, one arm lifting her title belt upwards and one tongue sticking out as she proves her dominance over the defeated brunette here tonight. “Guess you’re not championship material Kira….Sucks to be you.” The champion mocks Kosarin from above as she towers over her.

Kira not one to take this type of humiliation without a fight, pushes Thorn’s foot away and attempts to kick the redhead in the knee in self defense. “Get your stinky boot the f*ck off me!” Kosarin growls, with Bella doing her best to avoid getting kicked in the knee, takes a step back, but then moving in again, adding a few stomps of her own as the girls trade kicks, quickly turning into a full on leg fight that is only stopped by officials rushing the stage. Bella pulled off of her prey laughing, luckily no serious damage suffered by either girl, but the champion still walking away with the last laugh, and her belt after a prestigious revenge win over one of the most dangerous opponents around.

Bella taking a few more moments to pose with her belt for the fans who paid plenty of money to see her, before finally exiting the ring to head backstage followed on both sides by Kristanna Loken and Carmen Electra. It’s safe to say Bella has passed her first test as a new champion, but there are plenty more she-sharks in the Bantamweight waters and we can’t wait to see who Bella takes on next! 



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