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28 September 2019 Kaia Gerber vs Sistine Stallone

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Posted by caspian2 on Sep 29, 2019 at 11:35am


2. Kaia Gerber vs Sistine Stallone

(18, 5’9, FCBA Debut, Free Agent)
(22, 5’9, FCBA Debut, Free Agent)

New to the scene are two young models looking to make a name for themselves both in the fashion industry, Hollywood, and now entering the boxing ring for the first time. First up, Kaia Gerber has walked a dozen catwalks for numerous fashion spreads, appeared on a dozen more magazine covers, all before turning 18 in September of this year. Being the daughter of legendary fashion model Cindy Crawford may have something to do with that, though this young woman has turned a few heads all on her own merit. 

Her opponent today is Sistine Stallone, and if you’re wondering why that name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s none other than daughter of the legendary boxer Rocky Balboa himself, or more specifically, the actor who plays the titular role, action star of the 80s, Sylvester Stallone. Sistine now a model in her own right, also dabbling in acting as she follows in the footsteps of her father, and just last year appearing in a saucy lingerie photoshoot for Love magazine.

Both girls getting ready in the ring once the blood is cleared and the mat cleaned, taking some last minute advice from their trainers in corners. Kaia dressed in a simple black sports bra, white and yellow boxing trunks, making sure her red gloves are strapped on tight. Sistine in the other corner, tightening her yellow ponytail so it doesn’t slip mid-fight. The well-built model is looking real confident in her white bikini top, red fighting trunks and matching black gloves. Referee asks if both girls are ready, and with a mutual nod, HERE we go with ten rounds of Lightweight action!

Kaia with the advantage of being lighter on her feet, comes exploding out of her corner as though she’s always belonged in the squared circle. She draws first blood with a flurry of punches to Sistine’s face, shocking the blonde and pushing her back with a never-ending flow, looking to overwhelm her opponent early. Sistine gasping and covering up, moving backwards in a panic, and we see this quite often, with two complete newcomers opting for quantity over quality. If it were a veteran fighter in the ring, she’d be more focused in picking and choosing her shots. Sistine barely manages to hit back this opening round as a result, but I guess kudos to her for surviving at least. Kaia smiling at the end of three minutes, thinking this boxing thing is easy-peasy. Just wait till her opponent starts punching back!

Like we mentioned, Sistine uses the downtime to reflect on her inaction last round, comes barreling out of the corner in the second here, hoping to make up for lost time. This action surprises Gerber, who was hoping for more of the same easy target practice, not expecting the punching bag to stun her back with a right hand to the face! Ouch! Kaia letting out a gasp as she’s thrown back, almost knocked off her feet by Sistine’s power. Now the young model is in trouble, trying to hide behind her arms like she’s been taught, but unfortunately those legs of hers still stuck in first gear, allowing Sistine to catch up and pour on more abuse. Stallone rocking the smaller girl with another right hook to the forearms, making an opening enough to plant another left hook into the tummy. Then, Sistine attempts to blow her opponent clean off her feet with a final swing to the head. Kaia however reacting out of fear, suddenly skirts out of danger, avoiding by running to the other corner of the ring. Rest of the time has both of them nervously circling and jabbing, Gerber’s smile all but gone as she realises the kind of fight she’s in.

Kaia in trouble as she’s obviously running scared of her opponent now. Bad news for any rookie and a mountain they have to personally climb: getting over the fear of being punched in the face. Gerber still not willing to risk it, jabbing halfheartedly from the sidelines and trying to avoid a confrontation. But Sistine with no such qualms, perhaps the knowledge she has the power to put her opponent down into canvas easy. She rushes at Gerber repeatedly, shooting jabs to the body, stunning the supermodel, before blasting her off her feet with another hard swing to the arms, catching Kaia on her face instead! Gerber goes flying, that guard of hers turned to swiss cheese almost instantly! She falls onto her chest with a loud grunt, trying to push herself off the canvas with a moan, her eyes tearing up in pain. Nod of approval for her own work as Sistine struts back to her corner, raising a hand to high-five her team while waiting for the final verdict. Kaia demonstrating her never-give-up attitude, however, slowly rising back up by the count of 8. Pained and desperate look in her eyes as she stumbles back to her own corner, perhaps regretting getting into the ring in the first place, thinking she should have stuck with the catwalk.

Sistine rushes in for the kill, and lo and behold, she’s unable to find much purchase as Kaia uses her long legs to great effect. Kudos to Gerber, however, whose knockdown attempt in the last round seems to have cleared a nasal passage or struck her senses clean somehow - Kaia suddenly moving and fighting like a different beast, dancing around Sistine and avoiding her punches. Stallone cursing out loud, lunging at the smaller girl throughout with big swings and even bigger lunges, but only succeeds with pounding a left-right combo into Kaia’s tummy before Gerber circles back out of range. Last minute has Kaia rushing in and out, blitz and flurry to the blonde’s face, leaving her gasping for air at the bell.

Perhaps Kaia resolving to herself after that close encounter with death: what’s the worst that could happen after getting knocked down? She’s not afraid anymore of getting hurt, and it shows. Sistine barely out of corner and having to cover up from a sudden flurry of jabs thrown at her head. Blonde girl takes some mighty swings of her own, fired towards the face, but unable to score when Kaia swerves to avoid, gets pushed back repeatedly by straight hands landing hard on her nose. Louder and louder grunts grow, and Sistine’s back hits the ropes - she covers up with her lips set on fire, but Kaia still on her case, strapping body blows left and right whilst keeping an eye out for her opponent’s perverse return hook. Kaia looking for a knockdown of her own, but it never comes, with Sistine left hanging onto the top rope, panting hard and bent over when the bell rings. Gerber still elated as she bounces back to corner, having had an almost perfect round for herself.

Sistine looking spent and exhausted, battered and bruised as she tries her hand at some defence. Kaia still eager to punish, staying out of range of her foe’s hooks, landing another one-two to the cheek and drawing another gasp from the blonde. Sistine needs to change tactics and do it fast, or else she’s gonna get picked off like this for the rest of this fight. Mid-round and she succeeds in returning a couple jabs to Kaia’s face, and the two models target the area which matters most to them in increasing fits of rage. Kaia letting out another yelp as her chin’s grazed by another of Sistine’s jabs, rushes in anyways and plows a right hand into the face, drawing a shocked gasp , before Sistine’s head is lifted upwards by an uppercut to the jawline! OUCH! Kaia mixing it up in close quarters, wailing away further at Sistine’s face and chin, finally SHOCKING the blonde with a third snap into the base of the jawline, sending Sistine CRUMPLING into the canvas! OUCH!! Kaia finally scores her revenge as she hovers over the blonde girl writhing at the base of her feet. Sistine groaning, trying to turn herself over onto all fours, chest heaving as she pushes her body upwards to beat the count. Kaia resting in neutral corner, that smile creeping back onto her face as she finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel. When Sistine manages to recover by the count of 9, however, Kaia not looking as glad.

One minute left on the clock and Sistine can’t even move off from the ropes, arms wavering over her chest and still looking shell-shocked. Here comes Kaia Gerber, moving like the wind as she leaps in with a right hand that lands straight to the forehead, bashing the blonde’s torso backwards. Sistine groaning, unable to cover up as her tummy’s beaten on by more straight punches, as Gerber’s punching bag fantasy suddenly comes alive, using Sistine’s frame as target practice. Finally, the referee jumps in to save Stallone from permanent dis-figuration, meaning Kaia Gerber wins her first debut match via Technical Knockout!

Official Decision: Kaia Gerber defeats Sistine Stallone via TKO6!


What a win from the supermodel’s supermodel, as Gerber breaks into a huge grin and goes leaping into the air several times. She runs back to her corner, embracing both her trainer and mother, while the rest of us in the audience are equally glad to have witnessed such an impressive debut performance from the young lady.

Sistine also having done a lot in this fight, especially for an opening round. She might well possess the tools needed to put down alot of scrawnier girls in the division. With some proper training, she might well be the best one day. Here’s to hoping both women find stable stables sooner rather than later. 



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