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30 September 2019 Blonde Ambition At The Asylum II: Electric Boogaloo Intro

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Posted by HBO's Boxing At The Asylum on Oct 1, 2019 at 2:25am


O'Dell: "You are looking LIVE at the sold out Asylum Arena in Philadelphia! I'm Jennifer O'Dell, and I'm here along with Tess Valmore, The Bad Girl Of Bazz, Cassie Scerbo, and The Loose Cannon Of The FCBA, The Straw That Stirs The Drink, Jenny McCarthy, and ladies, we're going to wrap September with another great Asylum card!"

Tess: "And, this month, we'll be starting at lightweight, where Front Street has three girls still trying to secure a spot on the Tenth Anniversary roster, and Erin Heatherton is in town to battle one of them, Serinda Swan!"

Cassie: "Then, we'll be moving on to the division where I rule, flyweight, for a pair of bouts. First, Kristin Cavallari will make her Asylum debut against Jane Levy, and then we'll see Chloe Grace Moretz in her first Philly appearance against Jennette McCurdy!"

McCarthy: "And, if that's not bad enough, next we'll see Jennifer Morrison sully herself by getting into the ring with that talentless Campbell clone Kat Dennings."

Tess: "There will be some big girl action as well tonight, with Aussie Iggy Azalea in town to battle Antje Utgaard."

Cassie: "And, we'll wrap with a battle between top lightweights as Bar Refa'eli takes on Gemma Arterton!"

O'Dell: "Six fights, four weight classes, and one heck of a card. So get those shot glasses and bingo cards ready, sit back, relax, and enjoy 'Blonde Ambition at the Asylum II: Electric Boogaloo'!" 



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