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20 October 2006 Alana de la Garza vs Cat Bell

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Posted by simguy on 10/20/2006, 7:03 am

(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)

Before: "I'm not going to judge Alana by how she is with Tricia," Cat says carefully, eyeing De La Garza and associates (Allen, Landry and Scott) with healthy suspicion. "We've all got one or two girls who bring out the worst in us - so I'm not going to hold that against her. From what I've seen, Alana's a strong, technically sound fighter and a class act overall. I'm really starting from scratch in my approach to her, and that's always a disadvantage: I know she's seen more of me than I have of her." Alana pursing her lips, obviously reading things into Cat's words that Bell may or may not have intended. "We all know that Bell called me out because she's looking to showcase," a frosty De La Garza asserts. "Let me tell you something woman to woman, Catherine: nobody showcases on Alana de la Garza. I'm banging you out, you hear me? Stop trying to butter me up, because it won't work. When I tuck into your gut, you're gonna fold up like a Wal-Mart lawn chair. Over and out, baby: over and OUT!" Alana in lavender lace push up and panties, small black gloves. Cat in electric blue bikini, small white gloves.

During R1: HAMMER AND TONGS! Alana sweeping a right over top Cat's first jab, clouting Bell's chin and baby-stepping her sideways; Cat recovering, unleashing a wide right roundhouse to Alana's ribs; both girls extending on long, swinging hooks, clapping respective chins simultaneously. Bell jabbing hard to close, then riding that left hand behind Alana's neck, pulling Latina forward for some brutal, plugging rights amidships. Alana responding with a fusillade of lapping lefts and rights against Cat's lungs: De La Garza's arms almost straight as she hoists ringadingdong punches into Bell's ribs. Bell buckling, lips parting as she sponges the body drubbing, but SHE answers back in kind, beating Alana into a cramped-up earmuff stance as Cat's long arms shiver off proud Latina ribs. Back and forth, back and forth - both girls getting a little ragged as they take turns covering up or dishing to the body. Down the stretch, Alana with her left hand at Cat's right bicep - De La G eases onto her back (right) foot to clip right uppercuts as Bell stoops slightly forward, punching the taste out of Cat's mouth at the bell and probably taking the round as a result. Crowd on it's feet - both women wobbly butt and wide-eyed back to respective corners, bodies humming from extraordinarily vigorous slugging.

R2: Tactical Cat restores order with a long, punishing jab, eyes narrowed as she pierces Alana's defences. De La Garza's beautiful face getting spanked - dark eyes blazing with Latina rage at the touch: Cat businesslike, rotating left, dictating terms with class. De La Garza committed to body punching tonight: several times she jumps in close to bang, only to be wrapped up tight and snuggled for ref's breaks. Cat outboxing, outfoxing her young foe with a workmanlike, shutout second. 


R3: Cat's established air superiority via the jab - now she incrementally steps up the pressure on Alana. De La Garza frowning, concerned as Cat backs her up: Bell pitching in hard right crosses off the stick, coming back a triumphant, batting hook in ADLG's flank. Doubled up jab penetrating De La Garza's guard up top, knocking back her head, scuffing her up - Cat staying quick with her poke, not turning the punch over, just dropping it thumb-side-up onto Alana's face. Final minute sees Cat work Alana to the ropes: Bell getting her forehead on ADLG's, getting her left hand on Alana's shoulder as the girls crowd close - Cat's right hand digging, digging, digging paunch with methodical, muscular thrusts. Bell: Alana's blinking back tears - Ashley Scott up on the apron and screaming shrill abuse at Cat; Bell all business back to her corner as she looks like prime Cat through 3.

R4: Alana gambling early, anticipating Cat's jab and countering it with the overhand right; Bell takes a good shot as Alana finds chin. Once again, Bell's grinding consistency the story: jab supressing Alana's offence, disrupting her, keeping her off balance; power right hands threatening Alana even when they don't land; muscular hooks landing repeatedly on the same patch of rib-bone on Alana's right side, bringing stricken winces to her face. Final minute - Cat's on top of Alana at the ropes again, crowding the lithe brunette, stabilizing her with that pesky left hand on the shoulder or 'round back the head while the right hand tucks home to tummy, clips uppercuts to overhanging face.

R5: Cat circles left, stepping-in her educated left hand to partake of Alana's exquisite face. Women in the audience wince in appreciation: this is fine work being done, calculating stuff - they can see how demoralizing it is to Alana to be lumped up this way. Bell extending on her shots, very comfy with her distance - pushing off the ball of the right foot to propel jabs and crosses. Vicious come-back hooks taking Alana in her side, warping her slightly, drawing breathy gasps from her as she backs away. Round finishes up with Alana's butt in the ropes again - Cat on top, scraping and digging away righty. Ref finally warns the former multi-time champ about the ol' hold-and-hit, thanks to Ashley Scott's bleating protestations. Alana's eyes swelling, face busting up - Cat doing bully's work through 5.

R6: Alana regroups, boxes her way into the round with her own sterling jab: Bell catching face-spank for the first time tonight as brunettes sharpshoot at long range. De La Garza working her way in off the stick, getting back to the Bell ribcage with those wonderful, batting lefts and rights shovelled up into the lungs. Shivering contact - Alana's mitts bouncing tic-tac-toe off Cat's torso, backing Bell up - Cat using her footwork to buy a little breathing room. Down the stretch, Alana's stalking Cat, walking her down - De La G keeping her dukes up, chin tucked, looking very professional after a shaky first half. 


R7: Cat gambles, choosing to allow Alana inside and banging away on De La Garza's terms in hopes of breaking Latina at her own game.
Girls planted in strong stances, hips twitching side to side to generate vicious leverage on either hand. Carving, digging blows gouge at offending sternums, bite into opposing ribs, tear up competing tummies. De La Garza's rapid hup-hup straight-arm bodyblows landing in spanking bursts, beating the breath from Cat's lungs. Bell's torquing hooks, lashing rights cutting in behind either De La Garza elbow draw cries of pain from the willowy brunette. Down the stretch, the girls are tilted forward in stupor - each touching at the other with fingertips or palms before lavishing her an uppercut or hook. At the bell, Cat's done it: she's banged the points out of Alana fighting De La Garza's fight. Syren not TOTALLY on board for Cat's little gambit, but relatively indulgent: "Are you happy?" Syren queries while going in under Cat's right eye with Enswell. "Had your fun? Can we get back to boxing this chick now?"

R8: Neither girl really trusting her legs to lope around much this round: long-armed lasses laying in mouth on shoulder, keeping rights under chins, lefts across tummies. Subtle little bump-n-slug going on, girls using the left shoulder to manage the opponent, locate her for clipping right uppercuts and sexy, swatting hooks. Midway through, Bell does a little half-pivot right, trimming her right uppercut outside-in, catching Alana perfectly. De La Garza's head flings back, mouthpiece fluttering 3 feet into the air as she's put instantly wobbly butt. Poor Alana! De La G covers up face-in-gloves, stumbling forward as Cat LAMBASTES the waistline strapping rights and lefts. Bell sidestepping at the apron, allowing Alana to topple guard-first into ropes - Cat pouncing, getting her forehead on Alana, getting the sneaky left hand in on the girl's shoulder, the better to beat her righty. Cat doesn't scrimp - she's extravagant with the punishment - working Alana over with stuffing rights to breadbasket, carving right uppercuts between the mitts. Give Alana credit: she soaks it, she's still on her feet at the bell - but she's sadly broken down at this point, fighting back tears as Cat gets the better of things once again.
R9: Alana bangs back! No quit in De La Garza - she's snivelling, she's scowling, but she's still competing. Girls engage/disengage, circle, jab for openings - but Alana's always working on edging in close enough to lash her two-handed shellacking up into Bell's ribs. Cat grimacing, retreating to ropes and inducing Alana into clinches: Bell clearly conserving energy, probably forfeiting points to get fresh jump in the 10th. 


R10: Jab, jab, jab - Cat completely shuts Alana down midring, poking the brunette into a tight dukes-on-temples guard. Alana stooping forward behind her mitts - Bell starts to explore right uppercuts to the body, left hooks in above the hip in hopes of loosening Latina up. Midway through, De La Garza gasping, form starting to unravel: Bell drives a right cross in between ADLG's mitts, bashing Alana between the eyes and knocking her head back. De La G stunned when Cat's hook CRASHES home - Bell torquing hips-right, pulling the shoulder through the motion to cleave Alana through the chin - SPLASHDOWN DE LA GARZA! Alana sprawling picturesquely on her back, hands wide and above her head - she's all rickety/ramshackle jerking up to a seat and rolling onto her right hip. Tricia Helfer at ringside, directly in Alana's line of sight: Helfer making eye contact with just the hint of a smile, adding to Alana's dismay. Alana beats the count, but she's tragically hurt. De La Garza crying, covers up, sits in the ropes and soaks as Cat Bell wades in to mop up. Nothing fancy - Cat grinding her forehead into Alana's, controlling Alana with the left hand at Latina right shoulder and beating De La Garza relentlessly to her body with those merciless right hands. De La Garza goes the route, crippled and sobbing in the ropes: brutal UD10 Cat Bell.

After: Cat attempting to hug Alana and offer some assitance, but Ashley Scott's shrieking, backed up by scowling Allen and Landry prevent Bell from making any gestures. Ugly tension for a few moments as Cat's quickly backed up by TE regulars - cocked fists, heaving breasts, flashing eyes all around until officials carefully separate rival clans. "Alana fought bravely and well," Cat admits in postfight, looking very much as though she's been in a fight tonight. "She's a hellcat to the ribs, let me tell you - she just goes at you underneath like nothing I've ever seen - I really had to respect her body attack tonight. If there was a difference, I think it was probably my jab. I outboxed her in a lot of spots, and that allowed me to pick and chose when I'd brawl with her - she never really got to set the agenda tonight." Alana weepy, well and truly handled by a harder woman tonight - but it's a good, competitive effort from the woman who may one day be regarded as the finest fighter to ever come out of the Law and Order programme.

Sim Guy


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