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8 October 2019 AHW Kaya Scodelario vs Evangeline Lilly: Unleashed in the Apartment

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Posted by Girls Friday on Oct 9, 2019 at 7:39am


(Written by Girls Friday)

(Girls Friday vs Lookout! Boxing)

Kaya Scodelario vs Evangeline Lilly: Unleashed in the Apartment

Some would say this was a long time coming since both Kaya Scodelario and Evangeline Lilly laid eyes on each other, they had become rivals before a glove had been laid on one another due to both seeing the other in the way to the top.

Only a few short weeks ago though things finally exploded between them, Kaya won the fight but decided to take more from Evangeline, kicking her while she was down and really trying to hurt the veteran.

Both managers commented afterwards that they'd speak on this matter; while they seemed to get along, rumours were that in private the two managers were fired up over what had happened, leading to them deciding to see whose fighter was the better woman without the gloves on.

Leading to right now; first Melanie Sykes entered the large apartment in Las Vegas with her fighter Kaya Scodelario beside her, both wearing red dresses and heels, both brunettes walked around the apartment to get an idea of the arena for Kaya and Evangeline to settle their differences in.

There was a living area of course, two large chairs with a coffee table between them, a bar set up against one wall.

Then there was a bedroom with a king sized bed front and center, Kaya smirked as she saw pictures of her and Evangeline fighting on the walls in the ring, knowing it was going to be more violent then this.

Of course there was a plush bathroom, the thing that caught Kaya's eyes was the hot tub outside on the large balcony, she wondered if she should drag Evangeline in there once she was done kicking her arse.

The Girls Friday's crews thoughts though were interrupted as they heard the door, in came Paris Hilton with her fighter Evangeline, both in black figure hugging dresses and heels.

The tension in the apartment instantly rose as managers locked eyes in a heated stare, while fighters clenched their fists ready to fight.

Melanie kissed Kaya's cheek for good luck before telling Paris "you interfere and I'll f*** you up you blonde bimbo!" With Paris yelling back "same goes for you, brunette bytch"

All the while Kaya and Evangeline had kicked off their heels and moved towards each other near the bar, Evangeline telling Kaya "did you think you'd get away with you cheap shots?" Kaya scowls in reply.

Instead her reply is to grab Evangeline by the hair, the two brunettes lock up in a vicious hair pull, heads getting turned side to side, planting their feet so not to be dragged over by their rival.

They soon fall against the bar after a particularly hard tug from both, releasing a hand from hair, the fists start to fly, bodies taking the brunt but some catch cheek as they scream abuse at each other.

All the while the managers have their heels off, standing next to each other beside the coffee table, watching the action but weary of the presence of the other woman next to them.

Kaya surprises Evangeline by tugging at the front of her dress, pulling the older fighter down while ripping the bust open, a knee fires into the gut of Evangeline, who groans out with each knee.

Till she grabs the leg of Kaya, who hammers the back of Evangeline with her left fist, before the American takes down Kaya to the hard wood floor with a thud.

She forces Kaya to cover up as she tries to smash her face, when that isn't successful Evangeline switches to pulling at the front of the Brits dress, revealing her red bra to the world as Kaya screams "you f***ing cow!"

Slapping Evangeline across the face from the bottom, Kaya then grabs the front of her rivals dress to pull her off her, the tearing of fabric heard around the room as Evangeline's black bra can be seen clearly.

Both battlers end up locked leg to leg, hands in hair as they spit insults right into each others faces, they then reach down to squeeze the other tit, reveling in the pain they are causing each other as they lock eyes.

Tears start to stream down their eyes when they both grab the others tits, Kaya yelling "you f***ing old jealous cow!" While Evangeline replies "get off me you cheap w****!"

Soon they push apart not happy settling thing this way, nail marks visible on their beautiful busts, dresses down to their waists as sweat makes their impressive bodies glisten.

Evangeline is the first to stand, kicking off her dress as she waves Kaya up, who gladly drops her own dress, both now just in a bra and a thong, hands up as they circle each other.

Then Kaya surprises Evangeline by retreating backwards, Evangeline asks "you running scared bytch?" But Kaya waves Evangeline to follow her to the balcony.

Once on the balcony itself; they launch into each other with cracking slaps, sweat and hair flies around as the fighters grunt and groan out, leading to them clinched up snarling.

Tugging back on the others sweat soaked locks, Evangeline screams "you're such a f***ing bytch!" As they try to push back their rival, busts pressing together to add to the tension.

Mel and Paris move over to the doors facing out to the balcony, screaming "go on Kaya f*** her up!" "Evangeline batter that horrible tramp!" Bumping shoulders as they watch the action.

Soon the fighters legs tangle up and into the hot tub the go, spurting as they rise out the water looking stunned, wiping water out their eyes as they take a side.

Taking a deep breath before resuming the fight, they lock up hand to hand trying to push each other back, the water not making things easier for them as grunts can be heard from them.

Underwear is nigh on see thru now, neither woman caring right now as all that matters is they emerge out this fight on top of their bitter enemy.

Feeling Evangeline's hands start to shake, Kaya mockingly says "I have you now" that feeling is short lived as Evangeline cracks her with a headbutt in the mouth.

Instinctively Kaya pulls away and Evangeline pounces, pushing Kaya's head under the water with real hatred in her eyes, Kaya's arms are flailing around, she can't do anything to stop this.

Luckily for her Evangeline doesn't want to kill her, letting up Kaya but only so she can press her against the side of the tub, firing fists into the gut of the crying Scodelario.

Till the Brit groans out "I... Sub.. Mit" Melanie shouts "that's it! You won bytch!" Moving in as she sees Evangeline continue pounding the guts of Kaya, who is leaning on the older fighter now, sobbing her eyes out as she looks breathless.

Paris turns Melanie around before kneeing her between her legs, the Girls Friday manager topples to her back holding between her legs, with Paris putting her foot on the side of Mel's head.

"You didn't exactly stop your prized fighter when she was beating my defenceless one did you?" Asks Paris sarcastically, grinding her foot into the face of the hurt Sykes.

While Evangeline tosses Kaya out the tub to the floor, Kaya coughing as she tries to suck in air, Evangeline smiling cruelly as she bends down to lift Kaya's head up.

"Next time I get you into the ring, I will f***ing humiliate you beyond your wildest nightmares" threateningly says Lilly before she tosses back down Scodelario to the cold wooden floor.

Afterwards Paris takes photos with her phone of Evangeline posing over the defeated Kaya, their favourite was Kaya sobbing as Evangeline placed her foot on her tits and flexed with a big grin for the camera.

They posted that pic on the Lookout! Social media account, the caption "Evangeline makes another bytch cry ;) " getting a laugh from the Lookout crew later when they all saw the pics.

While after Paris and Evangeline left the apartment, the Girls Friday duo left with their tails between their legs, vowing revenge when they got the chance on Evangeline and the rest of the Lookout! Stable. 



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