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10 October 2019 Sara Sampaio vs Karolina Kurkova

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FNL: Honour Bound 2019


Posted by Girls Friday on Oct 11, 2019 at 7:19am


(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Girls Friday vs Lioness Club)

Tonights opening bout here in the Philippines La Salle Coliseum sees an international battle, Sara Sampaio and Karolina Kurkova lock horns.

Sara is 28 years old; she stands 5'8, holding a record of 6 wins, all coming by way of knockout, with 5 defeats.

Karolina is 35 years old; she stands 5'11, holding a record of 21 wins, 18 coming by way of knockout, with 14 defeats.

Both women were interviewed in their locker rooms by the FCBA Networks Lucy Liu, who first ventured into the Girls Friday locker room to see Sara getting her gloves put on.

Sara smiles at Lucy but it is assistant manager Melanie Sykes who talks to the interviewer, after she tells Sara to focus completely on tonight's fight.

Melanie tells Lucy "Sara obviously so far hasn't lit up the FCBA as we hoped, she is getting good experience though and we do see improvement each time she steps out into the ring"

Smiling now Melanie continues "tonight I feel confident for Sara, Karolina we know well from putting Alessandra (Ambrosio) against her is tough but is definitely at a level we think Sara can hand, you'll get a real taste of what Sara can do"

Lucy then heads into the Lioness den, where Karolina is working the punch pads with coach Mel B, Mel tells Lucy that she has two minutes before Karolina needs to get back to work.

"So the Girls Friday camp knock on my door again, they should learn not to put their prospects against me, I shattered Alessandra's run when she first came here, what makes them think I won't do the same to Sara?" Asks Karolina as she smirks.

"The fact of the matter is this, Sara simply isn't good enough to play in the big leagues, they should cut her and let her go fight in topless bars, at least she might win a few fights doing that" adds Karolina with a chuckle, then Mel calls her back over to finish her warm up.

Fighting time; out comes Sara first with coaches Taryn Terrell and Eva Carneiro beside her, Sara is wearing her Portugal team football shirt with "Sampaio" and a number 10 underneath that.

Which she gets taken off at the both of the aisle to reveal a maroon coloured sports bra with green trim, matching trunks, shoes, green gloves and her brunette hair is tied back into a ponytail.

Getting into the ring; Sara waves to the fans but is quick to get into her warm up routine, Taryn telling her that tonight is make it or break it situation for her career.

Now out comes Karolina strutting down the aisle, arms out at her side as she looks confident, her coach following behind her with a big smile as she seems to believe that confidence is warranted tonight.

Karolina is wearing a white sports bra with red trim, matching trunks with "Krusher" in red letters on her waistband, white shoes and red gloves, her blonde hair is also tied into a ponytail.

Stepping into the ring; Karolina cracks her gloves together as she smirks at Sara, beginning her warm up as Mel tells her "you've got this little girl"

Coming to the center of the ring, the two fighters stare hard into the others eyes, Karolina enjoying a nice height advantage as she looks down at her opponent.

The glove touch is far from friendly, with both turning back to their corners, where after a little quick advice, the bell rings to start 10 rounds of lightweight action.

Round 1:
Coming out their corners with guards high, they circle in close throwing single punches at first, before Sara dips in low to fire two shots to the abs of Karolina.

Karolina comes throwing a left cross that misses, leaving her open to a right to her ribs as clearly Sara's game plan is to stick to the body.

Where she keeps targeting as Karolina can only seem to land single punches cleanly while stepping forwards, Sara dipping down to dodge before countering.

As the round goes on though; Sara's attacks become too predictable, allowing Karolina to land more punches to the face of the Portuguese fighter to keep her on the outside.

The final seconds of the round sees both women trading hard shots, till the round comes to a close with Sara looking happy enough, Karolina tells Mel "I've got this bytch" as Mel nods to her.

Round 2:
Back out they come with both fighters landing more punches as they get more aggressive, Sara starting off the stronger as she gets inside to work.

When Sara steps in this time though Karolina catches her with a straight to the top of her head, a left cross then smacks Sampaio across her face as Karolina begins to step forwards.

Knocking her opponent back towards the ropes, Karolina is forcing Sara to trade at range, which with her extra reach is playing into her wheelhouse perfectly right now.

Sara does manages to slip inside to land a right to the body, after landing a few more clean shots she is shoved back towards the ropes.

Where Karolina bashes her across her face with a right, a left/right combo finds its way through the gloves of Sampaio to her face to knock her head back.

Forcing Sara into her shell as Karolina drills her to the face, soon enough the bell rings to end the round, this time Karolina struts back to her corner grinning after taking the fight back to her opponent.

Round 3:
Banging her gloves together as she comes out, Karolina is throwing straight shots towards the head of Sara, who is moving her upper body more to dodge.

Finding her way inside, Sara lands a right to the side of Karolina's head, then she switches back down to the body, a few punches drilling into the jugs of the blonde to make her look irate.

Shoving back Sara; Karolina engages her in a heated exchange at the center of the ring, Sara looking more comfortable as she stays in close, nearly headbutting Kurkova on her chin as she comes in swinging two hooks to the body.

Karolina finding herself now back up along the ropes, forcing her to clinch as the Girls Friday corner is smiling, seeing their girl use her strength to bully back her opponent.

Broken apart by the referee, an overly keen Sara steps into a left cross to her cheek, Karolina showing fight herself to back up Sampaio to the other side of the ring.

The bell rings to end the round with Sara looking all business as she returns to her corner, getting praised off Taryn as she is washed down by Eva.

Round 4:
Bouncing more on her toes as she moves around Karolina, Sara seems buoyed by her success the last round, jabbing in towards the body of Karolina.

When Sara moves in to strike with a straight, Karolina slips it and lands a counter uppercut that snaps the head back of the brunette, sweat flies into the air as Sara's legs wobble.


Karolina is nudged away by the referee as she gloats at the Girls Friday corner, THE REFEREE CHECKS ON SARA AND RULES SHE IS KNOCKED OUT CLEAN!

Winner Karolina Kurkova KO Round 4

A stunning knockout to begin tonight's action, Karolina reminding any doubters of her abilities tonight's with her brutal victory.

She celebrates with a lap of honour, gloves in the air as she takes in the cheers from her supporters, while Mel stands on the apron applauding her fighter with a massive grin on her face.

All the while the ringside doctor is in the ring checking on Sara, after giving her smelling salts to stir her awake, Sara tries to get up but is still knocked loopy by that uppercut that turned her lights out.

With help from Taryn and Eva; Sara is helped out the ring, this was another worrying performance for her, some questions whether she will be lasting much longer with the stable as her run of poor results continues.

Inside the ring Karolina cockily says to Mel "you know I love slaying those Girls Friday bytches, they are too easy!" With Mel looking proud of her fighter.

After getting her hand raised by the referee, Karolina blows kisses to the crowd, before she struts to the ropes and leaves the ring with Mel beside her.

Karolina will always turn heads inside and outside the ring, who will be next for her though is the big question, will the Girls Friday crew want revenge for making their fighter look bad tonight? 



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