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10 October 2019 Hayley Atwell vs Wallis Day

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FNL: Honour Bound 2019


Posted by Girls Friday on Oct 11, 2019 at 7:27am


(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Pretty Little Punchers vs Free Agent)

The next fight now sees Hayley Atwell try to show she is still one of the benchmarks for British lightweights, she takes on the quickly rising Wallis Day here in the Philippines La Salle Coliseum.

Hayley is 37 years old; she stands 5'6 ½, holding a record of 17 wins, 15 coming by way of knockout, with 10 defeats, she is a former BBU JMDD champion.

Wallis is 25 years old; she stands 5'8 ½, holding an impressive record of 6 wins, all coming by way of knockout, with just 1 defeat, she is the 2019 New Blood Tournament winner.

Both fighters were asked for comments about the fight at their gyms, Hayley finishes sparring with Shay Mitchell, the two share a hug before Hayley steps out the ring to talk to the press.

"Hey guys, as you can see I am working hard for this fight, I have heard all the praise for Wallis and don't expect an easy fight by any stretch" admits Hayley as she wipes herself down.

Smiling though she continues "but I have worked hard to be one of the contenders in the lightweight division, never the biggest dog in the fight but I have the guts to keep fighting till the end, so Wallis doesn't scare me one bit"

While Wallis leaves her gym stopping to talk to the journalists, she grins as she asks them "hope you haven't been waiting too long?" Winking as she moves to them.

"I've seen Hayley fight over the years, she was one of the fighters who inspired me to do this but that sentiment is left at the door, I am after taking her name for my legacy" Wallis tells them with a hard look on her face.

As she is about to walk away, she is asked if anyone has spoken to her about joining a stable, Wallis coyly says "hmm maybe" then waves as she heads off.

Fight night; Hayley comes out with her coach Nia Peeples, she is smiling as she jogs down to the ring, getting a loud cheer from her supporters as she blows kisses to them.

She is wearing a dark blue sports bra, dark blue trunks with red stripes, matching shoes and red gloves, her brunette hair is tied back into a ponytail.

Climbing into the ring Hayley waves to each side of the ring, then heads back to her corner where she begins to warm up, Nia talking to her about strategy.

Wallis now steps through the curtain grinning as she bangs her gloves together, looking excited stepping into the ring with Hayley, her coach following behind her as she leads the way.

She is wearing a black sports bra with dark green trim, matching trunks and shoes, green gloves with black thumbs, her blonde hair is tied back into a ponytail too.

Climbing through the ropes, Wallis steps to the center of the ring to bow to each side of the ring, before jogging to her corner to go through her routine.

As they come to the center of the ring, both look relaxed as they look over each other, Hayley asking Wallis "ready for this?" Winking as Wallis replies "you'll see soon enough"

They respectfully bump gloves before returning to their corners, their expressions have turned serious now as they are ready to start 10 rounds of lightweight action.

Round 1:
At the bell they both come out jabbing at first, gauging range as Wallis of course wants to keep things at her range, Hayley needing to find a way inside to get her best work done.

So it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone when Hayley deflects straight to step in close quickly, landing a right to the side of Wallis's head to turn it.

Hayley sticks in close as she forces Wallis to trade it out with; ducking a left cross by Wallis, Hayley bumps her back towards the ropes with her left shoulder.

Where Atwell begins to open up on the blonde, swinging hooks into her body before Wallis shoves her back so she can move away from the ropes.

Wallis knowing she isn't going to have a feeling out round, lands a double jab onto the top of Hayley's head as the Agent Carter comes at her.

They trade in the final moments at midrange, swinging hooks across the others face till the bell rings with both women locking eyes, respect taking a back seat to the need to win already.

Round 2:
Knowing she is going to be made to work to keep Hayley on the outside, Wallis starts moving more up on her toes, bashing Hayley to the top of her head with straight shots.

It doesn't deter Hayley coming at her, ducking a left to get in tight with two piston like punches into the abs of the blonde, before getting clipped to the top of her head.

Wallis is starting to better control the pace, keeping Atwell more on the outside with her straight shots and movement, knocking the head back of the brunette.

But she can't hold back the tide forever, Hayley slips her way inside to get back to work, targeting the body of the taller woman, though she is laying in some hard overhand shots as well.

Late in the round Hayley tries to get in close, eating a left across her cheek though as Day sidesteps her, another two punches into the face of Hayley to knock her back onto her heels.

After knocking Hayley behind her gloves to the ropes, the bell rings to end the round with Wallis nodding to herself as she returns to her corner, knowing she has evened the scorecards up after a bad opening round.

Round 3:
After the opening slugging like exchanges to start the round, Hayley eats a jab/straight onto her mouth as Wallis gets back onto her bike around the ring.

Hayley looks a little more cautious after missing with a left hook, getting two punches again into her mouth that bust her bottom lip open, forcing the veteran to shield more tightly with her gloves.

That gives Wallis more freedom to pick her punches as confidence looks to be flowing through the blonde, she is moving side to side landing most punches to the guard, before switching to the body of the brunette to try to open her up.

Hayley shows she won't be stuck on defence for too long, catching Wallis with a left on her cheek, then stepping in with an uppercut that knocks back the head of Day.

Forcing Wallis now on the back foot, with both landing clean punches through the others gloves, Hayley though looks to have more sting to her punches.

At the conclusion of the round, both fighters turn on their heels back to their corners with no fuse, Nia telling Hayley she needs to keep Wallis near the ropes to keep control of the action.

Round 4:
Digging punches into the face of Hayley as she moves around the ring, Wallis misses a straight though and earning a right to her abs.

Hayley uses little nudges when she gets in close, trying to keep Wallis off balance as she swings in overhand rights to knock Wallis onto the ropes.

After getting in three body shots; Wallis drags Hayley into a clinch, both women grapple along the ropes till the referee can get to them to break them apart.

After being separated; Wallis jabbing into the face of Hayley as she gets back on the move, knocking back the head of the brunette as she keeps her on the outside.

Deflecting a left cross, Hayley lands an overhand left to the side of her opponent's head, stepping in the pocket to bully back the blonde onto the ropes.

Covering up as she is getting hammered to her sides, Wallis looks happy to hear the bell to end the round, Hayley getting a smile from Nia as she returns to her corner.

Round 5:
Coming out trading at the center of the ring, both are letting their hands go more as they circle, Hayley darts inside to land two body shots, getting a left across the top of her head.

The blonde drilling a jab/straight into the face of Atwell, starting to back up the older fighter to the ropes with punches coming through into the face.

Swinging a right hook that finds air; Wallis gets countered with a right across her jaw, THE FOLLOW UP LEFT HOOK TO THE JAW SENDS WALLIS ON HER BACKSIDE!

Smiling as she jogs back to the neutral corner, Hayley enjoys the cheer from the crowd, 1...2...3.. Wallis shakes her head to clear the cobwebs, 4...5...6.. Punching the canvas in frustration, 7...8.. Wallis beats the count with her fists up, the referee checks and says she is OK.

Hayley gets into the face of Wallis, with the blonde covering up as Hayley is trying to finish this fight now, Wallis drags Hayley into a front headlock when she is getting hammered to the body.

Separated by the referee, Hayley keeps at Wallis with body shots, Wallis needing to shove her back to open up room to land her punches into the face of Hayley.

The bell rings with Hayley looking excited as she heads back to her corner, Nia and Hayley discuss what she needs to do now to finish this.

Round 6:
Hayley comes out hunting down Wallis, who is boxing more on the back foot, Hayley able to duck down to land a straight to the body, just missing with an overhand left though.

Trying to get back in tight, Hayley is getting clipped across her cheeks, Wallis countering the older fighter as she moves around near the ropes.

As Hayley lands a hook to the body, Wallis nudges back Hayley before landing a right across the temple of the brunette, whose eyes shut as Wallis starts pounding her backwards.

Hayley nudges back Wallis and swings an uppercut that just misses the chin of the blonde, warding her opponent back as both reset.

Coming in to trade; they both land cleanly on the inside, Hayley looks to back up Wallis with hooks to the body, Wallis drags her into a front headlock though, the referee needing to break them apart again.

The final thirty seconds Hayley comes in with an overhand right that misses as Wallis side steps her, a right hook catches Hayley on her temple to rock her backwards.

Wallis steps in with a uppercut to send Hayley into the ropes, A LEFT/RIGHT HOOK SENDS HAYLEY DOWN ONTO HER SIDE!

The blonde raises her hands in the air as she heads to the neutral corner, 1...2...3.. Hayley shakes her head as she grabs the ropes, 4...5...6.. Hayley gets to a knee, 7...8.. But her legs are like jelly, slipping back to her backside 9...10 that's all for Hayley tonight!

Winner Wallis Day KO Round 6

Wallis gets the biggest win of her career so far, she is jumping for joy as she raises her fists into the air, looking proud that she was able to stop Hayley.

Jogging over to her corner; Wallis thanks her coach as she hugs them, she gets praised for being to come back from the knockdown to win.

While Hayley gets helped to her feet by Nia, she admits that she made a mistake after getting helped to her stool, Nia telling her that she needs to learn off tonight and not let it drag her down.

When both are ready they come to the center of the ring, Wallis asking Hayley how she is as both women are relaxed around each other again.

The referee has to remind Wallis that they need to raise her arm, both laugh before Wallis finally gets her hand raised in victory, Hayley applauding her with a smile even though inside it must hurt losing.

Sharing a hug with Wallis and wishing her luck on her future, Hayley then leaves the ring with Nia, talking about hitting the gym on Monday to improve.

Wallis meanwhile poses for the crowd with her arms flexed, grinning as she enjoys the crowds cheers, then leaving the ring with her coaches.

The blonde keeps showing that maybe the hype around her is deserved, though she still has work to do before being called an elite fighter. 



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