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10 October 2019 Priyanka Chopra vs Evangeline Lilly

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FNL: Honour Bound 2019


Posted by Girls Friday on Oct 11, 2019 at 7:30am


(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

Hawkeye International Sports Consortium vs Lookout! Boxing)

Tonight's main event in the Philippines La Salle Coliseum sees a battle of two elite bantamweights, Priyanka Chopra and Evangeline Lilly want a shot at the FCBA bantamweight title, a win here moves them one step closer.

Priyanka is 37 years old; she stands 5'6 ½, holding a record of 12 wins, all coming by way of knockout, with 9 defeats.

Evangeline is 40 years old; she stands 5'5, holding a record of 59 wins, 35 by way of knockout, 32 defeats with 2 draws, she is a former six time FCBA bantamweight champion.

They held an open workout for a small crowd mixed in with journalists, with Priyanka sparring with Michelle Williams, when they are done Priyanka steps out the ring and speaks to the press.

She tells them "finally I get the chance to dispel the myth about Evangeline, she has always had this aura that she is someone special"

Thudding her gloves together before continuing "I am going to show that she bleeds like anyone else and will bow at my feet"

In the background Evangeline and the Lookout! Crew of Emily VanCamp and coach Julie Benz, the Hawkeye group see them and there is a tense stare down across the room.

Priyanka marches across the room to get into the face of Evangeline, they square up to each other as cameras catch the moment, threatening to screw the fight and just fight now.

Coaches needed to pull them apart as they exchange words, Evangeline telling her opponent "you'll get your chance to be famous alright bytch, another highlight reel knockout when I am in the hall of fame"

Separated apart from some more colourful language, Priyanka heads to the back as Evangeline spars with Emily, its a tense session as Evangeline is clearly pissed off.

When they are finished; Evangeline doesn't bother with the journalists as she heads past them to the back, eyes full of fury as Julie apologizes to Emily for Evangeline going so hard on her.

Fight night; Priyanka comes out with the Hawkeye coach behind her, she raises her right fist in the air as she jogs down the aisle.

The Indian actress is wearing a white sports bra with black stripes down the side, matching trunks, black gloves and boots, her hair is braided.

Stepping through the ropes into the ring, Priyanka poses at the center of the ring with her arms out at her side, then jogs over to her corner to go through her warm up routine.

Evangeline then marches down the aisle with Julie behind her, she is staring straight at the ring, bashing her gloves together as she is clearly thinking of bashing in her opponents face.

The Canadian is wearing a red sports bra with black stripes, matching trunks and shoes, black gloves, while her hair is in a ponytail too.

Getting into the ring, Evangeline yells at Priyanka "now you get your wish bytch!" Before settling into her warm up routine.

When the referee brings the fighters to the center of the ring, they exchange insults as they get right into each others faces, the ref needing to nudge them apart.

Told to touch gloves they shake their heads in reply, returning to their corners, the referee signalling for the bell to be rung to start 10 rounds of bantamweight action.

Round 1:
At the bell it is clear what Priyanka's game plan is, Evangeline uncharacteristically is coming out swinging more then she usual does, the Indian easily dodging the punches swung at her.

Ducking down before landing an uppercut that rocked back the head of Evangeline, who finds herself under pressure now as Chopra is quick to knock her backwards to the ropes.

Evangeline found herself forced into her shell, Priyanka showing her smarts to switch targets up, with her punches landing more cleanly then the Lookout corner would like to see.

Dragging Priyanka into a clinch, the fighters exchange venomous insults, the referee struggling to break the two apart as they trade kidney shots in the clinch.

Once apart Evangeline tries to make up lost ground, Priyanka makes her look silly though by easily sidestepping the veteran before putting her hands behind her back to taunt the former champion.

When the round ends Priyanka is all smiles as she returns to her corner, Evangeline on the other hands needs to be shouted at by Julie to get her head into the game after being completely shut out this round.

Round 2:
Looking more her normal self; Evangeline comes out throwing jabs as she circles Priyanka, who doesn't look too bothered to exchange single punches with her rival.

Especially as Priyanka ducks a right to rifle in two shots to abs, then just misses with an overhand left as Evangeline leans out the way before moving back.

The look of anger on Lilly's face isn't what you'd normally see, she is normally fully focused but Chopra seems to know how to push her buttons, making Evangeline make mistakes she normally wouldn't.

Instead for the most part Evangeline is being punished, punches are finding their way into the abs and cheeks of Lilly, adding to her temper as she can't seem to keep her focus.

Taking a deep breath as she moves along the ropes, when Priyanka comes at her with a right hook, Evangeline shows her class by ducking down then countering with two rights just above the Indians waistband.

An overhand left catches Chopra across her cheek, Evangeline opening up on her rival as she hammers her with several punches clean to the face.

The bell stops her doing much more though, with the referee needing to nudge back Evangeline as she is desperate to keep going, again she is told to take a breath to calm down temper.

Round 3:
Trading single punches to start; Priyanka seems full of confidence as she dances more on her toes of the two fighters, landing some nice crisp punches into cheeks.

When Priyanka goes for a jab/straight combo; Evangeline slips them so she can counter with a right across the face of her rival, turning the head of Chopra.

Seeing her first real opening; Evangeline backs up Priyanka with body shots as she puts her head down, barking in effort as she pushes Priyanka onto the ropes.

Nudging back Evangeline so she can get room away from the ropes, Priyanka finds herself fighting off her back foot, with the Canadian starting to force her backwards.

Ducking down and using her left shoulder, the Wasp star pushes Priyanka into a corner, where she lands a right across her face, making Chopra have to shield her face as Lilly opens up on her.

At the bell Evangeline tells her rival "now you'll get my wrath bytch!" Before turning back to her corner, Priyanka scowls at her before heading to her own corner.

Round 4:
Thudding their gloves before they come out to fight, they trade more in closer range as they slug it out, barking with effort as sweat gets knocked off heads.

Priyanka landing a crisp jab/right cross combo, when she swings a right hook at a retreating Evangeline, she misses as the Lookout fighter ducks down to counter with a right under her ribs.

Throwing more punches to the ribs of Chopra, Evangeline has her head down as she drives forwards, till she is pulled into a front headlock, things get scruffy as Evangeline tackles her opponent into the ropes, the referee breaks them up before ordering them to keep things clean.

Coming back at each other; they trade hard shots across faces and into ribs, Priyanka shows her smarts again to step out the way of a left cross so she could counter with a right hook to the side of her rivals ear.

Allowing Priyanka to back up Evangeline towards the ropes, she lands some hard shots in as Evangeline tries to cover up, blood runs from the mouth of Evangeline from her busted bottom lip.

The round comes to a close with neither looking particularly happy, sitting on their stools with reddened cheeks, they get cleaned up and told to use their heads if they are to win this.

Round 5:
Trading more punches in bunches now, neither can take real control in the early stages, with one woman knocking back their rival, before missing and finding themselves on the receiving end.

Ducking down to fire two rights into the Indian fighters body, Evangeline starts to get some momentum going, driving Chopra onto the ropes with two hooks up top.

But Priyanka doesn't stay on the ropes for long, pushing back Evangeline before she lands a straight off those bloody lips of the Canadian.

Priyanka certainly is taking the fight to her opponent, driving her back across the ring with combinations that are switching from upstairs to downstairs to keep Lilly guessing.

A right smacks Priyanka though across her mouth, causing blood to run from a cut on her lips now, both women's lips are bloodied up as they grind foreheads while trading on the inside.

With seconds to go both push the other back, then go toe to toe to the delight of the crowd, who stand and cheer the fighters on till the bell rings to close out this round.

The referee pushes them both apart, a few words are exchanged with threats, before they return to their corners getting annoyed that a deadlock seems to be beginning to form.

Round 6:
Circling to start off; Priyanka is the one to land the first punch with a straight between the gloves of Evangeline, just missing with a left hook though as her older opponent slips the punch.

The next attack from Chopra ends up with Evangeline ducking a straight, then ripping in three body shots before being pushed back by the Hawkeye fighter.

It seems like Evangeline is starting to get her rhythm going, slipping punches when they are trading shots, countering with punches smacking sweat off the face of Priyanka.

Who comes back at Evangeline with a right across her bloody lips, a double jab to the top of Evangeline's head backs her up to the outside of the ring.

Where Priyanka keeps her under wraps, that's till she misses with a left cross that opens her up to an uppercut, knocking her on her heels as Evangeline bashes her back across the ring.

Priyanka in the final moments of the round finds herself stuck behind her gloves, Evangeline begins rifling punches into the bread basket of her opponent, making Chopra groan out with each clean hit.

At the bell they exchange an intense stare, as they sit on their stools it is clear both fighters cheeks are looking puffy, chests rising faster as they catch their breaths, neither wanting to back down though as they talk to their coaching teams.

Round 7:
Starting off in closer to each other, they bash the others bodies predominantly, switching up top with stiff shots that make them step back to reset.

When Priyanka steps in with a straight, Evangeline dodges before landing a hard left across the brow of Priyanka, who winces as she steps back, a small cut has opened above her eyebrow.

Firing more straight punches towards the face of her opponent, Priyanka looks a little worried as she feels some blood trickling from her brow between her nose and her brow.

Soon enough though Evangeline reads the attacks, feinting with a left before ramming a right into the gut of Priyanka, who can't help groan out as she dips down enough for Lilly to land a left hook across that cut.

Opening up on Priyanka; Evangeline bashes her across her face, till Chopra is able to clinch up with the Canadian, both lean on the other a little as they take a breath, before being broken up.

Priyanka shows her fighting spirit to come at Evangeline, they trade near the center of the ring as a duelling chant rings out across the arena.

When the round comes to a close; Priyanka touches the cut that is opened up more, her cutman needing to patch up the cut as best they can before the next round, Evangeline seems laser focused on it from her corner.

Round 8:
They glisten with sweat as they come out their corners to fight, Priyanka trying to take the fight to Evangeline, who dips down to counter with body shots.

Then Evangeline aims jabs at that cut, making Priyanka wince when she can block the shots, cruelly Evangeline looks to be taking pleasure in opening that cut up more.


"Come on!" Yells Evangeline before heading to the neutral corner, wiping her sweaty brow with her left glove, 1...2...3...4.. Priyanka blinks as she rolls to her back, 5...6... Laying spread eagle as 7...8.. It doesn't look like she will be going anywhere in a hurry, 9...10 Priyanka is counted out!

Winner Evangeline Lilly KO Round 8

That's massive win number sixty out of ninety four fights for Evangeline, she scowls at Priyanka as she is more focused on telling her rival "now you know why I am one of the greatest" then really celebrating.

Heading back to her corner as the crowd chants her name, Julie tells Evangeline "listen to these people, no matter where you are, you are loved by so many full hall of famer" that gets a smile from Lilly as it dawns on her that her dream of entering the Hall is finger tips away now.

All the while Priyanka is helped to sit up, she looks bitterly disappointed as she talks to her coach, who kneels next to her to work on her cut, soon stopping the bleeding.

When Priyanka is helped up and back towards her corner, she glares over at Evangeline across the ring, both women locking eyes as they get cleaned up along with a drink to recover after a hard fought battle.

They are soon ready to come to the center of the ring, the referee along with coaches watches the two women, then raises the hand of Evangeline in victory.

Priyanka shakes her head before the two rivals exchange words, Priyanka telling Evangeline "you know I had you! If I hadn't got cut I'd have knocked you clean out!"

Putting her hands out at her sides; Evangeline replies "you know where to find me if you want another crack at me, so don't whine on social media about this defeat"

Coaches keep the fighters separate as more venomous words are exchanged, these two women certainly will not be exchanging Christmas cards in a short few months time.

Right now though Priyanka leaves the ring with her coach, it has been a terrible night for the Hawkeye stable, losing both their fights as they head up the aisle looking full of anger after how things went tonight.

While the Lookout corner are discussing possible opponents for fight number one hundred, posing for photos together with Evangeline front and center of the Lookout group.

They leave the ring after Evangeline bows to each side of the ring, a big smile on her face for really the first time tonight, knowing another goal is close to being achieved in her truly legendary career. 



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