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19 October 2019 Ana Beatriz Barros vs Bo Krsmanovic

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2019 VIX/Fates Stable War


Posted by caspian2 on Oct 20, 2019 at 6:22am


(Results: Lookout!, Words: Fates)

5. Ana Beatriz Barros vs Bo Krsmanovic (Welterweight)

(37 years old, 5’11”, 4-3 with 4 KO since 2019, Fates Boxing)

(27 years old, 5’11”, 13-14 with 13 KO since 2016, VIXENs)

For the second time this year, these two stunning Sports Illustrated models stand across from each other on the podium. Six months ago, Krsmanovic knocked out Barros in six rounds in the latter’s first FCBA fight, and Barros is keen on getting her revenge, especially now that there are stakes for her stable.

“That was my first fight. I’m a different fighter now, and I’m going to prove it by knocking out Krsmanovic and making a name for myself,” Barros tells the press.

Krsmanovic audibly laughs and responds, “All of your wins have been against subpar opponents. Like, basement dweller opponents – two of them had not even won a fight. And you think that you can make a statement win against me? I may have been the one who started off your fighting career – but I will make sure to atone by ending it.” Barros gets up and has to be restrained by security as Bo smirks and turns away.

On fight night, Ana Beatriz emerges from the back first and walks down to the ring first to cheers from the crowd. She removes her robe and shows a revealing green bikini with yellow gloves for the fight, her hair tied up in a bun. The Brazilian model struts around the ring, her hips swinging and showing that, even at 37, her body is still top model quality.

After the crowd calms down, Bo steps out into the light and the crowd goes absolutely wild. The Serbian model waves to the crowd and goes down to the ring. Once in the ring, she takes off her robe and shows that she has elected for a blue bikini bottom and a red top with matching gloves, her hair is tied up in a ponytail for the fight. Krsmanovic then parades around the ring, also showing off her model body, making her case for the best looking model in the ring tonight.

Barros and Krsmanovic stand chest to chest, each looking the other in the eyes at a towering 5’11,” and the two women start jawing before the referee separates them and gives them instructions. The two models focus on their rival and ignore the ref, who simply gives up and calls for the bell.

Barros quickly moves out of her corner and goes on the offensive early, throwing rights and lefts, but Krsmanovic withstands the Brazilian’s early onslaught and slips a right under Barros’ arms and into her chest. Ana Beatriz recoils and counters with a right, but Bo is ready and takes the response easily before hammering home a left cross to Ana Beatriz’s jaw. Barros backpedaling as on comes Krsmanovic, punching around Barros’ guard and into her ribs, occasionally chopping her breasts when open. Ana Beatriz keeps her guard up and tries to pop Bo with jabs, but the Serbian gets the older model into the ropes and lays into her body. Ana Beatriz tries to resist clinching by punching back at Bo, but Bo is too strong and Barros literally flings herself at Krsmanovic to clinch. The referee breaks the two women apart and they begin to circle each other. The younger Krsmanovic keeps Barros on her back foot by effectively using her jab until the bell. Unsurprisingly, Krsmanovic takes the opening round on points, wide.

Bo takes the initiative coming out of her corner, starting off the round by getting her jabs going again, but this time, Barros is ready for the younger woman. Barros side-steps Krsmanovic’s punches and returns fire, hitting the Serbian in the chest, knocking her back slightly in the ring. Bo counters and gets a solid shot into Ana Beatriz’s ribs, but the Brazilian is undeterred and returns the favor and follows up with a right cross that smacks Bo’s face to the left. The younger woman looks to stay out of the ropes, but Ana Beatriz eventually gets Bo into the ropes by smart punching. The Brazilian goes after the Serb’s body, driving punches into Bo’s ribs and guard as she looks to punish her opponent. Bo is able to quickly clinch though, and the ref breaks the two women apart. Krsmanovic stays away from Barros for the remainder of the round, but the two trade more than a few blows relatively evenly. Barros ties it up by taking the round, wide.

Both women start the third with plenty of energy, launching punches at their opponent. Bo lands the first solid punch, catching Ana Beatriz in the chest, and the Serbian follows up with a chop to her breasts. Barros retreats and Krsmanovic pursues her around the ring until Barros plants her feet and fires off two quick straights that find their mark, popping Bo in the mouth. Now it’s Bo who’s backpedaling, and Barros is teeing off on Bo’s body, driving rights and lefts into the Serbian’s ribs and chest. Bo plants her feet and lashes out at Ana Beatriz, but the Brazilian dodges and absolutely smacks Bo with a right that swivels her head and stuns her. Barros fires a quick left that swings Bo’s head back and then hits her jaw with a straight right that knocks her down! Barros quickly to the corner as the ref starts to count. One. Two. Three. Krsmanovic pushes herself to her knees. Four. Five. Six. Up on one foot. Seven. Eight. Bo gets up and tells the ref she’s ready to go. Barros comes back after her, but Krsmanovic is ready and pops two quick jabs into Barros’ mouth, halting her offensive. Ana Beatriz tries to connect with other punches, but Bojana punishes her for going on the offensive until the bell. Due to her knockdown, Ana Beatriz Barros takes the round on points, wide.

Ana Beatriz out of her corner like a shot out of a cannon as she looks to maintain the upper hand over Bo. Barros gets ahead early, landing rights and lefts to Krsmanovic’s body and forcing Bo to rely on counterpunching. Bo gets a solid punch into Ana Beatriz’s mouth, but the Brazilian comes right back with two quick punches to Bo’s nose that forces the Serbian model to back off. Barros continues to chase Krsmanovic around the ring, but Bo starts getting into a groove, planting her feet, trading evenly, then backing off. Barros still comes on as the third minute begins and Bo launches a vicious right that Ana Beatriz blocks, but the Brazilian doesn’t see the left follow up and gets caught unprepared. On comes Bo as she shows off her power, driving powerful punches into Ana Beatriz’s body and then caps it off with two shots to the jaw that knock down Barros onto her belly! Now it’s Bo’s turn to go to the corner as the referee begins to count. One. Two. Barros blinks rapidly and gets her arms underneath her. Three. Four. Barros pulls up one of her knees. Five. Both knees. Six. She gets one foot underneath her. Seven. Both feet. The ref checks in, she gives to O.K., and the match resumes with Krsmanovic pushing her advantage on Barros, hammering away on her guard and body until the bell rings. Bo takes the round courtesy of her surge late in the round.

Bo looks to definitively turn the fight in her favor and comes out swinging, but Ana Beatriz neutralizes Bo’s offense with a solid guard. Krsmanovic pounds on Barros’ guard to try and brute-force it down, but she fails and Barros counterpunches Krsmanovic. Barros starts to make some headway with her punches, gradually working Krsmanovic’s ribs and body, but the Serbian isn’t a slouch-fighter and forces Barros to have to take punishment if she dishes it out. The Brazilian fighter throws a massive right hook…but it merely skims Bo’s lips and Krsmanovic slugs a left into Barros’ gut, drawing a look of agony onto the face of the Brazilian fighter and momentarily stuns her. Bo takes advantage of her stunned opponent and hammers two fast rights into Barros’ mouth, shocking her back to reality. Ana Beatriz quickly starts punching back, making sure that every time Bo lands a punch on Barros, Barros lands a punch back onto Bo until the bell rings. It’s a close round, but Bo squeaks out on points, close, courtesy of her clear shots on Barros late in the round.

The sixth begins with a flurry of punches as the two women try to gain the upper hand over their opponent. Bo works over Ana Beatriz with some well-placed punches early on and gaining control of the round, driving the older model around the ring and working her over with jabs. Barros is trying to punch from her back foot, but Bojana expertly dodges Barros’ offense and drives hard punches into her midriff, forcing the air out of Barros’ lungs as she pummels the Brazilian into the ropes. Bo chops at Ana Beatriz’s breasts, drawing gasps out of the Brazilian, and then goes back to Barros’ ribs, and the Brazilian has no choice but to throw herself onto Bo and clinch and force the ref to break the two of them apart. Once they are separated, Barros tries to keep her distance but she doesn’t see a massive left that smacks her in the jaw and causes her legs to wobble. Bo notices and drives a straight right and then crashes her left back in with a hook that swivels Barros’ head as her legs turn to jelly and the leggy Brazilian goes down! Bo moves quickly to the corner and the ref begins to count. One. Two. Three. Barros barely is stirring. Four. Five. Ana Beatriz looks up, her eyes glazed over. Six. Seven. Her head falls back down to the canvas! Eight. Nine. Ten. It’s over. Your winner by KO6, Bo Krsmanovic!

Bo triumphantly pounds her chest as she parades around the fallen Barros, her legs splayed across the canvas as she rolls herself onto her side. Krsmanovic gleefully poses on the ring-posts, waving to the crowd before going over to Barros. Bo kneels down and looks Ana Beatriz dead in the eyes.

“I told you back in April that you couldn’t compete with me and the new models. Your time is up. Now, I’m willing to show you who’s boss in the ring any day, but just know that you are going to end up in the same place you were in April as you are now – on the ground.”

Barros merely stares blankly back as Bo gets up, waves to the crowd one last time, and then heads to the back.

Most pundits would have predicted the BBU Welterweight champion to do well tonight. Ana caught in a difficult position from the very start, but at least she put up an entertaining battle for the fans. Another win for the Vixens, but it’s not over yet, folks!

VIXENs / Fates Boxing  2019 Stable War Official Tally:  3:2  



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