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19 October 2019 Title Taylor Swift vs Ch Alexis Ren

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2019 VIX/Fates Stable War


Posted by caspian2 on Oct 20, 2019 at 6:20am


(Results: Lookout!, Words: Caspian)

6. Taylor Swift vs Alexis Ren III (Queen of the Ice Hotel)

(29, 5’11, 35:16 FCBA, Fates Boxing)

(22, 5’8, 28:7 FCBA, VIXENs)

“F*ck Taylor Swift. Who the hell likes her new album, anyways?” Alexis scoffing at the press conference once the microphones are turned on. “Yeah, she managed to beat Sagra last month, so what? She sings about snakes and sh*t breaking her bones, when she’s the one who’s the hidden b*tch, bitching about everyone under the sun. Mark my words, she’s not getting her slimy fingers all over my belt tonight. Rather, I’m gonna be the one gunnin’ for hers pretty soon!” 

“Ladies and gentlemen, Alexis Ren,” Taylor replying, wide-eyed, from across the table. The Lightweight champion continues to impress us with each consecutive fight under her belt, with four consecutive defences and counting, and wins over the likes of Yvonne Strahovski and Anllela Sagra last month. “Ren’s always been a sploit, undisciplined brat - I wouldn’t expect her to understand the work it takes to win this baby. The day she takes my title will be the day hell freezes over.”

This will mark the third time both ladies square off in the ring, and there's bound to be some unpleasant memories lingering in the air with Ren falling to Swift in nine rounds just in August. This time, however, more on the line for Ren to lose, with her status as the Ice Queen threatened if she loses another time.

As usual, every Queen of the Ice Hotel fight has its ring situated in a different location altogether, this time in an enclosed warehouse with a blue hue shining down from above, and the rest of the audience-less arena covered in a low, hovering grey mist. The challenger to the title comes in first, Swift striding down the narrow aisle dressed in a white bikini top and black boxing trunks. Taylor famously not known for baring her belly button for anything, and this boxing thing included, as she ties her blonde hair up in a tight ponytail before strapping on red gloves in her corner. Ren is next to emerge from behind the velvet curtains, a sly smirk on her face as she poses briefly at the entrance, looking sleek in her baby blue bikini that’s covered by a thick fur coat. 

Girls making their final preparations in the ring, and with a wave of the referee’s hand, HERE we go with ten rounds of Lightweight action! This here's for The Queen of the Ice Hotel championship! 

Taylor controlling the narrative early, like she always does. Come on, guys, if she can put away someone like Anllela Sagra in her last title defence, what chance do you think Ms Ren has tonight, with Ren having fallen to Sagra twice now as well? Ren still gonna try and try, again and again, charging into Swift with repeated flurries, trying to overwhelm the singer early with hooks sent into her body and a multitude of jabs peppering her pretty face. Swift however unmoved, locking her arms around the head and evading well. The last minute has Alexis breathing hard from all that exertion, and suddenly, it’s Swift’s turn to counterattack! The Lightweight champ moves in quickly, long legs covering distance as she pounds a steady stream on the arms, snapping more jabs into Alexis’ face as she beats the Ice Queen backwards. Bell rings and Ren’s left eating her words, scowling at the referee on her way back to corner.

Swift having risen out of nothing, both in terms of her boxing and music careers. A self-made woman, she’s now one of the most popular superstars on the planet, her recent studio album raking in millions of sales in the first week alone. And dear old Alexis is looking to floor a goddess? Ren slightly more measured in her advance, still hounding the songstress with jabs aplenty to the head and body. Swift still on the defensive, playing it cool like last time, as she takes punches on her arms, but then lets out a grunts as her body starts eating stiff shots, Ren shooting her hands in and landing blows to her tummy, poking and prodding at pale flesh as she succeeds in bending the young blonde over. Taylor stunned for a moment, and it’s all that’s needed for Ren to ROCK her with a hook to the side of the head, a nasty surprise sending Taylor Swift stumbling as she falls DOWN to the canvas! 

Good lord! It’s one hell of an early KNOCKDOWN for Alexis Ren, in just the second minute of the second round!! Swift sputtering on all fours, shocked to her core and breathing hard. Referee herding Ren backwards to neutral corner, as the Vixen is already pounding on her chest, spewing insults as she watches her handiwork get back to her feet by the count of 7. A look of embarrassment on Swift’s face - more than pain - you can tell that she’s already vowing not to go down so easily again in the subsequent rounds..

It’s the Ice Queen’s round again as she walks Swift down continuously. Now, she knows the optimal distance she needs to keep between herself and Swift, using her long jab to frustrate the taller woman and plant leather into her body and upwards into the chin. Let’s not forget that Ms Swift is a good three inches taller than Ren, and the difference is noticeable each time these two get in close enough to swing away blind. Taylor pushed back for the first half, but comes barreling forward in the second, snapping jabs of her own into Ren’s chin, knocking her head back several times. But Swift is mainly powerless to stop the targeting her already vulnerable body, the wiley Vixen relentless in her abuse of her midsection, scoring another hook into the side as the round draws down to a close. Ren wants to get in close to brawl but having trouble pinning the taller woman down, and the round ends with both women grateful for a breather.

It’s not obvious at the start, but Ren is slowly finding her grasp on the singer slipping away, with Taylor regaining most of her composure from that unfortunate knockdown, starts scrambling for space and dominance again. Ren poking at the face whenever she can, but her follow-up hooks are hitting at air or the space between. Taylor’s momentum increasing by contrast, returns fire in the second half: a beauty of a right hand packs in Ren’s face out of nowhere, then a swift uppercut buried into the body has the Ice Queen folded over with a low grunt. Girls end up in a clinch, working at the shoulders and hips, but obviously the taller woman is set to prevail in such a situation. Swift controls Ren with both her arms wrapped around the back of the Vixen’s head, leading her into the ropes for more punishment. Ren snarling and shoving best she can, banging her own fists off her opponent’s back, but mostly remains powerless to do much else. Round ends with both ladies still finding leverage to swing away on the ropes, taking turns rolling over each other back and forth, back and forth, pumping fists into the body to weaken each other down further.

More of the same as these two take off where they left off in the previous, bodies SLAP into each other in the middle of the ring as Taylor relies on her superior wrestling skills. Alexis still swinging away like a madwoman, digging a glove into Taylor’s side but does little else as she gets pinned down on the ropes, Swift shoving her shoulder back and then SWIPE of a right hand across the bewildered blonde’s face, before Ren’s body takes some abuse as Swift jams in another glove into the belly. Ren in trouble, groaning and moaning, struggling for breath. She manages to escape only when the referee steps in to break up the action, and the rest of the round sees Ren also struggling to come back, her arms extended outwards, trying to keep Swift at bay. Swift by contrast smirking behind her gloves, knows she’s already turned the tide this time round, doesn’t need to do anything else that’s foolish until the bell gives her a wide round.


Girls come in hot one more time, even amidst the rising steam of this icy arena. Alexis scoring first with a right hand slammed into the side of the head, letting out a victory cry as Swift goes stumbling to the side in pain. Reminiscent of that second round knockdown attempt if Swift ain’t careful, but thankfully, the singer regains her composure, swings right back with a hook of her own, that WHIPS the Queen’s upper torso to the side as it lands hard on the face! Ren rotating on her feet, eyes wide in shock, as Swift pounces and pounds on her some more, exploiting weakness! Ren didn’t think the pop singer could hit so hard, goes covering up in a mad bid to stay alive, but her arms continue to get bashed on as Swift hits another one-two square to the body, creating the perfect opening for a third POW to the side of the head, as Ren goes flying off her feet! OUCH! The Ice Queen hits the canvas hard, eyelids quivering as she lies there prone on her side! It’s a revenge KNOCKDOWN for the Lightweight champion herself!

Swift fans all the way back in the arena let out a howl of appreciation for their woman - Taylor really on top of her world, putting down a host of challengers in succession and if it’s any indication, this trend looks set to continue! Ren seen gritting her teeth as she forces her body up one step at a time, part of her refusing to let this pop princess take her cake and eat it. She manages to get back up by the count of 8, but powerless to do anything to wipe that smirk off Taylor’s face for the rest of this round.


Taylor moving forward fast, looking supremely confident - she’s got nothing to lose tonight any longer, now aiming to secure this rubber match over a deadly opponent. Ren however staying at arm’s length, frustrating Taylor’s plans for global domination. The Vixen listens to advice of her corner, landing jabs from afar into the singer’s face, no matter how much aggression Taylor’s keen on showing off in the seventh. Swift getting frustrated by the third minute as it rolls around without much success for her side, finally decides to hang back when she realises that Alexis ain’t gonna go down so easily and go off into the good night. Bell rings and Swift fails to capitalise on her spectacular performance last round, giving Ren an easy taking.

Perhaps Taylor’s more used to this chilly environment - she comes out of the gate suddenly fast and on fire, starts showering Ren with plenty of icy jabs, catching Ren off guard when a fast flurry stings the lips and nose, making the Queen look hesitant and frozen in place by contrast. Ren throws up her guard, blocking diligently and trying to evade, but appears to be Taylor’s punching bag for most of this round - she’s getting wrecked and pushed back by the frequent jabs to the body and arms, with Ren seen to be quickly fading by the minute as Swift repeatedly draws sharp grunts from her lips. Ren, to her credit, is not moving backwards in retreat in the final minute, instead turns to face her aggressor each time Swift comes in with another attack vector. But the VIX corner looking worried when Swift takes this round by a shutout margin, their girl left panting hard on the ropes, unable to keep up with the pop singer’s incredible stamina.

Ren comes roaring forward, hoping to turn the tide in these final two rounds. However, she meets some unexpected resistance as Swift wants the keep the lead firm in her corner. Both ladies rocking powerful shots into each other’s guard, making either blonde look foolish for thinking this was ever going to be an easy fight. Ren with some pent up rage as she tosses hooks into Swift’s body and arms, a third swing making Swift squeal in shock as she pedals backwards. Ren letting out a war cry as she swings away, not saying much else as she stalks her foe backwards, letting her fists do the talking! Swift lets out a squeal on the ropes as that belly button of hers being targeted by stiff uppercuts bashed in, with Ren doing her best to put her down for the count. But Swift managing to clinch up to save herself, controlling the smaller girl with her height once more until the bell runs out. This back and forth bout is certainly heating up, with either lady in the lead, with only one more round to go!

It’s hella rare for a fight to go ten rounds so far, and yet here we are, folks! Girls CLASH in the center with a final cry of fury that’s befitting of both champions, falling into each other amidst the swings and loud grunts, pure exhaustion making them hang desperate onto shoulders for support, all the while continuing to plug fists into each other’s body or SNAP up into the jawline. Ren looking groggy as she eats another uppercut forced into the base of her chin, but before she can go down swinging, literally SHOVES a glove of her own right up into Swift’s jawline, forcing the head back at awkward angle as Swift goes STUMBLING BACK, in a full daze, before the pop princess FALLS DOWN onto her bum! 

Hella KNOCKDOWN for the Ice Queen one more time as she immediately throws her hands up in victory! But will it be the last one we see this match? Swift fans immediately letting out a collective groan at seeing their queen laid out on the floor, but their fears soon dissipating as Swift shakes her head, eyes still looking groggy but alive and well, already rising up one foot at a time. Her strawberry hair now disheveled and wavering in front of her face, parted lips taking in deep breaths of air as she looks to survive this match to its bitter end. 

Bell rings to resume, and THERE GOES REN, RUSHING IN TO FINISH! Swift grunting as the wild Vixen tears into her on the ropes, bodies literally SPLAT into each other as Ren lets her fists fly in all directions: plugged into the stomach, then battering at the guard up top. Ren looking for at least a TKO victory - any victory, goddamnit, but suddenly in for a rude awakening when Swift wraps up with her one last time, to the horror of the VIX corner turns the tables as she SHOVES Ren with force, stunning her on the ropes before BLASTING THE ICE QUEEN CLEAN ACROSS THE FACE WITH ONE HELL OF A RIGHT HOOK!! HOLY MOLEY! THE ICE QUEEN GETS HERSELF FLOORED BY THAT ONE! It’s a freakin’ double KNOCKDOWN during this round, and this match is in itself almost over!! 

Taylor stumbling over her fallen adversary, careful not to trip over Ren’s squirming form lying at her feet by by holding onto the top rope for her dear life. No energy or heart left in either woman to gloat as Taylor makes it to neutral corner and slumps back into the ropes, her chest beating hard as she listens to the referee counting down to her victory. Ren still alive though, groaning as she pushes off her chest with both elbows, her brow knitted in pain as pushes her body up to the skin-of-her-teeth 9! Holy hell! There’s barely a minute left on the clock and these two are CLEARLY not done with each other! Swift not even waiting for the referee to continue the bell as she charges back in, last bit of gas in the tank SWINGING at Ren’s battered form, the two ladies still in close enough proximity to re-engage this spectacular war of theirs! Ren forced to duck under the initial hook, covering up as she’s AGAIN wrapped up and smothered on the ropes. Swift getting in thick, close and uncomfortable, using all of body weight to press into Ren’s sputtering form, the Vixen essentially paralyzed as her arms are shoved outta the way. Swift methodical, PLOWS a right hand across Ren’s shocked face. Final few seconds left in this fight and Swift is doing her best to cement her decision victory here… But wait! She doesn’t have to, with the referee suddenly jumping into the thick of the action, forcing both ladies apart! What the hell, ref?! He’s waving his arms like a madman, calling for the bell!! Issit all over, just like that!??!

Official Decision: Taylor Swift defeats Alexis Ren via TKO10! Taylor Swift is the NEW Queen of the Ice Hotel!


Definitely a controversial decision from the referee, especially with only ten seconds or so left on the official clock. Ren however looking far too spent to dispute the decision, immediately sinks down to her knees and face-plants onto the ground, knocked out for sure if Swift had had her way. 

Not that Swift cares in the least, as the Fates superstarlet seen smiling wide as she stumbles back to her corner with her arms raised in the air, taking time to hoist both the Lightweight and Ice Queen championships up into the chilled air of the arena, as she celebrates yet another important win here tonight. Far be it to tell Swift that she might have lost this match if the decision had gone to the scorecards! 

Swift too exhausted herself to admire her newly-conquered domain, even less energy to rub salt into Ren’s wounded pride. Swift quickly heading out of the ring, making her way backstage, leaving poor Alexis knocked out in her own ring, as the Vixen gets checked over by medical personnel and Head Trainer, Steve Boyd. 

With Ren out of her way now (and hopefully, for good), Taylor brings her stable back from the brink for defeat in this long and protracted stable war. Both sides are dead even at this point, with the final fight left on the cards about to take place momentarily: a rematch set between Hannah Ferguson and Behati Prinsloo to be the deciding factor in this stable war! We can’t wait!

VIXENs / Fates Boxing  2019 Stable War Official Tally:  3:3  



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