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25 October 2019 Cardi B vs Nicki Minaj

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Fights & Frights PPV 2019


Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Oct 26, 2019 at 3:07pm


Cardi B versus Nicki Minaj

The arena was full as this bout was a huge seller. Cardi B would be making her FCBA debut against Nicki Minaj. It was being billed as a battle of thickness according to the male fight fans.

There was a rivalry between these two long before this bout happened. Both boxers made derogatory comments about the other in their looks, singing, music, boxing, and how it was gonna be over quick for the loser.

The press conference and weigh in had to be held with so much security that the FCBA didn’t want the fight to not go on because these two had already injured each other. Both also made sure to show off their bodies and run down their opponent’s during the weigh in and press conference.

In the crowd was a host of stars, Rhianna sat ringside as did Kim Kardashian. Jennifer Lopez was also close to the ring. Sitting close to Lopez was Tessa Thompson who was wearing the fight promotion t-shirt and looked amazing in it. Mariah Carey is also in the crowd absolutely beaming in her low cut dress.

The referee for this bout is a surprise as Halle Berry is announced. She comes out in tight black short shorts and a black and white striped shirt which is cut off to become almost a quarter of a top and the sleeves are cut off as well. Halle does walk around in the ring showing off this body. In the opinion of some FCBA media, Halle did seem to be campaigning for bouts in the Cougar division with this appearance.

Cardi B for her debut is wearing a black bikini with black gloves.

Nicki shows off her body as she is in the ring wearing in a hot pink bikini with matching gloves.

Round 1:

The opening moments of the fight were even with both showing good punches and forms. Nicki seized control with a rising right to Cardi’s jaw. Cardi retreated and got smacked in her left cheek by a Minaj’s left cross. Nicki scored some more good shots during the round and during exchanges with Cardi. Cardi tried to make a push near the end of the round but Minaj used some counter rights to end the round.

Nicki returned to her corner having won the round widely.

Round 2:

Cardi came out using her jab which did frustrate Nicki and keep her off Cardi. Minaj had to adjust which she did later in the round thanks to some great shots she got in. Cardi did herself well in the exchanges. She did get in a good right uppercut to Nicki’s jaw. The round ended with the two boxers exchanging punches. The crowd loved this round.

Cardi B won the round closely and was now in the fight.

Round 3 & 4:

Nicki took the next two rounds of the bout. She won the third thanks to a knockdown and won the fourth widely. Nicki opened the third round with some quick punches before Cardi could react. Now Minaj was fighting using her range which caused Cardi some trouble. But she was able to duck one long straight and throw two short crosses into Minaj’s breasts. Nicki fights Cardi off and soon has her going back. Minaj is attacking Cardi’s ribs with alternating left and rights. Cardi is on the defensive now and Nicki closes in. She gets in a couple more crosses to Cardi’s body before a left straight goes into her jaw. CARDI GOES DOWN! Minaj slowly struts to a neutral corner making sure to shake her butt for the crowd. This tactic gave Cardi extra seconds to rise which she did thanks to the showboating of her opponent. When she was being checked over, Minaj made a slashing motion across her throat aimed at Cardi. Cardi went the rest of the round by moving and jabbing at Nicki trying to keep her back. Round four saw Nicki again getting control of it after some seconds of jabbing and circling. She was looking to knock Cardi out as this was evident from her punches. Minaj was going with hooks and uppercut to Cardi’s face and mouth. Cardi had to move and clinch to fend off this attack. Cardi did duck under some of Nicki’s punches and throw a couple straights into Nicki’s gut. But this was a Nicki round and now she was ahead on the scorecards.

Round 5:

Cardi got quite the session from her coach in her corner before this round and she answered the bell. She surprised the crowd and Nicki by getting her jab working with a couple big ripping hooks to Minaj’s midsection. Nicki grasps and moves backwards while Cardi follows her with some clubbing shots to her face. Mianj goes to clinch with Cardi and she does get her close. But Cardi starts taunting Nicki by telling her she is finished and will be her’s. When they are finally broken apart, Cardi gets her jab into Nicki’s face again. Soon Nicki is being moved back and soon has her body backed to the ropes. Cardi then throws some hooks and crosses into Minaj’s body; soon she is working at Minaj’s body and ribs. Again Nicki clinches and again the boxers must be separated. Minaj goes to chip away at Cardi’s face but she answers with a straight left into her belly. Minaj doubles over and gets a right hook in her jaw. The bell rings and Halle has to jump between the boxers.

Cardi threw a shutout round here and she was making the bout closer.

Round 6:

Nicki doesn’t seem to look good as she comes out for the next round. She is moving slower and cautiously. Cardi sees this and goes to get inside and punch Nicki’s body. She goes inside hard on Nicki and Minaj can’t keep her away. Nicki backs away and soon is being driven to the ropes. Cardi smiles and then goes to work Nicki’s breasts and midsection. Nicki’s fine posterior is soon hitting the ropes and the crowd loves the view. Soon the crowd is on their feet as Cardi unloads on Nicki. 6 straight uppercuts have Minaj’s head bouncing. Cardi then threw 3 hooks to Nicki’s breasts and another uppercut to Nicki’s head. MINAJ GOES DOWN! She falls forward and Cardi watches. Halle shoves Cardi towards a neutral corner. Cardi sashays to a neutral corner and showboats for the cameras and crowd. Berry is down on one knee and begins the count. By the count of six it is appearing useless. But Halle goes through the ten and then waves the bout off. KO6 – Cardi B.


Cardi excitedly jogs about the ring with her gloved hands above her head. Finally she comes to center of the ring where Halle raises her right gloved hand. Cardi bathes in the crowd’s cheers and bounces about. She soon makes circuits of the ring and poses for the cameras.

Nicki was brought around and taken quietly from the ring. She was attended to by the medical staff.

The bout was a slugfest but a crowd pleaser never the less. Cardi showed she has the skills to compete in the FCBA. Now she was a winner too.

Hopefully the FCBA sees more of these two boxers in the future. 



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