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25 October 2019 Daisy Ridley vs Melissa Benoist

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Fights & Frights PPV 2019


Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Oct 26, 2019 at 3:04pm



Daisy Ridley 27 years old, 5’7”,14-7 with 12 KO 

Melissa benoist 30 years old, 5’7”, 10-8 with 10 KO

Writing: knockout18 Results: Lookout! 

This PPV Match is Daisy Ridley (Knockout Babes) taking on Melissa Benoist (Pretty Little Punchers inc). Daisy comes off a big win in the FCBA against her old teammate Sophia Bush and is really turning things around thus far and is making some big noise in the BBU after defeating Una Healy in a 7 Round KO.. she gets ready and starts to walk out of the locker room telling reporters “ I’m really excited to take on Melissa! She’s a very talented fighter and I can’t wait to get in the ring against her.. she’s gonna be a challenge to me so I’m hoping to prove a lot of doubters wrong tonight! Also Miley was talking a lot of smack.. she can run her mouth to my face and bring it to the ring if she things she could take me on again!” Daisy says as she walks out to the ring.. 

Melissa Benoist comes off a loss to Ginny Gardner and is back in the ring confident looking to bounce back from the loss she suffered.. reports catch her in the locker room putting on her gloves and tells reporters “ I’m looking forward to get in the ring against Ridley! She’s good but not good enough! I’m getting the win tonight no doubt about it.. Ridley won’t even see what will hit her!” She tells reporters as she heads for the door.. 

Daisy comes out with blue everlast gloves a white bikini top with blue bottoms and a blue mouth piece 

Melissa comes out with red everlast gloves a red bikini top with red bottoms and a red mouth piece 


Daisy and Melissa start testing each throwing jabs early, both girls staying cautious until Melissas jabs start to connect and break through Daisy’s guard they hit her face more than once, her head snapping back with each punch... Daisy covers up and throws hooks to Melissa’s midsection, some connect but they don’t do much daisy is wincing but then Melissa cracking an underhand to Daisy’s jaw, stopping her in her tracks. As Daisy’s wide open Melissa starts tiring her out with short hooks to her breast, causing Daisy some uncomfort. Daisy is forced to cover up playing defence until she can find a hole but nothing is happening Melissa is really aggressive... the bell rings as Melissa won this round WIDE! 


Melissa fighting aggressive the first round finds that Daisys seen enough.. daisy didn’t have a good round but she comes out and goes right for Melissa with a flurry of lefts and rights to the head daisy is looking great moving quick light on her feet, weaving around Melissas guard... Melissa is flustered as she seems to be unable to connect a punch she keeps throwing jabs and hooks but keeps missing and is getting hit as she misses.. She covers up and tries to clinch but daisy isn’t having any of that and evades firing more jabs.. DING!!! The round ends and daisy turns things around she wins this round WIDE!!!


Knockout babes coach and manager Jennifer O’Dell deeply urges daisy to keep up the pressure before any sort of resistance from the blonde.. both girls come out for round 3.. Daisy’s pursuit lacks the precision and power and allows Melissas defensive strength to show. But daisy sidesteps Melissa early, locates her with a jab instead and Melissa is covering up, weaving as daisy leans in, carrying a healthy right to the pit of Melissas stomach, then a roaring hook across her breast... Melissa pushes off with heels of her hands, sidesteps left and she's changing up the fight on daisy. Ducks her hook and lands a heavy hook to Daisy’s midsection.. daisy yelps loud.. Melissa firing into Daisy’s belly with rights and working her rack with clapping left hooks. Heavy body shot shakes Daisy up, but daisy covers down and lands a heavy left right jab to Melissas face as her head snaps back with blue leather hitting each time.. creating space.. the bell rings and both girls move to their corners panting.. Daisy Ridley wins that round CLOSE! 


Daisy is looking to build up her momentum and its looking good for her. But Melissa isn’t having it she comes out with fire in her eyes.. Melissa comes out and manages to flick few punches on the body through Daisy’s defense before beating the brunette for a nasty overhand on her left eye that makes daisy wobble Ridley is into a standstill... it’s not looking good as a left handed hook cracks into her mouth moments later and sends her butt-in-ropes.. Daisy is in trouble and Melissa is now working her magic with daisy on the ropes 

Melissa is fighting with different angles of attack. Odell is shouting for her girl to get off the ropes and take the fight to melissa who looks super confident right now and is looking to end this match this round... when daisy tries to fire a left she leaves herself open and Melissa sends a huge right cross to her cheek and daisy goes down bouncing off the ropes and onto the canvas... Melissa jumping with her arms up runs to the neutral corner... The ref starts that count 1...2...3... daisy picks her head up as she shakes it... Melissa looks on with a smile.. 4...5...6... she grabs the ropes and starts to pull herself up but O’Dell yells at her to wait until 9 to get up.. Melissa is ready for blood again waiting to send the Brit to the canvas again.. 7..8....9... daisy is up a little wobbly but the ref grabs her gloves and she nods as he waves the fight on.. daisy back with her guard up is trying to stay away from the ropes but she’s getting pushed back again from the blonde, and Melissa jabs her again to the ropes, sends her sideways with a heavy right hook, she’s cut her right eyebrow... it’s a bad round for Daisy as she survives the round when the bell rings... Melissa wins this round WIDE! 


The Blonde picks up where she left off, squaring up to daisy and landing crisp jabs in the midsection before covering from jab and hooks from daisy but they are a little wild as she’s hurt. Daisy goes in and Melissa gets clinched and shoved to the ropes. Daisys hooks get blocked and Melissa counters with a couple of hooks of her own that find their way to daisy ribs.. daisy moans and grunts with each punch as she gets pushed off and gets hit with some jabs that snap her head backwards. Melissa back on the charge now, working Daisy’s body along the ropes as daisy has a few tears roll down her face.. a big hook comes across to the nose of daisy and she wobbles along the ropes gasping for air then follows with a clinch.. the referee separates them but the bell rings.. daisy looking badly hurt as she goes to get corner O’Dell cleans her up and tends to her cut in her eye.. Melissa is getting praised for the beating she’s handing daisy as she looks like she’s going to win this match... Melissa wins the round again WIDE! 


This looks like its going all downhill for daisy as the round opens up.. Melissa comes out trying to dominate As she is quickly into action, moving in on Daisy before she is properly out of her corner, expecting to be able to hit her when she likes since daisy was hurt from the last round, but Daisy comes out and defends herself well, clinching and then jabbing the supergirl star back on the break, hard enough to make her grunt and back off. Daisy is gaining back confidence picking off and landing punches to her face as the Brit tries to bully her to the ropes, giving Melissa a lesson in picking her punches. Late in the round, Melissa thuds a left hook into Daisy body, and a right to her mouth then going back to her eye trying to reopen it... both girls throwing punches along the ropes toe to toe as the bell rings.. both girls are still throwing punches and the ref separates them.. as they gonna knock to their corner daisy wins the round CLOSE! 


Both girls are bruised up thief faces are swollen and sore.. Melissa looks a lil exhausted as both girls took a beating the end of round 6.. Daisy is back and into Melissa early and she has the older girl backing off as she rips hooks into her to the ribs.. she pushes her back to the ropes and now looking end this match with uppercuts but the blonde girl defends well and blocks Sabrina’s punches... Melissa is now giving her some back and Daisy yelps and grunts as she gets hurt with a left hook to her liver. Now Melissa gets back on top of things as the match is now going back and fourth as she turns Daisy around and thuds heavy punches into her body making daisy wobbly at the knees daisy isn’t in a good spot she could be done for.. melissa gets her in the corner and is battering her now swollen face with hard punches as the blonde just beats her up daisy is slumped against the corner at the bell... Daisy’s face streaked with tears as she’s hurt O’Dell gives her attention as she is hurting bad.. Melissa wins the round CLOSE! 


Daisy comes out ready to continue, that shows how big her courage is.. She is trying to be more active this round but Melissa comes out and launches an early body attack on Daisy, left and right to her belly and lungs and daisy is gasping for air.. she’s looking really hurt as she gets up against the ropes Melissa works her all the way to the corner daisy is in trouble getting peppered with jabs to the face daisy clinches to slow Melissa down.. Melissa starts to throw hooks at daisy but she absorbed the punches the best she could and dug in deep and lashes back hard to Melissas body. She then hugs Melissa hard and turns her around and now she’s in the corner!!! The tables have turned Melissa hit hard to belly and lungs, and her back bounces on the turnbuckle as she gasps for air daisy continues on throwing more combinations of left and right hook and jabs... Melissa is in serious trouble!!! She is trying to clinch but Daisy pushes her back each time her legs looking wobbly from the bombardment of punches from daisy! The crowd is roaring as she brings a right uppercut crashing into Melissas jaw. Her head jerks up with spit and blood flying her mouth piece flies out.. her back hits the turnbuckle then bounces forward. Melissa falls down to her knees and then falls right onto her face.. daisy can’t believe it she gets over to the opposite corner as the ref starts the count.. 1...2...3.... she moves a little moaning her red gloves near her head as she tired to lift herself up 4...5...6... daisy is holding her fist up in the air as Melissa falls over to her side after trying to get up 7..8...9...10! DIING DING DING!!! ITS OVER DAISY RIDLEY WINS BY KNOCKOUT IN COMEBACK FASION!!!! 


AFTER: Daisy feeling like she’s back in the swing of things after knocking Melissa out in comeback fashion can’t thank O’Dell enough for all she has done for her she gives all the credit to her for her career turning back around! Melissa getting attention is really upset about having this match slip away from her but she gets up with some help and talks to daisy “hey daisy you are one of the toughest girls I went against!” Daisy smiles and replies with “ thank you! You sure gave me a hard fight!” Both girls huge and walk back to the locker room 





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