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25 October 2019 Troian Bellisario vs Elizabeth Olsen

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Fights & Frights PPV 2019


Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Oct 26, 2019 at 3:00pm


Troian Bellisario vs. Elizabeth Olsen

Troian Bellisario: 33 years old, 5’7”, 30-22 since 2011, Pretty Little Punchers Inc.

Elizabeth Olsen: 30 years old, 5’5”, 25-21 since 2012, Fates Boxing.


“Olsen is a .500 fighter. She might string together a few wins to make it look like she’s a true competitor, but in the end, she always loses when it counts.” Bellisario proclaims at the press conference. “Hopefully, both she and Fates will realize that once I knock her out.”

Liz Olsen shouts back at Troian, “Please, you’re going to experience firsthand why you are wrong about me. I am a force to be reckoned with.” Elizabeth then gets up and security gets between the two women, both of whom are eventually coaxed out of separate exits.

They next emerge at the actual PPV and Olsen is the first woman to make her way to the ring, wearing a white sports bra and black trunks with white gloves for the fight, her hair in a ponytail. Liz settles into the ring and Bellisario makes her entrance, a red sports bra and blue trunks paired with red gloves with blue trim. Troian gets into the ring and the two women bore holes right through the other’s head until the ref calls for the bell.

Round 1:

The two actresses begin the round by circling each other, trying to get a sense of their opponent. The two women trade jabs with Bellisario getting the better of Olsen to start the round, landing a couple punches to the younger actress’ body, but Olsen doesn’t overreact and keeps up her rhythm, landing a couple counters back onto Bellisario. Troian snaps a right off and it barely misses Elizabeth’s head and the Fates fighter pounces, popping her opponent in the mouth and then landing a punch right between her opponent’s eyes. Troian smartly backs off and forces Liz to be the one closing the distance. Lizzie gets in close and glances a blow off of Bellisario’s ribs, but Troian comes right back at Liz by responding in kind and the two women are throwing haymakers like crazy as the first round concludes. They both scowl at each other as they are sent back to their respective corners after a close round that Olsen takes.

Round 2:

Olsen looking to continue the slower starting pace of the previous round as Bellisario charges at the other actress from southern California. Olsen takes Bellisario’s opening salvo in her guard and then starts finding opportunities to fight back, targeting Troian’s body. The older actress recoils slightly as Olsen drives punches into her body until Troian pops Elizabeth with a quick punch to Olsen’s jaw from out of nowhere. Olsen’s eyes widen as she sees another punch heading her way and she can barely move her head enough that she doesn’t take the full force of the punch as she backs off with her guard up. Bellisario patiently picking her opportunities, pounding Olsen’s body back into the ropes thanks to her slightly longer reach. Lizzie covering up during Troian’s offensive but still looking to get out of the ropes and the Fates fighter escapes with the help of a well-timed punch to her opponent. Bellisario and Olsen playing a cat and mouse game as Troian launching out vicious punches that Olsen more often than not takes as the bell rings. The two women go back to their corners as Bellisario clearly shifted the momentum of the fight into her favor after winning the round on points, wide.

Round 3: 

Olsen cautiously out of her corner, slowly inching forwards as Bellisario starts firing off punches. Lizzie countering whenever Troian leaves herself open, and as the two women exchange blows, Olsen slowly but surely starts moving Bellisario backwards, driving her closer to the ropes. Troian bobs to her right and Elizabeth connects with a big right on a prediction and Troian is shaken up as Olsen drives her into the ropes. Troian fights back and tags Lizzie, but she’s forced to cover up and look for a clinch as Olsen buries a right into her midriff and then pounds her opponent’s ribs. Lizzie working over Troian’s body until the older actress wraps her up and the referee separates the two women. Bellisario starts circling, jabbing to fend off Olsen, but the younger fighter darts in and finds a right to Troian’s chin as the bell rings. Olsen smiling as she heads back to her corner, taking the round on points, wide.

Round 4:

Troian and Elizabeth settling into a rhythm, each trying to shift the tempo of the fight to better suit them. Troian moving quickly, darting in, landing some quick blows, and then getting out of Lizzie’s range as soon as possible. Liz counterattacking Troian and frequently beating her literally to the figurative punch. Olsen timing her blows impeccably, halting Bellisario’s in her attack and forcing the older actress to retreat. Liz moving forward confidently, placing her punches into Troian’s body. Bellisario now taking on Olsen’s tactic of counterpunching when possible and she gets a solid shot in on her opponent, but Olsen’s still coming out ahead. Lizzie launches a right but she misses wildly AND GETS ROCKED BY A LEFT FROM TROIAN! Olsen draws her gloves up and Bellisario plows leather into Olsen’s solar plexus and Lizzie audibly gasps in pain as she drops to the canvas! Troian quickly gets out of the way as the referee starts to count over Lizzie, who is rolling around on her back, clutching her stomach with her glove as best she can and grimacing. By six, Olsen rolls herslf over and starts to get up, which she does at the count of eight. The Fates fighter tells the referee she’s fine to continue, but it’s clear that she’s hurting and she’s guarding her tummy at all costs. Bellisario notices but the bell rings, sparing Liz from further pain. Thanks to her surge late in the round, Troian takes it on points, wide. For Fates, the concern is now what condition Elizabeth Olsen is in.

Round 5:

Olsen gingerly gets up from her stool only to find a Bellisario full of energy and with a clear sense of purpose. Troian stalks Elizabeth, knowing that her opponent is hurting. Lizzie using her jab to keep her distance, but halfhearted jabs that are designed to keep someone away rather than punish them don’t do anything to Troian and Bellisario fires off rapid punches at Olsen’s head. Lizzie has her guard up but she’s trying to cover both her head and her body at the same time and can’t do both as Troian starts going between Olsen’s head and her body, laying on the hurt. Elizabeth can’t find a response and she just takes a huge straight from Troian that splits her guard and rocks the younger woman. Bellisario hammers a right into Olsen’s solar plexus that nearly has Olsen shouting in pain and then Troian follows up with a right that gets all of Liz’s chin and drops her on her back! Bellisario moves quickly to a neutral corner as the ref starts to count over Olsen. Lizzie’s only movement is a look of agony on her face and her clutching her stomach as she tries to roll herself over, but she doesn’t have the strength to do so. The referee reaches a count of ten and it’s over. Your winner by KO5, Troian Bellisario!


Bellisario pounding her chest after she’s declared the victor and yells “I told you she isn’t the hotshot fighter that Fates thinks she is!” Meanwhile, Olsen’s stablemate Brie Larson is tending to her fallen fellow bantamweight. Troian takes one look at Lizzie who is still on the ground before exiting the ring, shouting, “I’m still here, taking names and knocking wannabes out, so whoever’s next, don’t say you weren’t warned.”

Elizabeth Olsen needs several minutes to stand up, which she eventually does with great difficulty, having Brie Larson support her as she walks out of the ring on a three-fight losing streak. 



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