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25 October 2019 Cara Delevingne vs Yvonne Strahovski

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Fights & Frights PPV 2019


Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Oct 26, 2019 at 2:51pm


Cara Delevingne vs. Yvonne Strahovski

If you ask who the best indie fighter in the world is, the answer you get might well be a certain blonde from Hammersmith, UK, named Cara Delevingne. Cara's beaten some solid fighters and given good fights to some even better ones. Despite that, no manager has come calling. But. Delevingne figures she might be able to change all that tonight by beating, arguably, the best lightweight in the world, Yvonne Strahovski. "It's not about that, really," Cara insists. "Yeah, I'd like to have management. Every fighter would. But. This is more about me proving what I can do."

"She's talented," Yvonne admits with a nod. "Definitely had the potential to become a top contender. But. There's only ONE best lightweight on the planet. And, you're talking to her."


Vonnie gets to range and makes with the jab. Cara steps right through it and ROCKS STRAHOVSKI! Vonnie STUNNED in more ways that one, as the model's early aggression leaves the former champion steppin' in fence post holes! Crowd going nuts as Cara wings away, looking not only for the upset, but an absolutely, um, STUNNING KO1. Vonnie a shambles, backed into the ropes and taking. She's got the guard high, rolling with punches, picking off others, but Cara's thrashing her and the referee is watching closely. Final minute sees Straho begin banging back. She seems to have shaken the worst of it, and, while Delevingne is still getting the better of the exchanges, it's not all one-way anymore. Goes that way to the bell, and, when it rings, Cara has the round wide, but Yvonne has survived the onslaught.


Cara right back at Vonnie to start the second, but Strahovski banging back HARD. Delevingne quickly changes tactics. She's not about getting into a firefight at the moment. Instead, she gets her box on and Vonnie responds in kind. NOW we're seeing the fight we expected to see, the two beautiful blondes boxing at range, the fight settling down into a tactical contest. And, while one would, rightly, expect Vonnie to have the advantage here, one would be wrong. Because, Cara gives every bit as good as she gets from the Aussie. Delevingne showing just how classy she is, using the jab beautifully to set up right hands, staying right with Straho throughout an excellent two-way round. Final fifteen seconds arrive with not much in it, and then Strahovski's veteran wiles pay off. She ups the pace quickly, backing Cara up with a series of flurries and steals the points. It's close, but it's Straho and we're even at 19.


Back to boxing, and, again, on even terms. Both blondes comfortable and both executing very well. Neither able to out-do the other, though not from lack of effort. Until. BOOM! Straight right hand from CARA and VONNIE IS HURT! Straho stumbles...and GOES DOWN ON HER BACK! Crowd going nuts as the indy beauty has felled the former champion. Cara to a neutral corner to watch and wait. Vonnie staring glassy-eyed up at the referee. Sits up at seven. Makes it to her feet at nine. Ref gives her the mandatory and WAIVES ON DELEVINGNE! Cara all OVER Straho, tossing everything in the arsenal at her, trying to get her out of there. Vonnie again on the ropes taking, hanging on, jabbing back here and there. Running clock...and getting to the bell. Disappointment on Delevingne's face as she goes back to her corner. She's won the round 10-8 and leads 29-27, but. Strahovski is still alive.


Cara in control, backing Yvonne up with heavy leather. Straho covering up, playing defense, playing for time to get those legs back under her. But, while she's doing that, Cara's scoring and punishing, looking, if not to finish, to at least consolidate her gains. And, that much, she's doing. Younger woman in full command until. BOOM! Right-hand counter from Vonnie two minutes in and DOWN GOES CARA! A BLISTERING rejoinder from Strahovski sends Delevingne to her back! Yvonne to a neutral corner Cara looking wide-eyed at the referee as he counts. Looks bad for the younger woman, but, somehow, she beats the count. And, after the mandatory, Yvonne makes with the haymakers, battering her rival around the ring for 45 seconds until the bell finally ends the stanza. Straho, 10-8 and we're even at 37.


Vonnie on a mission. She wants Delevingne out of there and ASAP. She's stepping to a wobbly Cara, backing her up with hard right hands. Younger woman in trouble deep, but trying to manage, keeping the guard up, jabbing here and there, trying to slow the onslaught. BOOM! DOWN GOES CARA! A right hand from Vonnie and Delevingne is on her back again! Aussie raises the hands in triumph, bounces to a neutral corner. She clearly thinks it's over. She's wrong. Cara again manages to beat the count. She's looking a wreck and he ref thinks long and hard during the mandatory, but, he waives on Straho. And. On. She. Comes. It's a BLITZKRIEG from the older blonde, who traps Cara on the ropes and batters her unmercifully for about 40 seconds until THE REF LEAPS IN and bundles Delevingne to safety! It's OVER! And your winner by KO5 is Yvonne Strahovski!


"Like I told you in the pre-fight," says a puffy Vonnie, "She's got talent. She can be a contender. But. There's only ONE best lightweight on the planet. And, her name is Yvonne Strahovski." 



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