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31 October 2019 Taylor Hill vs Katharine McPhee

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"Witches, Pumpkinheads & Black Cats VII: Halloween@The Asylum" PPV


Posted by HBO's Boxing At The Asylum on 31 Oct, 2019 at 9:20am



"Look," says Katharine with a smile and a shrug, "What do I have to lose? Nobody expects me to win the fight. But. Tonight, I'm going to defy expectations and knock out Taylor Hill."

"She's a better fighter than people give her credit for," says Taylor. "But. She's not going to be doing any winning tonight."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside and that's 'Touch Me' you hear behind us, and here comes the singer of that tune, and the star of 'Shark Night 3D' the lovely Katharine McPhee!"

McCarthy: "Going to say it again. Like I do every time Weirdo pads the record of one of his overrated Dancing Hookers by bringing this girl in here. Typical Dancing Hooker Opponent. ONE FCBA win. TRAGEDY of justice!"

O'Dell (sighing): "Katharine into the ring and helped off with the robe. She's wearing that green and white striped number we've seen before and looking plenty good in it if the crowd's reaction is to be believed. And, that's 'Natural' by Imagine Dragons pounding through the arena, and here comes 'The Face', Taylor Hill!"

Tess: "Hill a girl who's shown LOADS of potential so far in her career, but she stumbled at welter and has now been moved to light. Where she hasn't yet punched her ticket on the Tenth Anniversary roster..."

Cassie: "So, a win tonight would be a VERY good thing."

O'Dell: "Hill into the ring and helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve to reveal that azure number she prefers. And, the ladies are about ready. Time for some picks. Tess likes Taylor. Mac?"

McCarthy: "Typical Dancing Hooker Opponent. Hill."

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess!"

O'Dell: "Unanimous again. Let's see if the ladies are right again. Hill setting up at range early, but Katharine not having any of that. She's stepping to, wants to get physical early here. Taylor tying her up, but McPhee shoving off, working the younger woman's body on the inside..."

Cassie: "Bit of a surprise. McPhee's shown she likes to box."

O'Dell: "Clearly not the plan tonight, though. Instead, she's banging, hooking body, then going upstairs. She's forcing Hill to back and cover. Definitely has the younger woman out of her comfort zone right now, and that's clearly the plan. Hill again tying up, but McPhee shoves off..."

Tess: "Got to be careful in there. Get off balance and you're opened up."

O'Dell: "And, that's exactly what Katharine is taking advantage of. She's taken control of this fight in a big way. Hill definitely flummoxed. Can't get the distance she wants and can't get much done. Ten seconds to go. Good combination by McPhee and there's the bell. Katharine. Wide."


O'Dell: "Second begins with more aggression from McPhee, but Hill with an answer. Taylor double-tapping that jab, and it's making a difference. She's slowing McPhee, keeping her on the outside, where Hill can drop right hands on her. This is good stuff from the supermodel..."

McCarthy: "First off, there's nothing 'super' about this toothpick..."

O'Dell: "Hill starting to get into a really nice rhythm. She's got a lot of stuff working for her now, while McPhee can't seem to get to spots to punch. Taylor jabbing, jabbing, jabbing, then BAM, a nice, hard right that gets Katharine's attention. McPhee game, but not getting much done now..."

Cassie: "And, she's taking a LOT of heavy leather."

O'Dell: "Is, indeed. Ten seconds remaining in what's been a dominant second round for Taylor Hill. Katharine backed up by a hard right hand, forced to cover up, and there's the bell. What a turnaround that was for the younger fighter. She takes the second and very, very wide."

Tess: "And, we're even at 19."


O'Dell: "Third begins the way the second ended, with Hill double-tapping the jab. McPhee using the feet now, angling, trying to work past the taller woman's glove, managing to do that now, get inside and get physical. Hill ties up. Forces a break. Going to be all about terms this stanza..."

Tess: "Definitely looks like it."

O'Dell: "McPhee angles in, works some body. Hill bangs back and Katharine a HARD right that got Taylor's attention. McPhee sitting down on everything right now. Not much to lose, so she's willing to take risks. Hill ties the older woman up and the referee breaks them again."

McCarthy: "Ref needs to make sure Hill breaks CLEAN. Typical dirty Front Street stuff."

O'Dell: "Heading down the stretch. Close round. McPhee gets inside and works some more body before Taylor can tie her up and force a break. Ten seconds to go. SHARP exchange there and both brunettes landed some solid shot right at the bell. McPhee takes it close."

Cassie: "And, Katharine's back on top 29-28."


O'Dell: "Fourth begins with McPhee again angling forward and getting physical. Hill firing back now, but Katharine having the better of things in there. McPhee just letting the hands go with abandon here. She's staying sound, but just barely, Mac, and that's making the difference..."

McCarthy: "Absolutely. It's all about the aggression for Katharine right now."

O'Dell: "She's backing Hill up now with lots of heavy shot. Taylor trying to manage this, slow it down. Doesn't want to just get into firefight after firefight, while Katharine's more than happy to fight on those terms. GOOD right, McPhee, backs up Taylor and forces her to cover up."

Cassie: "Hill's going to have to start holding ground, Jenny..."

O'Dell: "Might just, because Katharine's taken control of the fight right now. Hill backed into the ropes as McPhee gets off lusty down the stretch. Taylor not hurt, but she's definitely on the defensive. Ten seconds remaining. GOOD right, McPhee and there's the bell. McPhee. Wide."

Tess: "And, Katharine's lead is now 39-37."


O'Dell: "McPhee back to work. Angling forward, pressuring, banging. Now Taylor firing right back and HERE WE GO! Ladies throwing BOMBS in the middle of the ring. Hill not going to give anymore ground willingly. And, McPhee determined to take it. And the result as the crowd on its feet!"

Tess: "Some serious leather being tossed right now!"

O'Dell: "And, both fighters shipping a ton of shell and staying afloat. GOOD right hand McPhee and a BETTER one from Taylor! Both of these ladies have fought welter and have welter power, and it's on display right now. ANOTHER sharp exchange of right hands!"

Cassie: "This isn't going to be able to go on for long..."

O'Dell: "Final twenty seconds of the fifth round. It's been all about the heavy leather from the opening seconds, and that's the way it's going to be right to the bell. BIG right from Katharine and Taylor responds with one of her own and there's the bell! What a round. Close. Hill."

McCarthy: "McPhee still on top 48-47 at the half."


O'Dell: "Second half begins the way the first half ended, with the fighters trading hard shots in the middle of the ring. Neither woman willing to take a step back. Both want to impose will, but neither is willing to be imposed upon. GOOD right, McPhee and that backed Hill up a step..."

McCarthy: "Typical Front Street fighter. Soft."

O'Dell: "Katharine stepping forward, landing a hard right and GETTING ROCKED! A short right hook from Hill and McPhee is HURT! Katharine stumbling backward and Hill now going all in. McPhee covering up and GETTING DROPPED BY A STRAIGHT RIGHT!"

Tess: "Split the gloves!"

O'Dell: "McPhee down on her back. Taylor to a neutral corner. Referee's count at three. Four. Five. Katharine staring up at the referee as the numbers get bigger. Six. Seven. McPhee to her belly. Pushes to hands and knees at eight...and SINKS BACK TO THE CANVAS! Nine. TEN! It's OVER! And your winner by KO6 is 'The Face', Taylor Hill!"

Cassie: "Heck of a fight!"


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Taylor Hill, and, Taylor, that got really physical in there..."

Taylor (nodding): "Give her credit. She fought with no fear tonight. She wasn't in there to look good or go rounds. She was in there to win. But. That wasn't happening."

Tess: "What's next for you?"

Taylor (smiling): "I'm game for anything. Light. Welter. Ice Hotel? I'm here. Just sign the fight." 



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