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5 November 2019 Nicole Scherzinger vs Natalie Dormer

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Celebrity Boxing After Dark (CBAD)


Posted by Vassago on November 5, 2019 at 6:00 pm



Nicole Scherzinger vs Natalie Dormer
(28-28, 22 KO vs 10-10-1, 8 KO)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

Venue: FIBES Conference & Exhibition Centre, Seville, Spain

BEFORE: Nicole Scherzinger returns to the independent circuit following her Lioness Club departure but even the boxing purists question whether the Hawaiian stunner has anything left in the tank. She tries to silence the critics by saying she's still got a point to prove but that stinging defeat to Elodie Frege back in August just won't disappear off her record and everyone has a right to ask why she didn't prove her point when she still had management support?

Meanwhile Natalie Dormer is simply upset "old slappers like Kate Beckinsale can book a fight in no time while I struggle for exposure" so she didn't need a second opinion when Nicole Scherzinger challenged her through social media. This might be a mere ranking sideshow between two mediocre fighters but the tension between them is real which leads to verbal taunting during the introductions as the Spanish audience enjoys a special boxing feature on the MTV European Music Awards afterparty.

Nicole Scherzinger wears a crimson bikini set & silver gloves. Long black hair tied in a curled ponytail. Natalie Dormer wears a light blue bikini set & white gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a sleek ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Round 1:
Nicole jumps into an early jabbing route and outworks the slow-moving blonde in close range however it's the midsection attack that truly neutralizes the English woman as the singer simply tackles her on the exposed ribcage to score the easy punches. Natalie isn't quite ready to sustain the attack downstairs and seeks a very early clinch instead but Scherzinger punches herself out of the hole and snaps Dormer's head back with a brutal uppercut. She drops the younger woman into deep coverage but just can't trap her along the ropes and has to settle for artistic impression value while Natalie tries to find her range throwing punches from the back foot. This strategy doesn't bring her much success but at least keeps the chaotic brunette at bay for remainder of the round.

Round 2:
Natalie gets more aggressive once she neutralizes another body assault and tags Nicole's chin with a quick uppercut before driving a looping cross on the nose. Ugh! Scherzinger wobbles to her heels all too easily and gets thumped onto the ropes in a hurry as Dormer powers ahead with a rare jug attack that catches the Hawaiian singer by surprise. Nicole tries to outslug the looming danger but bounces off the blonde's forearms and eats another scything cross on the nose that bends her into spasms and allows Natalie to cash in with easy punches on both temples. Nicole just can't avoid this terrible defense here and gets pummelled around until she bellows out into a desperate earmuff while Dormer gets vocal in her desire to add more punishment. The Seville crowd roars in support as Nicole wobbles on her feet amid more spasms so one must wonder how many English fans have made the trip to this Awards event in first place? Nicky shrieks out in disgust at the bell but it's another poor showing from the former Front Street & Lioness fighter.

Round 3:
Things get from bad to worse for Scherzinger as she gets thumped on the nose with a quick left/right combo during the initial tangle and wobbles onto her heels which affects her recovery plans on the spot. Meanwhile Dormer finds the close range confidence and lands one quick hook after another exploring the brunette's woeful defense during a very one-sided opening minute. Nicole remains glued on her heels and just can't punch herself back into contention whereas the blonde gets vocal again as she delivers the head-hunting attack. However she almost gets too predictable with her intentions and bounces off the tight guard once Scherzinger stops bleeding out on defense. This doesn't throw the blonde off her plans though but she leans too much with the haymaker attempt and shoots above the target while the brunette rips a nasty hook on the chest and pierces the solar plexus with the follow up. Ugh! Dormer runs into a wall and gasps for air as the brief pause in her action allows Nicole to blast a left hook on the chin before a looping cross slams the English woman on the nose and SENDS HER CRASHING DOWN ONTO HER BUM! Huh! That's a shocking turnaround in the final seconds of a round Dormer was destined to run away with! The clock runs out during the count yet Natalie looks upset enough during the interval while Nicole eyeballs her from the opposite corner.

Round 4:
Natalie tries to resume the aggressive drill and literally runs across the ring to trap the singer in a head-hunting maze but Nicole uses her dancer's legs to spin out of danger and SLAM a left hook on the overhand reply. Natalie gets nailed on the eye and wobbles forward with a whimper before she eats another quick combo on the mouth as Scherzinger cranks up the jam... Natalie's head begins to snap back on regular basis as she slumps into a shrieking dismay but it's another quick shot on the solar plexus that breaks her down for good. Scherzinger barges that area with a strong right and SENDS THE BLONDE CRASHING DOWN ON ALL FOURS moments later. The subsequent count is rather slow but Natalie can't find her breath back regardless and gets counted out while still down on fours corners. KO4 Nicole Scherzinger!!!

AFTER: This might be a little too late to save Nicole's boxing career but she yells out in delight and slumps onto her knees herself feeling more relieved than anything else. She claims a victory during the MTV European Awards afterparty that will probably be good enough to take away a piece of the spotlight enjoyed by Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande but even the most loyal fans question whether the Hawaiian stunner can find any staying power at this stage of her career? Nicole rides the wiley veteran free agent tune during her post-fight speech yet this feels anything but a true comeback mission. On the contrary, Nicole is probably destined to become the go-to-target for any aspiring future contender. 

Official Result: Nicole Scherzinger def. Natalie Dormer KO4. 



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