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13 November 2019 Daisy Ridley vs Natalie Dormer

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Celebrity Boxing After Dark (CBAD)


Posted by knockout18 on Nov 13, 2019 at 10:05am


Natalie dormer: 36 years old, 5’6”, 10-11-1 with 8 KO
Daisy Ridley 27 years old, 5’7”, 15-7 with 14 KO 
Writing: knockout18 Results: Lookout! 

Here in Chicago, IL the Windy City! This Match has Daisy Ridley (Knockout Babes) taking on Natalie Dormer... Daisy comes off another huge win in the FCBA against Melissa Benoist, she’s definitely back and on the winning side of things after her losing streak the previous years.. Jennifer Odell is really training her hard... Natalie Dormer comes off a loss to Nicole Scherzinger RD4 KO and is definitely looking to bounce back from that loss and get the win tonight.. she’s got t a lot to prove.. 

Daisy comes out with Odell by her side as she’s in a white bikini top with blue and white shorts and white boxing shoes on and with blue everlast gloves with white trim.. next out is Natalie in a red bikini top with red and black shorts and black boxing shoes with red adidas gloves with black trim.. both girls meet in the middle of the ring “your gonna go down Ridley!” Said Natalie with a grin on her face...”good luck on that!” Daisy said with a chuckle as both girls bite down on their mouth pieces they touch gloves and go back to there respective corners 


Daisy and Natalie shoot across the ring meet in the middle firing away shots, if you didn’t know any better these girls didn’t like each other. Both girls throwing heavy shots but Daisy’s impacts drive Natalie back with shots to the chest and ribs. Natalie retreats back after a quick shot to her jaw... Natalie digs in and rallies a lil come back striking Daisy’s belly with some good hooks, daisy grunts with each hit but takes them well and jabs back with some blue leather into Natalies face.. her head snapping back with each punch as she’s moving back to the ropes daisy looks to be in control early throwing left and rights into Natalies guard and making contact with her face and body... you can tell Natalie is frustrated as she’s getting worked on the ropes... the bell rings and daisy won that round wide 

Natalies frustrated from the first round as she comes out with quick combinations to Daisy’s chest and ribs But daisy using her reach as she starts to jab at Natalies face making her pay for real estate. Natalie grunts and groaning but very quick Natalie is able to block, circle and turn daisy walking her into punches left and right jabs to her chest then face... Daisy’s head snapping back with each punch with a crowd pleasing sequences all around the ring. But daisy pushes back throwing her own combo of punches as both girls are toe to toe circling the ring but Natalie is able to channel Daisy into exchanges, controlling Daisy on the outside as Natalie distributing her punches to Daisys body and head as the round ends Natalie won this round close with daisy angry... 


Daisy coming out to hurt Natalie early as Natalie absorbs a thudding right shot from Daisy hooking into her side, but Natalie quick for revenge as she hooks her ribcage in retaliation and then crosses across her chin as Daisy goes wobbly you could feel that punch in the crowd!!! Daisy staggering backwards as it's Natalie's turn to put her footwork on display, pushing off of her front leg to pivot around Ridley and touching Daisy up with a jab of her own. Daisy still dazed from that cross, unable to initiate offense herself right now as Dormer takes a moment to impose her will sliding forward to continue to clip hooks across Ridleys face, red leather scrapping across her until BOOM!!! Another right cross to Ridleys chin sends her down on her side as her head bounces off the canvas... the crowd is in shock... daisy looks out the ref yells at Dormer to get to her corner and starts the count 1...2...3...4.... Daisy’s eyes fluttering as she’s groggy trying to reach for the ropes..5...6...7... she grabs the ropes and is pulling herself up as she’s on her knees 8...9.... she gets up at the count of 9 as she puts her gloves together and shakes her head to continue... Dormer comes out and starts working her body left and rights then a left jab hits Daisy’s mouth cutting and making her lip swollen.. daisy back up against the ropes is in trouble again she’s blocking the best she can but the bell saves her as Natalie won this one wide! 

Dormer looking great the last round comes out quick as she starts to get into a rhythm, just jabbing and pivoting smoothly in counterclockwise fashion as her jabs keep landing hard as Ridley is still sponging up the assault as Natalie is peppering Daisy around the ring.. daisy trying to block but the blondes assault is just too much.. Dormer hooking Daisy’s ribs then side swiping shots to her cheek to swivel her head to the side. Blonde backing up, circling as daisy tries to weave her way forward, but can't reach her as Natalie just pivots and is pounding away at the brunette on the ropes once again Daisy’s back hitting the ropes with each punch Natalie showing no mercy as she’s letting daisy have it with a hint of a smirk appearing across her face as she has Daisy sitting butt-in ropes to finish off the round. Natalie won the round wide!!! Daisy is in absolute trouble is she doesn’t change anything...

ROUND 5: Natalie is now looking to finish things off as she keeps up the pressure from last round pushing her way forward to just crash her red gloves off of Daisys body.. forcing Daisy to clinch at times to try to prevent anymore punishment. Daisy grunting holding Dormer close then holds on spinning around Pushing her back towards the ropes as Daisy now works on jabbing dormer in the face, blue leather hitting dormer left and right scraping her face, her face starting to swell.. Natalie backing up now as her face took some more punches.. Daisy charging forward to put Dormer on her heels as Daisy has Natalie groaning out as Daisy works her midsection... The bell rings and Ridley leaves dormer doubled over at the bell proving that she's not done yet! 

Now, it's Daisy pivoting on the outside as she keeps her right glove up high around her face and her left jabs just striking out now. Ridley sliding around as she steps into the jab, coming at it from different angles and turning Natalies into harm's way no matter which way she goes. Shorf compact hooks coming from the right as she cuts Natalie across her chin and then leaning in with a short, swift uppercut to her chin. It's enough to have Natalie wobbly.. but Natalie trying to come back coming forward aggressively as she sends out wild rights and lefts to Daisy’s face. Daisy backs up out of range from Natalie, forcing Dormer to follow. As she does, Daisy swings a hard right hook into her cheek, she twists from her hips and watches as Dormer's head pivots to the side. All of her anger and power poured into that shot as Dormer falls forward face first to the canvas with her head bouncing off the canvas down at Daisy’s feet. The ref goes to push daisy away as she stands over Dormer, daisy forced to her corner as the it’s clear this match is over... Daisy wins via KO6!!! 

Daisy all smiles after beating Dormer, It wasn't easy and she knew it wouldn't be, but she knocked dormer out for the win. "Got to respect her for her fight, she’s a tough opponent and I’m surprised she’s still a free agent," Daisy says. "She comes right at you with no fear, She definitely gave me a run for my money but it wasn't enough. Odell has been training me hard to just get knocked out and lose.. she puts a lot of effort in me and winning matches is my gift to her! Daisy says then walks out of the ring fist in the air as dormer is still on the canvas getting attention...  



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