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17 November 2019 Georgia Mae Gibbs vs Lauren Mellor

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2019 VIX/Chimera JMD Stable War


Posted by caspian2 on Nov 17, 2019 at 10:13am


3. Georgia Mae Gibbs vs Lauren Mellor (JMDD) 


(23, 5’10, 16:6 FCBA, VIXENs)

(33, 5’9, FCBA Debut, Chimera)

Georgia Mae Gibbs continuing to make a stamp on the JMDD division, arguably having flown past her other Lightweight rivals by winning cornerstone bouts on both sides of the aisle. 

There’s some extra weight on her shoulders tonight, with the Vixens already two fights down to nothing, meaning Gibbs has to win this next match in order to keep her stable’s chances alive. 

“Hmph. Who the hell is Lauren Mellor?” Gibbs starting first at the press table. “Honestly, I hadn’t heard of her three months ago when I received the offer to kick her sorry arse.”

“I’m the girl who’s about to put a foot up your ass, b*tch. that’s who,” Mellor immediately responds from across the long table. “It’s my debut tonight, and I intend to make it a memorable one. Georgia has no business competing in the JMDD circuit, and I’ll be sure to emphasise that fact when I press my breasts into her face by night’s end.”

“Confidence, I like that,” Gibbs responding, flashing dangerous eyelids and trying not to look intimidated.

Ladies square off at center stage, thrusting their chests into each other’s, trying to upstart the other. Low growl in their throats doesn’t indicate anything good, and the officials soon separate them before we get into jug-mauling early (not that we’d complain).

In the ring a few hours later, Georgia is wearing a sun-kissed yellow bikini, tying her blonde hair up with a red ribbon, then strapping on black gloves. Lauren going for a white bikini, her chest overflowing the fabric as she bounces light on her feet with red gloves on either hand. HERE we go with ten rounds of JMDD action!

Mellor looking fresh-faced and eager to brawl when the bell rings, coming forward with her arms up and head bobbing left to right, trying to anticipate Georgia’s attacks. Gibbs however has different ideas, leaping in without warning and STUNNING the poor girl with a swing to the side of the head! POW - just like that! Lauren’s rattled bad! Arms up and in front are one thing, but defending against a power swing like Georgia’s is a whole different beast! Georgia bats another hook clean into the reeling girl’s side, circumventing most of Lauren’s defences and scoring big over her ears, making Lauren grunt wildly and go running with her tail tucked between! Gibbs’ mission complete, having shocked the newbie in her debut match - she has an easy time of chasing Lauren down for the remainder of the round, going back to targeting her breasts without much problem. 

Lauren looking slightly embarrassed by that debacle of her first round. She starts the second more cautious, hiding her head behind her arms, then shooting jabs towards Gibbs’ head right from the get go, intending to disrupt any blitz attack from the Australian blonde again. Gibbs dealing with the jabs quite easily, taking them on the arms or weaving that beautiful head out of the way, before scoring back with straight hands into Mellor’s guard, occasionally flattening a boob or knocking a breast to the side with another sideways swipe. Last minute has Lauren mounting a sudden attack of her own, surprising Georgia with a ringin’ hook to the head as well, before landing left right left right into the blonde’s own chest, making her squeal and back away. Some bite in Mellor’s bark as well, as the rookie makes it out alive with a slight lead in her corner.

Georgia growling, fully intent on dominating the brand new, fresh-faced noob sharing the same ring as her. She meets Lauren in the middle, slow jabs at her face at first, giving Mellor the impression she’s scared. Lauren takes the bait, comes running at her, firing jabs to the arms and taking more big lunges forward. But Gibbs was just playing possum, suddenly puts on the brakes then SPRINGS forward with a straight right cross - KAPOW!! Lands square on Lauren’s jaw, sending the poor girl CLEAN off her feet and FLYING back into the air, as though clotheslined by an overeager wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation! OUCH!! Mellor hits the canvas hard, arms and legs splayed in four directions as she groans up at the lights. Referee starts the count, but the only signs of movement are her rapidly rising and falling chest. He reaches the count of 10 and waves arms over her knocked-out face! It’s over!

Official Decision: Georgia Mae Gibbs defeats Lauren Mellor via KO3!


The biggest win of the night thus far, with Gibbs grinning at the thought of putting Mellor out of her misery in three rounds, with plenty of time to spare. She also slams the brakes on the Vixens’ slide to defeat tonight, but if we know Georgia, her teammates are the least of her concerns at the moment. 

Gibbs stalks around Mellor’s fallen body, eyeing the best vector of attack to seal her dominance. She opts for a north-south position, getting to her knees at Lauren’s head before immediately plunking her chest down onto her slumbering face, locking her biceps around the back of the head and then cranking that neck upwards. Rest of Lauren’s body jerks and thrashes, trying to dislodge Gibbs off of her by twisting to the side or over, but Georgia has the breast smother in tight over the face, rests her own smiling cheek on Mellor’s pulsing belly, pinning her down and letting her jugs do their work below. 

Mellor finally subdued after a minute or two, the rest of her body pooling snug in Georgia’s embrace as the Vixen finally stands up to admire her handiwork: Lauren’s eyelids fluttering, lips parted, jugged out completely, as Gibbs strikes a pose with her arms in the air, hips shaking side-to-side as she scores the first victory for her stable tonight!

Final tally:  VIX/Chimera Stable War 2019:  1:2  



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