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17 November 2019 Kelly Rohrbach vs Alice Goodwin

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Posted by Caspian on November 17, 2019, 3:11 am



4. Kelly Rohrbach vs Alice Goodwin (JMDD)


(28, 5’9, 125, 20:12 FCBA, VIXENs)
(33, 5’8, 3:4 FCBA, Chimera)

“Kelly’s going down,” Alice says, beaming at the pre-fight press conference. “She’s deadweight on a roster already packed, and I’ll prove that she has no business being in the JMDD arena either, least of all with me.”

“Strong words for a girl who just got jugged out by Kate Upton,” Kelly scoffing in reply.

The blonde Sports Illustrated model and Baywatch actress has been turning heads in recent years, but her career in the ring has constantly stalled as she tries her best to reach the top ten in the rankings. “Goodwin’s only good for one thing, and that’s flashing that ugly chest of hers all around. I’m looking forward to seeing if those things are even real.”

Buttons pressed for both ladies, and the press conference descends into a free-for-all shouting match across the table, then escalating when both ladies simultaneously stand up from their chairs and attempt to charge each other. Thankfully, the ring officials are on hand to save the action for much later, and the girls are herded back to their locker rooms for the final prep.

Hours later in the arena, Kelly Rohrbach is eyeing her opponent with a steady glare from one corner of the ring. She’s dressed in a blue bikini, hair bundled up tight and high. Goodwin flaunting her assets in a black bra and briefs lingerie set, red gloves goading the blonde to make the first move. Referee waves his hand and HERE we go with ten rounds of JMDD action!

Kelly with some early success, targeting the face as Goodwin comes in hot, looking to make a statement. Rohrbach holding her off with her traditional boxing skills, scoring repeatedly on the face as Goodwin tries to brawl with the blonde. Goodwin with repeated swings to the chest, not all that successful, but making it clear she's here for JMDD dominance and that alone. It's a crystal clear difference between these two girls and their fighting styles: Rohrbach tagging the face with her early jabs, arguably faring better if this match was under normal rules, whereas Goodwin snags one side of her chest in the final minute, making Rohrbach gasp in shock and jump back. Kelly controlling Goodwin at least in the final seconds, returning focus to this being a JMDD contest. She manages to steal the round at the end of three minutes with more jug abuse than the veteran.

There's a reason why Goodwin is known as the alpha girl in her stable. She's certainly got the physical goods and evidence to show for it, marching forward, wanting to flaunt her abilities. She smashes a right cross into Kelly's arms early, rattling the blonde. Rohrbach known as no slouch either, her big girl status occasionally letting her compete at Welterweight, but even she can't withstand the full force of Goodwin's attacks, which push her back a couple of steps each time at the onset of Alice's relentless pursuit of jug maulin'. Kelly squealing, trying to deal with her foe’s power, but her return jabs all but ineffective to the face as on and on comes Goodwin, who bashes another hook into her arms, a subsequent swing cups hard into her chest, sending Rohrbach reeling into the ropes, hugging her body! Ughh! Things aren’t looking good at all for Kelly, least of all the VIX crew, with the stable war hanging over them like gathering thunder clouds. Bell rings and Goodwin takes it wide.

Rohrbach finally gets the drift and starts landing more jabs on her opponent's chest from afar, with Goodwin struggling to catch a blonde who doesn't want to get caught. Kelly keeping her distance, refusing to get baited this time into a close quarters brawl, whereas Alice is swinging wide, trying to end this fight early with a premature knockdown. Rohrbach punts her breasts between swings, making Goodwin wince painfully as her jugs get jostled for a good majority of the round. But Kelly can't get away forever, lets out a gasp of her own as one of Goodwin's hooks lands stiff on the side of the head, bouncing the Vixen further towards the ropes. Goodwin charges in, hoping to salvage the round, but Rohrbach recovers just in time to get out of her way of that freight train, and the round ends wide in Kelly’s corner.

Alice staying back, picking and choosing her shots from afar. Kelly still hasn't cracked her defences yet, and the Vixen is still struggling to land any significant punches besides on the arms, with Goodwin guarding her chest like some sort of precious treasure. Second minute has Alice return a counter hook into the side breast, making Kelly grimace and grunt. Alice still not rushing in reckless, however, more jabs sent in to hound Kelly's breasts backwards. Kelly, having gotten stung, now trying to mitigate the damage, blocking and shooting punches into Alice's face whenever she can, but Goodwin just keeps on coming, bashes Kelly's arms, then the belly, and I think it's safe to say that Rohrbach's ready to go down, her body taking a beating in on the ropes but thankfully SAVED by the bell as Goodwin is denied the knockdown! Things still dire for the Vixen, who’s panting on the ropes and hanging on for dear life. Can she make it past another 6 rounds?

Kelly actually barreling forward, hoping to go toe-to-toe with her counterpart. If you can't beat em', they say, get BLASTED by them, as Goodwin meets her head-on with little hesitation, knocks the blonde’s face to one side and then eats a hook of Rohrbach's to the chin as well, but Kelly’s already groggy and staggering off, unable to match her foe's power swing for swing. A hard swipe across the chest drops Kelly’s guard, as Goodwin POWERS through a final right hand that TAKES ROHRBACH OFF HER FEET! OUCH! Kelly flattened to the tarmac as Goodwin takes this fight via KO no problem!

Official Decision: Alice Goodwin defeats Kelly Rohrbach via KO5!


Referee barely made it official and Goodwin’s already plopping her massive chest down into Kelly's shocked face. Rohrbach left with little energy to squirm or protest, moans loudly into Goodwin's breasts as the big brunette locks in the jug smother with two fistfuls of blonde hair tugged upwards.

If anyone is keeping score of course, Alice's win seals the deal for the Chimera crew - their corner erupts in victory ringside, winning this JMD stable war by taking a string of early and shocking wins. And we still have one more fight left on the cards!

Final tally:  VIX/Chimera Stable War 2019:  1:3



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