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17 November 2019 Hannah Ferguson vs Jessica Ashley

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Posted by Caspian on November 17, 2019, 3:10 am



5. Hannah Ferguson vs Jessica Ashley (JMDD)


(26, 5’10, 130, 37:6 FCBA, VIXENs)
(29, 5’9, FCBA Debut, Chimera)

Plenty of Chimera ladies making their debut performance tonight, and Jessica Ashley is another model who’s yet to be tested by fire. The Chimera debunte has an uphill task ahead of her, however, by facing off against Alpha Vixen Hannah Ferguson herself, but at least the pressure is off both women’s shoulders, with the results of the stable war all but already concluded.

“Shame that we lost, but we had a good run since August,” Hannah says with a nod. “You can’t expect to win them all, but at least that gives us no excuse to punch each other silly in this final fight. I ain’t gonna hold back, stable war or no!”

Ashley sharing the same sentiments, looking slightly nervous in the packed room as she says: “I won’t lie about my chances tonight. All I’ll say is that I’ve been training like hell, working my butt off and doing my homework on Hannah. So, I think I’m as ready as I can be.”

First ‘civil’ fight of the evening as both ladies come together on stage and actually shake hands during the face-off. Perhaps Hannah doesn’t see Jessica as a threat - she continues to smile in the youngster’s face, even whispering some words of encouragement before the match has even started. Ashley grateful at least, responds with some thanks of her own, before both women are escorted backstage for their final preparations.

In the ring hours later, Hannah standing in one corner, hair frizzled and still dazzlingly blonde. She’s wearing a red bikini and white boxing short shorts, rounding off the look with a pair of black gloves on either hand. Jessica going for simple black bikini top, yellow trunks and blue leather strapped onto her fists. Referee waves his hand and HERE we go with ten rounds of JMDD action!


Jessica giving the former champion some grief early on, meeting Hannah in the center and throwing down with her almost blow for blow, as though she totally belongs in the same ring as her. Hannah snapping a couple jabs into the brunette's face, but if she was intending for the rookie to cower in shock and retreat for the rest of the round, she's quickly mistakened. Ashley grunts, then dishes the punishment right back, shoves a right hand of her own into Hannah's lips before the rest of her jabs hit the arms. Hannah ends up being the one stunned by her opponent's aggression, gets bullied backwards as Jessica pours on the abuse like she's been taught to be merciless in the gym. Ashley therefore taking the round wide by its end, landing more body shots on Ferguson as the Vixen attempts to find her bearings.

Hannah however done and dusted with playtime, no longer smiling. If the newbie wants to play rough, she can as well. Ashley gets rocked early on by a right hook to the side of the head, knocking her upper torso awkwardly to the side. Ferguson's power on display as she continues to exert her strength, either bashing the middle of Ashley’s arms or trying for a hook or two stiff into the ears. Ashley panicking, revealing her true colours as she shouts and covers and retreats from the sudden onslaught. Bell rings and Hannah evens the score easily, showing Jess who's boss.

But Jessica still fighting smart for a brand new debutante. She tries to match Hannah's aggression with her own feet moving in opposite direction, then jabs judiciously at the blonde's chest. Hannah forced to cover up and play a little more cautious herself, slaps a flurry into the lips that has Ashley yelping back in pain. Followup jabs score on the brunette's chest, further adding to injury. Hannah in holding pattern, keeping her distance and protecting her own breasts. She knows she's already won this round, thus no need to brag further.


Jessica lands a sudden flurry to the nose early, makes the most of the situation by flattening Hannah's breasts while she's at it. Ferguson trying to remain in control, dominant, but finds the newcomer's zeal too much to handle at this point. Blonde alpha girl blocks the best she can, then snaps a hook back into the arms, but Ashley manages to block it by sheer luck. The Chimera starlet does battle with Hannah in the middle of the ring, repeated swipes across her chest, jostling championship jugs about. Ferguson panicking, part of her head screaming to retreat, the other wondering what would happen to her pride if she backed away from a rookie. But another hook across the face makes her mind up for her, and the former champ is stumbled by the rookie by that one! OUCH on both counts for Ferguson, who tries to rally in the final minute, but reserves her energy for locking arms over the face and defending against the onslaught. Jessica energised, dashes in eager to do more damage, but finds it difficult to score more success when most of her punches hit the Vixen’s arms. Wide round goes to Ashley.

Not sure if Hannah's conserving energy or the new girl is really giving her a hard time. She hangs back, starts taking Jess seriously, for better or worse. Better: Jessica polling ahead with the judges, landing aggressive jabs on the former champ's head and chest. But also worse: Hannah swinging back harder than ever, playing nice girl no more, especially when she swings those patented hooks into the rookie’s arms, making Ashley grunt loudly as she’s thrown about like a feather in the wind towards the end of the round. Hannah pushing back in the final seconds, precise jabs shoved into Ashley's lips, further pushing her back in shock. Hannah would have taken this round if this fight was more conventional. Instead, she's edged out by Jess by the sheer amount of damage done to the jugs instead. Good round for Ferguson even though she ends up losing it, leaving Jessica panting hard in the ropes.

Time for Hannah to strike! Hammer lands hard on the guard, throwing Ashley halfway to the ropes! Ferguson pouring in, alternating lefts and rights to the torso as she THROWS Ashley off her feet with a right uppercut to the jawline before the first minute is off! KNOCKDOWN for Ferguson! Jessica laid out on her side, rolling over onto her back, her eyelids fluttering wild! While some would complain it's taken this long to achieve this outcome, Hannah ain't one of them! The Vixen sauntering back to corner, a smile on her face as she awaits the referee's count! Jessica however showing off her championship material, pushing herself slowly back up. The new girl doesn't have to do this of course. No one would fault her if she were to just lie down at this point. But no! Jess up on her feet just as the referee shouts 9! Can she survive another two minutes though??

Ferguson rushing in without hesitation - if Ashley can survive a knockdown attempt from a former Welterweight champion, she can survive anything, surely?? Ferguson testing that theory, comes in with a hard right hook to the face, blasting Jessica further down the ropes. Another shocker to the head reduces Jessica to not looking great, arms hovering flimsy and mouth hanging open. A THIRD swing to the face and the resilient rookie STILL refuses to go down… Referee JUMPS in to save her from the trouble! At least she manages to salvage her pride! It’s all over!

Official Decision: Hannah Ferguson defeats Jessica Ashley via TKO6!


Ashley finally sinking down to her knees, looking completely out-of-her-wits. Hannah catching her mid-way, flashof respect in her eyes as she exchanges some quick words of encouragement for the new girl’s effort. Ferguson gracious (if you want to call her that), only pressing the brunette’s lips a little into her chest, not wanting to demoralise her further after a spectacular debut performance.

Final tally:  VIX/Chimera Stable War 2019:  2:3 

That’s a wrap for our series of stable wars! Our sincere congrats to Chimera, which ends the year on a high note by cementing their name in the JMD game!  

Our special thanks to Lookout for facilitating this event, and of course, to Miss Ginny and crew for being gracious in their participation.  Good night!




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