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26 November 2019 Megan Fox vs Alice Eve

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Posted by Caspian on November 26, 2019, 11:24 pm



CBAD: Megan Fox vs Alice Eve II (Bantamweight)

(32, 5’4, 114, 48:27:1 FCBA, VIXENs)
(37, 5’5, 5:7 FCBA, Lookout! Atlantic Boxing)


An anticipated rematch set for this card tonight as Megan Fox vows revenge on Lookout Atlantic’s Alice Eve, whom, if you’d recall, shocked the entire world when she scored a KO in August of this year, when Eve blasted Fox back to the B-grade status in the sixth round.

“Don’t f*cking ask me what happened. I’m sick and tired of all the questions regarding my age, ability and commitment to this. Listen to what I’m saying now: I STILL have what it takes to put away some jobber like Alice Eve, and I’m gonna prove it tonight once and for all.”

“Oh dearie, the only thing you’ve proven is how desperate you are in this useless endeavour. Getting knocked out cold once wasn’t enough for you? I’ll be glad to do it again tonight,” Alice replying immediately.

A tense staredown at the podium as both ladies gear up for round 2, in what’s becoming another chapter of one hell of a rivalry. Megan suffered a defeat the last time round, but worse was the added humiliation of getting her face shoved into Alice’s chest. Will history repeat itself tonight?

Fight night and Megan’s bouncing up and down in one corner, wearing a dark navy coloured bikini and white gloves. Alice dressed in a black sports bra and short white trunks, together with red gloves. HERE we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!

Faster and more furious offense as Megan explodes from corner, immediately starts knocking Alice’s head backwards with jabs sent to the middle of her face. Alice looks like she doesn’t know what she’s gotten herself into here, powerless for the first minute as the gloves just keep on snapping straight into her nostrils, a painful whap whap whap whap of constant abuse. How the hell did Megan Fox ever lose to Eve last time round? It’s as though the fates aligned and sent Megan down for the count. Will the Vixen’s tenacity be enough to turn the outcome here? Megan sure thinks so. But Alice starts attacking back in the final minute, some of her familiar hooks flung forward danger-close to Megan’s head, as Fox has no choice but to swerve and run, not before she gets rattled by a swing into her arms. Alice ends the round with some stern reminders of why she’s still a force to be reckoned with, even if the Brit can’t do enough to turn the opening tide.

Fox still needs to be careful here - her overconfidence is how she got blown off her feet the first time round. Alice, despite losing the first round, still looks cocky as hell as she moves forward fast, knows her power is more than enough ammunition needed to put the former Flyweight champion away. Megan blitzing inwards in the first minute, recklessly slamming more jabs into her body and arms but now having more difficulty in finding the same amount of purchase. Alice takes the abuse at first, bides her time, SUDDENLY roars in, swinging wildly! Megan almost caught off-guard when a hook grazes the nose, then takes another swing to the chin, and it’s enough to daze her! Fox goes reeling back, covering up like her life depended on it. Alice fans in the audience letting out a roar as their girl goes storming forward with more lunges at the head, hoping to get lucky here. But Fox damned if she’s gonna go down so easy, and to such a foe, gets her guard rattled when Eve slams another hook or two into her raised arms, but thankfully, the Vixen manages to keep her distance for the rest of the round.

Alice blowing kisses in Megan’s direction at the start of the third, cockiness overload as she gestures at Fox with gloves to bring it if she can. Fox circling, wary, her mind racing as to whether she’s made the right decision in challenging such a dangerous foe so soon again. Alice immediately flies at Megan once she gets in range, and it’s a little too early if you ask us, with Eve punching at the air instead of landing leather on skin, and Fox easily swerving around her wide hooks and lumbering uppercuts. Megan pounding on British body right back, her attention split between defensive twists of her torso and planting leather on the face or body. Vixen gets her revenge, albeit briefly, when an uppercut of hers lands squarely on Alice’s chin, KNOCKS her head back in sharp pain - AND THERE GOES ALICE, faltering on shaky feet before PLUNKING her butt down behind her! KNOCKDOWN for Megan Fox in spectacularly early fashion!

Alice sprawled on her butt, arms propped behind her as she shakes the stars from her head and immediately begins trying to recover. It’s like David versus Goliath, folks, with Megan pestering the large girl with all sorts of sticks and stones. Fox, however, knows full well that this fight is gonna be long, tedious if she wants to put away someone like Eve, who recovers by the count of 8 and resets in her corner.

Alice now angling for a knockdown attempt of her own, as she comes at Megan as though that knockdown didn’t mean squat. She’s swinging like a madwoman all of a sudden, that journey down to canvas didn’t do as much damage as Megan hoped, with Eve taking the fight to her foe once the bell rang, and Megan having to do double work in order to avoid some of her nasty hooks. But for the most part, Fox still playing her part well, swerving backwards or leaping the hell outta the way, before returning short and crisp jabs to the blonde’s face, slowly but surely withering her down to size. Alice however scores with a right hook late to the body, and for a moment, manages to trap Fox on the ropes, pounding the stuffing out of her body. Fox clings on to shoulders, wraps up the chest even as she groans on her assailant’s shoulder, and soon enough, the bell saves her from a potential knockdown of her own.

Alice getting a taste of that enemy tummy, comes forward with even more unbounded energy, looking for more swings to the body. Megan having a tougher time dealing with this body-hunting abuse, grimaces repeatedly as Alice tucks shots clean under the guard, hup hup hup hup of leather hitting tummy flesh. Fox protecting the head judiciously, as expected, begins punting her gloves back into Alice’s face each time Alice comes in swinging low. Megan aims high instead, and a particularly nasty right cross suddenly disappears into the Brit’s face, shocking and stunning Eve bad! Alice stumbles backwards, cradling her mouth with one hand. It’s the perfect moment for Megan to strike, left hand banging off the side of the head, then another right hook SWIVELS the big blonde clear to the side, having caught Alice clean on the cheek! OUCH! DOWN GOES MIGHTY GOLIATH one more time, as Alice crashes onto her side by the ropes, looking mightily confused as her entire body throbs in pain! SURELY this must be it?!

Fox stumbling back to corner, catching a breather for her dual effort now. She eyes the stirring woman by the ropes as Alice begins rising yet again, her mouth hanging open and that look in her eyes no longer as confident as before. Say what you want about Alice Eve, but the Lookout! Atlantic starlet really has the heart of a champion here, pushing herself back up to her feet by the count of 9! Looks like she’s decided to brave the last two minutes of this round!

Massacre in the ring as Fox flies forward once more, starts the whole process of jabs slammed into her arms and body all over, with Alice Eve simply groaning out loud and covering best she can. The Brit is beaten back into the ropes, her guard and body battered all over as Megan chugs in the punches, doing as much damage as she can and maybe thinking a third knockdown might do the trick, finally?? It’s not needed, however, when the referee suddenly intervenes, JUMPING in to save poor Ms Eve from further abuse just as Megan bashes her face with another hook, leaving her about-faced and propped up by only the ropes, the rest of the blonde’s voluptuous body sagging down to her knees! IT’S ALL OVER!!

Official Decision: Megan Fox defeats Alice Eve via TKO5!


Payback’s certainly a b*tch, according to Ms Fox, whose memory of how she lost to Alice Eve before now turned into putting her foe away in the same TKO fashion. Fox letting a smile take her face, wide grin as she raises a hand high to the audience. She’s definitely broken a sweat in the ring tonight, but we’d be lying if we didn’t say we were expecting this fight to go the full ten rounds.

Such is the intensity between these women, and Fox not done yet with Eve - not by a long shot. The sultry Vixen already marching over, with Alice still kneeling down by the ropes.Smack across the face thoroughly gets her attention, as Fox digs two hands worth of fingernails into dishevelled blonde hair, before hissing down at her conquered foe with venom.

Alice’s face screws up in heated protest as she hears the words, begins to mouth some clever retort of her own when she finds her lips shoved into Fox’s abs, the rest of her already deflated body struggling its best below, as Megan exerts her gleeful revenge with a tummy scrub. A minute later, after all the camera flashes, cheers and jeers, another backhand across the face has Alice completely subdued, with the Lookout! Star collapsing back onto her side, where she lies, waiting for the medics.

Some might say it’s too early to state otherwise, but this fight might already prove that Megan Fox’s back and looking for vengeance!



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