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29 November 2019 Marlo Thomas vs Dawn Wells

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RETRO BOUT (Ca. 1967)


Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 29, 2019, 10:19 pm



Marlo Thomas versus Dawn Wells (Retro)
(Words: GBS / Results: Lookout!)


This bout was an unexpected one. Marlo Thomas was a newcomer to the boxing scene but being a tv star she was going to box. Dawn Wells was a former contract player who has boxed for a few years now. With her success on Gilligan’s Island, she was now a featured boxer not just a throw in or add on fighter. Of course her recent bouts with Tina Louise, Barbara Eden, and Yvonne Craig had really made Wells a boxing name. Thomas had boxed previously only a couple bouts before this including a wild bout with Patty Duke that got the attention of the Hollywood elite.

A ring was set up outside of a producer’s Hollywood home and the crowd sat in chairs.

Dawn wore a red and white check print bikini with brown leather gloves.

Marlo wore a black 2 piece bikini with brown leather gloves.

Round 1:

Both fighters came to center of the ring after the bell. Wells opened the fight with a right cross to Marlo’s ribs. Quickly she left jabbed at Thomas’ face. This caused Thomas to step back. Wells advanced and went with a right hook to Thomas’ body and a left cross to her face. Marlo was backed up again but this time responded with 2 straights to Wells’ body. Then these two boxers dug in and started to slug until the round ended. The crowd cheered as these two produced an action packed first round.

A very close round possibly won by Dawn.

Round 2:

The second round opened with both again meeting near mid ring. Marlo threw back to back jabs to Dawn’s face to start the round. After a couple of blocked exchanged, Thomas hit Wells twice in her ribs with hard crosses. Wells did lower her gloves and tried to block any more punches to her body. Marlo then hit her with a right uppercut on her chin and knocked her back. Dawn did right herself and began to defend as Marlo came forward. Later in the round, Marlo started landing some heavy punches into Dawn’s body. Finally after taking some heavy shots Dawn tied Marlo up in a clinch.

After being broken apart, Dawn hit with a left jab at Marlo’s face before the round ended.

Marlo Thomas won the round widely.

Round 3:

Marlo encouraged from the performance of the previous round came out looking to put more leather into Dawn’s body. But she found out that Dawn was defending better after a couple of missed punches and blocked ones. Thomas did receive more jabs at her face for her trouble. Then these two went to circling and almost answering jabs to the body of the other. In the last minute, Dawn got inside and threw 2 hard straights to Marlo’s body. This caused her to step back and then she threw 2 hooks to Dawn’s chest when Wells came forward. The two started to slug again but it was so near to the bell ringing that it was pretty even.

Another close round carried by Dawn.

Round 4:

Both brunette boxers came out more cautions to open the fourth round. The jabbing started and Marlo struck first with a double jab to Dawn’s chest. Then she snuck in a couple of hard hooks to Dawn’s body. Dawn moved back quickly and waited for Marlo to follow her. She did not wait long as Marlo came forward and got a straight right into her face. Dawn went to follow up but found Marlo to be circling out of punching range. They circled until late in the round when Marlo threw 2 crosses to Dawn’s head. The bell rang and another close round ended. Marlo seemed to have won that round.

Round 5:

Dawn Wells came out swarming at Marlo from the opening bell this round. She went with some hard left and right hooks to Thomas’ body once Wells got inside on her. Marlo went to back up and retreat after this barrage but soon found herself on the ropes. Dawn then went after Marlo’s face with a left hook and right uppercut. Wells landed 2 more uppercuts before Marlo tied her up in a clinch. Thomas’ face was puffing up now during the clinch as she held onto Wells. Finally the referee broken them apart and the fight continued. Thomas wanted to keep away from Wells and her gloves and she tried to circle away from her. But Dawn ended the round with a gorgeous right uppercut which did seem to snap Marlo’s head. Dawn won the round widely there.

Round 6:

Dawn trapped Marlo in her corner early on in the round and began to throw some hard hooks into Marlo’s body. Soon Thomas was wobbly and glassy eyed from Wells’ punching. Dawn hit Marlo with a hard left cross to her face AND DOWN GOES MARLO! Dawn watches before she goes to a neutral corner. Marlo hears the count as she tries to rise and is sitting up by the count of 5. But the pain causes her to get no further. Dawn Wells wins the fight by knockout. KO6 – Dawn Wells.


Dawn came out of the neutral corner and was soon awarded the bout. Her right arm was raised in victory. Marlo was brought into her corner and worked on. Dawn’s handiwork was all over her body and face. After Wells’ victory walk about the ring and many pictures posed and otherwise, she goes to Marlo’s corner and talks very briefly with her. After a brief handshake, Wells goes back for a few more pictures before leaving the ring.



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