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29 November 2019 Nancy Kovack vs Julie Newmar

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RETRO BOUT (Ca. 1967)


Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 29, 2019, 10:16 pm




Results; Lookout; Writing: Archer
RETRO BOUT: Ca. 1967

Nancy: 30 YO, 5’8 ½

Julie: 32 YO, 5’11

Before: Celebrity boxing historian K.O. Kapowski has written: “Julie Newmar could be as sweet and friendly as anybody—outside a ring. Inside she liked to dominate and by 1967 there weren’t many girls willing to get into a ring with her. I always credit Nancy K for not being afraid to take Julie on repeatedly. Sure she wouldn’t lose any status if Julie won and she could always benefit from upsetting Julie. They weren’t the biggest names in the celeb fighting game of the period, but I always loved to see them in action—especially against each other . This particular fight was arranged for the BATMAN set where both had co-starred and “Batman” Adam West himself had agreed to referee. Of course, it was a strictly ABC network VIPs and guests affair, but, as usual, somebody “accidentally’ left some camera running and caught the whole thing on tape which then turned up on the ‘celebrity boxing fight tape underground.’”

For a tape that was supposedly made by accident, the actual product looks suspiciously well photographed and then edited for maximum viewer enjoyment. The tape shows Julie and Nancy meeting with referee Adam West. Julie’s in a custom black and white leotard with black stockings. White boxing slippers and gloves. Nancy is in a pink bikini with pink gloves and boxing slippers. Both have their hair in a single ponytail. Ring instructions are correct, but Nancy seems to be looking especially determined not to look intimidated by the taller Julie. Julie didn’t seem too impressed with this and just gave Nancy a sly smile. The instructions complete, the ladies went to their corners. The bell rang.

R1: Nancy leaped forward as she and Julie drew near each other and brought a solid, smashing right uppercut in under the taller woman’s chin. Julie was sent lurching back, her bell rung and her legs quaking. Nancy managed to get a right/left combo into Julie’s jaw before Julie hastily brought up her gloves to protect her head. Nancy then sent a drumfire of hooks into Julie’s torso, doubling her forward with belly blows and then bringing them up into Julie’s overhanging face. Julie being hounded into the ropes, but then manages to use her jab to stall Nancy’s attack with blows to the face and breasts. Nancy regroups and comes back in. She is trying to body punch Julie back, but time runs out on the round. Someone holds up a large card proclaiming : “Round 1: Nancy Kovack—Wide.”

R2: New round finds Julie Newmar striking hard at Nancy Kovack using her superior reach to catch the smaller woman with sharp punches to the face. Nancy knocked on her heels. Julie quick to close in and swat Nancy with rights and lefts to the sides of the head. Then she scores with hooks to the body. Nancy trying to put some distance between herself Julie to regroup, but Julie now hounding her into the ropes. Nancy fighting back with the jab into Julie’s body and managing to bring Julie to a halt. Then Nancy slips around Julie and scampers to mid-ring. Julie goes after her and rattles Nancy with another flurry of bouncing punches off the head. Nancy tries to circle away rather than back up and Julie circles with her. They are trading heavy as the round ends. Card soon proclaims: “Round 2: Julie Newmar—Wide.”

R3: Nancy now trying to duck in under Julie’s long range punching and bring her own leather into Julie’s body as point blank range. Julie struggling to fight back as Nancy’s pounds her breasts, ribs and stomach. Julie finds herself bent forward, but then gets hooks of her own into Nancy’s breasts with enough power to knock the air out of Nancy’s lungs. Nancy has to retreat and struggle to catch her breath. Julie now rolls forward and slams hard ones into Nancy’s midsection. Now Nancy is tipping forward. She keeps her gloves up around her head, but Julie works those overhanging breasts with uppercuts that again have Nancy gasping for air. Julie bringing shots to the sides of Nancy’s head, but Nancy has gotten her breath back enough to hammer Julie to the breasts. Now both are trading jugg shots and Julie is pushing Nancy back as the round comes to a close. Neither fighter seems to have appreciated the jugg punching and they are glaring at each other. Referee Adam West calmly reminds them:

“You can take this up in the next round. Meantime you need to get to your corners.”

Julie and Nancy reluctantly break off the confrontation and return to their respective corners. Takes a while for the card to appear but when it does it reads: “Round 3: Julie Newmar—Close.”

R4: Nancy Kovack now again charges Julie Newmar at the ringing of the bell and pounds away at her to the breasts. Obviously a lot of ill-will remains from the previous round and Julie tries to jab back at Nancy’s breasts. They are now circling around each other in the center of the ring. Suddenly Nancy shifts her attention to Julie’s unguarded jaw and brings in a walloping right. Julie all but knocked off her feet as she careens away from the belting right. Nancy moves quickly to get back in front of the stunned Julie and now brings more punches slamming into Julie’s head. Julie being driven back, but finds her jab and uses it to knock back Nancy’s head with hard jabbing to the face. Julie now just covering up and hunching over as Nancy pounds away at Julie’s flanks. Time runs out on the round. Nancy looking very pleased with herself as she marches back to her corner. Julie shaking her head to clear the cobwebs as she slowly returns to her corner. The card goes up: “Round 4: Nancy Kovack—Wide”

R5: Both fighters out quickly this round and plunge into action. Nancy trying to work her way in close, but she is running into rapid-fire distance strikes to the head and face that disrupt these efforts. Nancy forced to break off several times, but stubbornly keeps coming back. Finally she works her way in close enough to go after Julie to the stomach with a series of hooks. Julie gritting her mouthpiece to stay upright and try to drive Nancy back with the jab, but Nancy just keeps coming at the taller fighter. Then Julie drives smashing jab into Nancy’s face, bloodying her nose and putting a rattle in her knees. Julie now brings powerful rights and lefts smashing into Nancy’s jaw. Nancy seems frozen in place from the impact of these punches going through her like an electric shock. Then Julie blasts home a right uppercut that jerks Nancy off her feet and sends her thundering to the canvas. Nancy gives her fallen foe a glare of satisfaction and then heads for the neutral corner. Nancy on her back, trying to push herself up on her elbows as Adam West counts, but she swoons back down just before:


Crowd cheers and someone hoists a card with big letters: WINNER: JULIE NEWMAR KO ROUND 5!”

Julie seen walking the bring arms raised as a groggy Nancy Kovack is helped to her feet by Adam West and ring medical personnel. Sadly the tape ends at this point.

However, K.O. Kapowski notes that this was only one of several encounters between Julie and Nancy and their rivalry only seemed to grow as the decade progressed. Celebrity fight fans can only hope that more of their fights will surface for public viewing.



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