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29 November 2019 Katherine McNamara vs Hayley Williams

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 29, 2019,  1:35pm


Katherine McNamara: 5’4”, 24 years old, 3-3 since 2017, Fates Boxing

Hayley Williams: 5’2”, 30 years old, 6-6 since 2017, The Dollhouse


“I’m really glad Katherine has been getting more opportunities to show her stuff. Even though she came up short against Watson, she gave the brunette way more than she bargained for.” Hayley smiles as she compliments her opponent.

“Thanks,” McNamara stammers, clearly nervous, “I’ve also enjoyed seeing Hayley compete as one of the few redheaded flyweights and putting in consistent work.”

The two women continue to exchange pleasantries before the presser wraps up and the two head their separate ways until the match.

When the time comes for the two women to come to the ring, the younger McNamara is the first to make her way to the ring and removes her robe to reveal a lime green sports bra and matching trunks with black gloves. Williams then makes her way to the ring, having donned an orange top and trunk that match her hair with blue gloves. The two women touch gloves before the bell rings and off we go in flyweight action.

Round 1:

The two redheads start off the round by cautiously circling each other, each woman trying to get a sense for her opponent, trading jabs that don’t really land until Williams slides in closer and her punches start finding their way to McNamara. Katherine quickly adjusts and moves out of Hayley’s range. The two women again settle down into a slower pace, testing each other when Katherine slips a right through Hayley’s gloves and gets the singer’s nose. McNamara follows up with a two shots to the ribs but Williams knows they’re coming and is able to brace herself and respond with a blow to McNamara’s own ribs. The actress once again backs away from the singer resets for the second time this round, and the two trade jabs for the rest of the round, with Katherine eking out ahead on points, close.

Round 2:

The second round begins to essentially continue the first round, Katherine getting the better end of the trades early. Hayley looks to close distance and successfully does so, the more experienced fighter sliding in between rights from the younger redhead and popping two quick punches into McNamara’s mouth. Kat keeps her guard up and counterpunches, but Hayley is working her over, getting into a rhythm. Right, left, drop back. Right, left, shift right. Right, left, shift left. Hayley isn’t thumping Katherine’s head, but she’s working on the bigger girl’s body. McNamara struggling to find a response and she eventually just charges at Williams, the Williams briefly clinches as her opponent digs into her ribs, but the singer starts trading blows and the women separate just as the bell rings. Hayley matches Katherine by taking the second round on points, close.

Round 3:

Both women are full of energy as come off their stools for the third round and they start swinging at each other. Any restraint that the two may have had during the two previous rounds is gone as Katherine immediately goes headhunting while Hayley returns the favor, both women slinging lefts and rights as fast as they can. Hayley lands a good right straight to McNamara’s chin. Williams slings a left hook that can knock anyone out…but Kat dodges it and connects with an uppercut to Hayley’s chin and the singer is reeling! Katherine lines up two fast lefts that smack Hayley in the mouth and nose, and Williams is left to look to clinch to stop further damage. McNamara able to avoid Williams’ clinch for a few seconds and goes to the singer’s ribs, but Hayley eventually wraps her arms around Katherine and the referee is forced to break the two women apart as the bell rings. McNamara takes the round on points, wide.

Round 4:

The younger McNamara comes bouncing out of her corner and charges at Williams and launches a punch – BUT SHE GETS ROCKED BY A BIG RIGHT FROM HAYLEY! The older redhead catches the younger one with a right hook and then gets blasted with a follow-up left that wobbles Katherine and on comes the more experienced fighter. Hayley picking Kat’s guard apart, driving punches through it and around it, working McNamara into the ropes. Katherine punches out and connects with Hayley’s chin but the singer plugs leather into Kat’s body and punches the air out of the actress as she squeaks out of the ropes. McNamara keeps her distance as Williams follows her around the ring, crashing punches into the actress’ guard. Katherine stands her ground though and starts finding counters, though Williams is still in control to the end of the round, and she wins it on points, wide, again tying us all up after four.

Round 5:

Hayley and Katherine don’t show any signs of slowing down as they quickly get out of their corners and start jabbing at their redheaded opponent. Williams bobs right and smacks McNamara with a left, and McNamara responds in kind, but the singer stops McNamara’s strike with her guard and rifles a right straight at Kat’s head – but she only connects with air as Katherine dodges to her left and absolutely nails Hayley with a quick one-two and suddenly Williams looks unsteady on her feet and she throws out an ill-advised jab meant to ward McNamara away, but Kat shrugs off the blow and connects with an uppercut to Hayley’s chin and DOWN GOES THE SINGER! McNamara quickly to a corner as the ref starts to count over a dazed Hayley. Williams gets herself on all four, shakes her head and falls over on her side as she can’t keep her balance. The ref reaches a count of ten and Hayley hasn’t managed to get back up – it’s over and your winner by KO5, Katherine McNamara!


Kat smiles as she raises her hand before going over to check in on Hayley who is sitting up thanks to the Dollhouse staff. McNamara checks in on Williams and the two exchange pleasantries and hug before Katherine leaves the ring.

“It was wonderful to fight Hayley tonight,” Katherine tells the press. “She’s had a good career so far and I hope to see her out in the ring in the future.”

Hayley speaks to the press slightly later, “McNamara did a good job tonight. She found an opening and I couldn’t get back up.” Williams pauses, “Tough losses are part of the deal, and you just have to take them in stride and get back up for your next fight. I hope McNamara finds more success in the FCBA and I am looking forward to getting back to winning ways soon.” 



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