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25 October 2019 Danielle Campbell vs Victoria Justice

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on October 25, 2019, 9:22 pm




Results: Lookout Writing: Archer

Danielle: 24 YO, 5’3 (1.60 m), 22-11-0, 22 KO since 2014, Pretty Little Punchers
Victoria: 25 YO, 5’5 (1.55 m), 14-17-0, 14 KO since 2013, Global Boxing Syndicate

Before: “It has been a mixed year for me so far,” admits Victoria Justice in the pre-fight, “but my new management has kept me busy and that’s the way I like it. I would like it even better with a winning record instead of 3-5, but Campbell would be a great win for me. I did lose to her back in 2015, but both of us have learned a lot since then. Beating her would be just the thing to spark up my career and I am very motivated to do just that!”

“Well, naturally beating me would be a great win for any other fighter,” a cool DC replies, “but I am not having the kind of championship season I think I should be having. 2-3 is just not acceptable. I want to be back in title contention and you have to win—a lot—to do that. So I am just as motivated as Victoria—but I am the better boxer. I was in 2015 and I still am!”

The fight finds Victoria entering the ring in a bikini, white top with black polka dots, black bottoms with white polka dots and a band of white with black polka dots. White boots and gloves with black laces. Hair pulled back in a battle braid.

Danielle Campbell is in a white bikini with blue triangle pattern. She has blue boots and gloves with white laces. Her dark hair is pulled back into a simple ponytail.

Victoria at 5’5 has two inches on the 5’3 Danielle. As they met for ring instructions Vicky does her best to lean in the smaller DC which is not appreciated by Dani. Shoving match nearly breaks out until the referee restores order. Victoria and Danielle quiet down, but Vicky is smirking and Dani is sullen. The ring instructions are covered and the two “tap” gloved that is actually a loud SMACK. Then they stalk back to their corners and wait for the bell. It rings…

R1: DC and Vicky coming storming out of their corners and go right at each other behind a storm of leather. Gloved fists slam into heads, dig into bellies and pound breasts. Both fighters taking a lot of punches, but giving it right back. The two start to circle as they exchange a steady stream of punching to the body. Dani then tries to go for the head. She scores with a right to the side of Victoria’s head, but then gets knocked back on her heels by a sharp right uppercut to the chin. Both seems to slow both fighters down for a few moments, but then they plunge back in and get in close with hooks to the belly and ribs. Neither fighter is willing to be the first to back off and they bang away down to the bell. Then two step back, breathing hard as sweat trickles down their bodies and stare at each other before breaking off to get back to their corners. The round is called a DRAW by the judges.

R2: Victoria showing some quicker movement than Danielle this round and she uses it strike at DC’s jaw and chin. Dani forced to cover up and her counterpunching quickly dwindles. Vicky now free to work DC to the body. GBS fighter has a fine time pounding Dani’s breasts, then down to the ribcage and finally deep pumping hooks into the meat of DC’s belly. Dani tipped forward, trying to beat Vicky back with the jab, but it’s only making Vicky circle around and fire surprise unexpected shots to the head and sides. Dani all cramped up and defensive as the round winds down. Vicky walks away with a satisfied look, while Dani looks achy and sluggish. The round goes wide to Victoria Justice.

R3: Victoria again showing the good footwork and she has Danielle looking confused in the early going of this round. Vicky quite good with the feint to draw DC off balance and then bring in a surprise crushing blow. A couple of these and Victoria has Danielle all covered up defensively on shaky legs. Vicky then strikes at the PLP fighter’s flanks, she’s really giving those side ribs a roasting with a steady drumbeat of punching power. Danielle finally tries to pull back so she can get her jab properly organized and now Vicky runs into stiffening resistance late as drives jabs into her face. Victoria growing more cautious as the round comes to a close, but she has still won another round by a wide margin.

R4: “Where’s your offense, Dani?” Nia Peeples heard telling DC during the break. “You are letting her run this fight. Take it back from her.” Danielle seen to nod in response.

Out from her corner shoots Danielle Campbell is her fastest opening move of the bout. She certainly catches Victoria by surprise as she bangs her hard across the chops with the right and then strikes with the left. Vicky floundering backwards in obvious confusion as Dani pours straight rights and lefts to carve up Vicky’s face. Victoria hastily gets to her gloves around her face but now a vengeful Danielle Campbell hammers away at Vicky’s undefended body. Vicky writhing as DC’s rakes her breasts, ribs and belly with punch after punch. Danielle pushing Vicky back towards the ropes. Vicky now fighting back to keep off the strands, but gets punched hard to the jaw and chin. Vicky’s legs starting the shiver under pressure but she hangs on until the bell sounds. Vicky looking shells-shocked as she trudges to her corner. Danielle finally has a round to smile about as she wins this one wide.

R5: Victoria gets a lot of attention at the break. Not clear what her instructions from GBS trainer Leah Remini are, but she does come out for the round showing a tight defense. Danielle advancing on Victoria, circles around at first, firing in some probing punches that don’t get much reaction. Dani then boldly attacks Vicky to the belly with a relentless series of pounding hooks that has Vicky doubled up and gasping for air. Then DC strikes at Vicky’s bent over body with muscular hooks first at her breasts, then she tries to force her way between Vicky’s defensive gloves. Vicky trying to hold her defenses together, but then Dani launches a fresh flurry of hooks into Victoria’s stomach. Vicky shuddering, trying to back away, her gloves comes apart and DC strikes! Smashing right to the point of the chin sends Victoria tottering back and then a left/right combo to the chin on follow-up. DOWN GOES VICTORIA! Victoria topples backwards and lands hard on her butt, then falls onto her back, arms out-flung. DC hurries to the neutral corner as referee starts to count. Vicky trying to push herself up off the canvas, but when she tries to get up she falls back down and then fails on a second attempt. She is sitting there with her head hanging as the referee announces:



After: “I told you all before the fight, I was better boxer against her in 2015 and I still am today,” says a happy Danielle Campbell to reporters after the fight. “Now I have evened my 2019 record at 3-3 and I still have time to make sure I finish up over .500. Nice win tonight. Victoria did give me a problem o two, but nothing I couldn’t adjust to and then finish her off.”

Sometime later, Victoria Justice says: “I was beating her, I know I was, but I let it get away from me. This was a very disappointing loss, but I have learned that you can’t dwell too much on your defeats. I will learn from this and I will do much better next time out!”

A good win for Danielle Campbell, as she herself noted, she hasn’t been having a good year and this win over a solid journeywoman like Victoria Justice shows she has right the ship. What Dani needs to do now is make sure the ship stays upright and so her next fight could be even more important than this one. On the other hand, Victoria is understandably disappointed in this loss. She did give Dani a hard time in R2 & 3, but DC came back in R4 and gave Vicky a beating that left her vulnerable to being finished in R5, which is what happened. Time for Victoria to regroup and this could make her next fight important for her as well. She needs a win more than ever and hopefully she wikl be able to get it with the help of her GBS managers. 



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