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29 November 2019 Luisana Lopilato vs Summer Glau

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 29, 2019,  1:10pm


Luisana Lopilato vs Summer Glau

(31, 5’6, 115, 19:10 FCBA, VIXENS)

(38, 5’6, 24:35 FCBA, Free Agent)

"Losing always sucks, of course," Luisana starting the press conference with a small nod. "But my friends and trainers tell me I've got the goods to make it to the top, so that's why I'm here again tonight. I'm gonna persevere on, so Summer better be ready for the new and improved Luisa tonight."

An inspiring speech draws loud cheers and applause from the audience members, but one person who ain't impressed is Summer Glau, who’s caught rolling her eyes repeatedly from across the table. 

"Take it from me, honey. Your time is almost up," Glau says, dead serious. "And so is mine. I have no delusions about retiring close to my age. I've done and seen enough sh*t in the ring that I don't need to prove myself anymore. But I still want to end my career on a high note, so that's why I'm here: to kick your ass, blondie."

Serious glare sent both ways as both women size each other up on stage. Luisa wearing black bra and panties, both hands complete with white gloves. Summer wearing a loose white blouse that cuts off a little too soon, showing plenty of mid-riff, with denim short shorts and a pair of red gloves on either hand. 

Rest of the arena entrances and ring introductions move on without issue, and before long, the referee is waving his hand to start this match! HERE we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action! 

Wild action in the very first minute as these two crash into each other with both power and speed! Summer moving FAST for her age, absorbing most of Luisa’s incoming strikes before landing a hard thump of her own to the blonde’s face, before rocking her hard with a follow-up hook that crashes into the side-arms. Luisana not expecting this kind of resistance this early on. Hell, this was supposed to be an easy bounceback for her career. Instead, she’s finding herself pushed back and forced to cover up from the punches Summer’s repeatedly landing on her, with Glau targeting the arms and then the body, eagerly scoring on Luisa’s midsection as she racks up points. Luisa blocking best she can, then striking back when there’s an opening, manages to snag the chin late in the round, sending Glau stumbling backwards as well more stunned than hurt. But it’s not enough to salvage the round for the Vixen, who ends up giving it up on a silver platter to the veteran fighter.

Glau also a heavy-hitter for her kind of built, and despite what the pundits might say, this gal is still looking hella dangerous as she comes forward to brawl. Luisa however countering with a sound strategy of moving backwards and then striking at the holes in her defences with precise jabs shooting in from afar. This way, she stays out of harm’s way and also scores her revenge when her jabs strike at the lips or pound hard into the chest. Glau grimacing, growing frustrated with her sudden lack of success. Last minute has both girls dancing back and forth, with Summer also imitating the blonde’s moves, sending jab combos at the head and doing some damage on Luisa’s face as well. Lopilato still taking the round by the time the bell rings, however, successfully stemming the tide against her.

Glau still eager to brawl, and who can fault this woman, who’s turning 40 soon enough - she’s kept herself in tip top shape and looks eager to go another ten rounds in the ring. But not when she’s met with a sudden barrage of punches to the body, with Luisa meeting her head-on suddenly, in yet another midring collision. Only this time, the Vixen swerves and bobs around her foe’s slow hooks, goes after the body with rapid pounding action left right left right, stunning Summer enough to root her in place. Luisana TAKES her head off with a follow-up snapping right uppercut! Summer ROCKED badly as she FLIES backwards, before crashing down onto her back in an absolute daze! AND JUST LIKE THAT!! We have a KNOCKDOWN for Luisana Lopilato! 

Good and early result as Glau’s left shaking her head vigorously, desperately trying to get off her back and make the count. The referee reciting numbers above, but from the stunned look on Summer’s face, something tells us that she’s barely even registering her growing predicament. Ref hits the 10-count and Glau is barely off her knees! There goes the bell and the referee waves her chances over!

Official Decision: Luisana Lopilato defeats Summer Glau via KO3! 

Wow!! The Vixens sure as hell putting away their foes early tonight, with Luisa looking elated as well with this early KO victory before the pass of the fifteen minute mark! She runs to her corner, arms in the air as she shares an embrace with Kate Beckinsale and Head Trainer Corey Saucier, before mounting the turnbuckle and ¹acknowledging her fans with a wide smile.

Meanwhile, Glau still lying flat on her back at the other corner of the ring, dazed with a possible concussion from how stationary she’s staying put. Perhaps we spoke too soon about the aging woman’s health and stamina. Here’s to hoping she’ll be alright, and find success in some other, less hazardous avenue! 



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