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29 November 2019 Alyssa Lynch vs Shenae Grimes

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 29, 2019,  1:04pm


Alyssa Lynch vs Shenae Grimes

(23, 5’7, 120, 22:8 FCBA, VIXENs)

(30, 5’3, 8:5 FCBA, Free Agent)

Both these ladies coming off a win recently, with Alyssa Lynch hoping to end the year on a high note and Shenae Grimes looking to take another step towards permanent employment.

“Grimes hasn’t faced off against a Vixen before, and tonight, that’s about to change,” Alyssa says with a smile. “We both want this win bad, but I think I have the energy and height to take this fight.”

“I’ve been training hard ever since July and my victory over Sarah Jeffery,” Shenae says next, looking confident as ever. “Alyssa’s had a mixed year, just like me, so I’d say this match is gonna go 50-50.” 

Alyssa Lynch wearing a plain black bikini, brown hair tied up with a red band. Shenae going for a white crop top, hot denim shorts. Girls touch gloves at the insistence of the referee, and with a wave of his hand, HERE we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!

Alyssa springing into action at the sound of the bell, the Vixen hungry for a winning streak to call her own and eager to take the fight as early as possible. She snaps a flurry into Shenae’s face early, stunning the Free Agent and making her hesitate to come forward, only to eat a couple more punches to the lips before she’s even warmed up. Alyssa pressing into her, pressure mounting as she jabs into Shenae’s arms, occasionally snagging the lips and cheek before going south to target the body. Grimes not liking the fact that she’s off to a bad start, finds herself bullied backwards as she struggles to push back. A late flurry fired has Alyssa forced to cover up as well, and the two brunettes trade back and forth barbs in the closing seconds of the first round, but overall, we think Lynch is going to take it easy. 

Grimes gritting her teeth and sailing in this time, ignoring the flurry Alyssa fires at her head before she too HITS a one-two smack to the lips, stunning the Vixen in the opening seconds! Lynch probably wasn’t expecting the older woman to be able to withstand such a show of force, gets herself stunned again as Shenae swipes a right hand across her face for good measure. Lynch forced to cover up, now the one in full retreat, but she too is protecting herself well enough, blocking and absorbing the strikes, but then Shenae going after her tummy, lefts and rights slammed in as the brunette makes up for lost ground. Only in the third minute do both women reset and catch their breath, both having felt each other out sufficiently. Not much action at this point, merely pawing at the face from afar as Shenae lets the timer run down to give herself a wide round to even the score.

Alyssa backing away in the first minute, giving the impression that she's letting Grimes take the round again. Shenae eager to fill the void, firing on all cylinders as she gives chase and starts shooting jabs forward. Lynch however clearly in control of the situation, blocking and parrying those blows with ease, then snaps the head back with sudden shocks to the nose as Grimes doesn't get the message until it's too late. Shenae eats another right hand straight to the kisser, groaning as she's finally stopped in her tracks. Alyssa roaring forward now, batting mitts into her stomach with a quick left-right combo before almost taking Shenae off her feet with a wild swing to the head. Grimes hurt, no choice but to back away, this time gets chased back to the ropes before the bell rings to save her from a knockdown attempt. Wide round swings right back to Alyssa's corner! 

These two are certainly putting in their best effort to knock each other silly! Here comes Alyssa, invigorated and shooting punches in rapidly. Shenae's turn to play it cool, taking some hits to the tummy but otherwise providing an obstacle to Lynch's headhunting attempts with her guard locked over her face. Another wild flurry flies both ways mid-round as both girls land some painful-looking blows to the lips and nostrils. Neither of them willing to back down, however, with Lynch finally going for a right hook to the face, but MISSES when Grimes ducks under due to her height disadvantage. Well, in this case it's proving to have the opposite effect: Grimes takes a pot shot at the belly button, folds Alyssa over with a loud grunt, before the Vixen almost gets blown off her feet when Shenae slams a hard right hook into the side of her head! OUCH! Grimes immediately giving chase as Alyssa flies into retreat, but the bell rings before she can make a bigger statement tonight! Not that she needs to - Alyssa left panting on the ropes, eyes wide with surprise as she wonders how she got manhandled like that. 

Shenae looking invigorated, bobbing and weaving as she storms forward, hoping to score an upset. She’s trying to crowd Alyssa’s space out and at the same time fire bountiful jabs at the Vixen’s face, herding her into a corner. Alyssa’s arms up, covering best she can but still peeking in and out of cover as she looks for an opening to counter-strike, and strike hard. That opportunity comes after thirty seconds of getting chased across the ring, when Shenae leans one way when she should have gone the other, EATS a tight hook across the face as Lynch scores with precision and power! OUCH! Grimes stumbles to the side, her head swimming. She tries to recover but Alyssa too quick, BLASTS another right hand clean into the cheek, swerves the older woman around as she COLLAPSES down onto her side! 

KNOCKDOWN in shocking fashion for Alyssa Lynch! Not even Grimes saw that comin’! Shenae groaning, trying to push herself off her chest, her eyes still glued shut as she saliva drips down into the canvas below. Lynch sauntering back in neutral corner, eyeing her foe with a small smirk. Somehow or another Shenae still manages to get back up by the count of 9, and by sheer will, this fight is continuing! 

Alyssa barrels into her, hoping to use the remaining two minutes to the best of her ability. Shenae just powerless on the ropes as she gets absolutely thrashed left and right by the taller, younger fighter. Lynch blasting more hooks across her arms and into the side of the head. Grimes covered up, bent over, hoping to survive the onslaught, but when another swing smacks her head clean over the ropes, the referee’s seen enough of this abuse, jumps in to cover the American actress up from permanent damage! It’s all over!

Official Decision: Alyssa Lynch defeats Shenae Grimes via TKO5! 

A dominant win for Alyssa Lynch as she comes out of this brawl victorious! It’s still too early to tell if she will get that winning streak she so desires, but for now, things are certainly looking promising, with Grimes having fallen defeated to her knees, now grabbing at the bottom rope just to stay afloat. Lynch celebrating in corner by contrast, hugging her trainers as she eyes a bright future! 



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