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29 November 2019 Shailene Woodley vs Jessica Nigri

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 29, 2019, 1:01pm


Shailene Woodley versus Jessica Nigri(Words: Bazz / Results: Lookout!)


Before: “First, I want to thank the Bazz organization and Shailene for giving me a shot tonight.” A somewhat nervous Jessica Nigri starts out with a throat clearing statement. “It isn’t often that a model in my business who gets most of her work in JMD fights gets her chance in the mainstream at this level. Still if you think that I’m just some stay busy gal for Shailene you’re sadly mistaken. I don’t just let chances slide idly by. I’ve trained hard and I plan on winning tonight. I’m sorry if I’m messing up some already written in the books plans for Bazz Fight Club but that’s just the way it’s going to be.” Jess finishes up with a rather bold prediction all while giving her opponent, Shailene Woodley, the big eye.


“I don’t make predictions, although I will tell you that Jessica’s attitude is what any successful fighter in this league owns, so good for her. What I do is keep my head down, and work. I work hard. When you’re in great physical condition after putting together such a powerful training regimen before a fight the result is a sort of destiny for the event. With that being said I think that if you ever go into a fight with the idea that your opponent is a push over, more than likely you can plan on putting that fight in the loss column. Everyone is different in their approach but that’s been my experience. So I plan to hit hard and move quickly tonight. Jess better be ready because there’ll be no let up on me.” Shailene gives a sort of symposium in her approach to fighting and then leaves the podium with a very determined look on her face.


Both fighters are in incredible shape. Jessica’s female six pack is on display wearing a bright yellow bikini with black fight boots and gloves. Shailene’s body is equally hard as she steps into the ring wearing a shiny black bikini with matching black boots and gloves.


Rd 1 Jessica showing some nerves at the outset allows Shailene to score right off the bat with a combination to the head. Nigri stumbles back in shock as Shailene goes all in, pouring on some serious punching, driving the Indie model back to the ropes. Jessica covered up while Shailene takes advantage of the early rally. Woodley seeing an opening launches a jab that cruises past Nigri’s arms and catches her in the face. Jessica’s head rocks back and she gives a shimmy in the knees. The ref becomes very interested watching Jessica closely until the end of the round which has turned out to be an early blitzkrieg orchestrated by Shailene Woodley.


Rd 2 Jessica gets some harried instruction in her corner but actually seems to do a good job of calming everyone down as the bell sounds. She bounds out to center ring showing that she is still willing and able. Shailene tries to score early with some jabs and then follows up with some powerful right hands hoping to put Nigri in the same spot that she was in during round 1. Meanwhile Jessica stays loose. She ducks down and puts a roundhouse right into Shailene’s gut. It’s a good punch that’s followed up with a nice jab to Woodley’s face. Crowd on its feet as Nigir is showing some effective offense for the first time in the fight. Suddenly she shocks Woodley with a two punch combo that nicks her in the chin with a jab and then finishes strong with a right hand to the head. Shailene retreats. She’s on her bicycle backing away from a charging Nigri who is throwing a flurry of punches that are scoring. Woodley throwing defensive punches trying to get over the top to Nigir’s head but she’s being denied for the most part. Jessica doubles down bobbing and weaving into Shailene with the same left-right combination. The bell rings with Jessica Nigri finally getting into the fight with some very good offense.


Rd 3 Nigri steps out for the 3rd round with a boatload more confidence than she had displayed in the first two rounds. Woodley frustrated that she has let Jessica into this fight at all. She steps into Nigri and bangs a left then a right to the body. Nigir responds with a right hand that catches Woodley flush on the jaw and WOODLEY”S IN TROUBLE. Shailene stepping into fence post holes as she panics, trying to recover from a suddenly very dangerous Jessica Nigri. Meanwhile Jessica is putting on an offensive display throwing a flurry of lefts and rights pummeling a seemingly helpless Shailene Woodley. Woodley hanging on with grim determination as she takes some punishing punches from Nigri. The bell rings with a totally dominant onslaught put on by Jessica Nigri. 


Rd 4 Now it’s Shailene’s corner’s turn to dip into the realm of total anxiety. Pointy Del Crunchy is gesticulating wildly in front of Shailene Woodley while Lis Rohm, no longer her calm collected self is seen pointing to Jessica Nigri’s corner while mouthing the words, “pick it up or she’ll finish you off”. Shailene literally shaking her head in disgust as she makes her way to center ring. Jessica playing it safe throws some stiff jabs to Woodley’s head. Woodley dodging, using her speed to avoid another disastrous round. Jessica steps in with her left leg and throws a right hand roundhouse but Shailene is ready. She ducks down and throws her own right hand, a stinger that lands on Nigri’s lower torso. Jessica bends to the left and Shailene snaps off a left hand jab that knocks back her head. Nigri tries to punch her way through the Woodley flurry but another left hand lands on her nose. Shailene now in control lands punch after punch to Jessica’s head and body. The assault is both a shocking turnaround and overwhelming. Shailene, in control, skips in and buggywhips a right hand to the torso. Nigri practically whimpering in pain as Shailene works her over. Nigri’s knees give a shimmy when Shailene lands another right hand just before the bell.


Rd 5 Nigri looks shell shocked in her corner. The corner is working on a couple of cuts that have opened up around one of her eyes. She emerges from her corner as damaged goods. Woodley’s shutout the previous round has wreaked some havoc on the model. Jessica goes dukes up at center ring. She throws some jabs and moves hoping to keep Woodley away from her long enough to get her legs back. Shailene moves around Nigri’s assault and then moves in with a left-right combination. The left nicks her chin and Jessica panics and covers up on the ropes. Shailene takes full advantage and returns to the massive blitzkrieg from the previous round. Nigri throws some defensive punches catching Shailene on the top of the head a couple of times but Woodley is undeterred. She flicks out a series of left hand jabs that pester Jessica touching up her face. Nigri’s eye cut begins to dribble blood again just as Shailene unleashes a mammoth right hand to the torso. Jessica wilts and DOWN GOES NIGRI! Jessica slumps to the floor on her left side. The ref counts to ten while Jessica struggles to get to her feet, but the pain is just too much. IT’S A 5 ROUND KO FOR SHAILENE WOODLEY!


After: “You know I hate those prefight talks! I really do! They either consist of two fighter hurling insults at each other, which I guess sells this sport or you get a dumb bell like me who gives a speech about keeping your head down and never underestimating your opponent and what do I do in the second round? I underestimate my opponent!” Shailene Woodley admits with a rather sheepish grin sitting on her stool surrounded by the press. “I was so lucky today. I got out of here by the skin of my teeth against a very good fighter. Jess is tough and she’s got some serious technique. I understand that she’s an indie now but that won’t last long and for our sake Pointy and Lis ought to take note of that! Shailene pays her opponent a sincere compliment as she heads out of the ring. 




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