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29 November 2019 Alexis Ren vs Stella Maxwell

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 29, 2019, 12:27pm


Alexis Ren vs Stella Maxwell

(22, 5’8, 28:8 FCBA, VIXENs)

(29, 5’8, 1:2 FCBA, Free Agent)

"Beef?? There ain't no beef. That lovey-dovey-goody-two-shoes Swift had better watch her back, because I'm COMING for her titles - BOTH of 'em! Stella Maxwell is just another blonde bimbo to pad my record. Watch and weep - I’ll make short work of her tonight!" Ren says, grinning at the assembled reporters in the press hall. 

Across the table from her sits Stella Maxwell, tall and lean British model who's done plenty of shoots from Victoria's Secret and the like. She smiles as she puts lips to the microphone.

"Speaking of 'blonde bimbos'..." she begins, which draws a laugh from the audience and a murderous glare from Ren. "Alexis has never been championship material. Look at how easily she vacated the Queen of the Ice Hotel, and then look at the quality of competition she actually faced to stay there. She's nothing but weak and washed up, and tonight, I plan on exposing her."

Wild slapfest erupts at the podium as both ladies LUNGE forward at each other's hair once they both get in range, a tight slap sent across the face reverberating through the press hall as they can't wait to get their hands on each other. Later, after they're disentangled, Alexis striding to the ring flashing her white cotton bra and briefs, purple shawl over her shoulders as she flashes supple white skin for the audience with a wry grin. Stella opting for a light pink lingerie set, her short blonde bob wavy across her face as she purses her lips and ends up with a sexy pose on stage. 

Both ladies are about the same height and built, so we're interested to see what kind of game plan they're bringing to this match. Referee waves his hand and HERE we go with ten rounds of Lightweight action! 

Ladies get right to it - they fly at each other and let fly those big swings! Stella scores first with a left hand delivered straight to the face of Alexis Ren, and then a follow-up hook almost takes the Vixen off her feet right there and then. Ren however only a little rattled, backing away, then scores with her own left-right combo into Maxwell’s lips, another swing thump! to the belly as these two blondes don’t waste any time! Maxwell, despite her being lesser-known, is no less tenacious in her quest to win tonight. Ren finding herself getting beaten back in the final minute when she eats another painful swing to the cheek, and before she can retaliate, gets her head snapped skywards by a nasty uppercut that connects with the chin. Despite being the same height and built, Stella just moving at a little more stellar pace, landing more punches than Ren this round overall. Bell rings and Ren looks both relieved and incredibly incensed, letting out a shout of frustration as she heads back to corner to recuperate. Maxwell unexpectedly takes the first round wide.

Pundits left scratching their heads as Stella sails in looking like a champion - why hasn’t anyone signed this girl yet? She’s moving fast on those long legs of hers, looking to dominate Alexis one more time… until she meets Ren’s counter-strategy of skirting backwards and outta the way, dancing around the incoming Brit model. Ren putting her vast experience to good use, not engaging Maxwell directly but landing jabs on her being from afar. It’s what Ren does best: disrupt her opponent’s strengths and then leaps in to exploit their weakness. By the third minute, Stella’s left feeling slightly exposed and panting hard, marks of red covering her cheek and body, the handiwork of Ren this round, whose patient jabs and opportune strikes will give the Vixen the wide round in turn.

Maxwell trying to learn and emulate, and for the first minute, neither girl moves in close enough to fully engage the other, with both of them dancing around each other in circles, only occasionally striking jabs from afar. It’s a far cry from the press conference earlier when both ladies were literally trying to tear each other’s hair off the scalps. Ren taking the initiative soon enough, tired of the inaction as she comes in hard and fast, hitting a left hand on the arms, then using her right to take some swipes at the Brit’s lean body, targeting the tummy and chest in particular. Maxwell letting out grunts of dissatisfaction, barely counterattacking at this point, not until she sees Ren come wading in for another such combo - BLAM!! - times a hook at the precise moment Alexis was ducking under to target her body! Maxwell’s glove disappears into the Vixen’s cheek as Ren’s eyes go wide with shock, the Vixen staggered backwards and primed for another explosive forward CROSS to the nostrils, which FLOORS THE FORMER ICE QUEEN FLAT ON HER BACK!

Good lord! Maxwell scores an early KNOCKDOWN on the former champion herself! Ren spreadeagled on the canvas, eyelids fluttering as all four limbs are splayed four ways! Referee hovering overhead, counting her out so early in the fight, whilst Maxwell is busy smirking in her own corner, an “I told ya so, b*tch” plastered on her face. Ren however recovering fast once she regains her senses, suddenly seen scrambling up to her feet before the count of 8 passes. Not the best round or look for her, that’s for sure, but at least she manages to move on to the next round!

Stella breathing hard but still coming forward hot like coals, wanting to bully Ren back into the ropes and end the fight before the middle mark. Ren, however, has other ideas, pulls back after the first punches snag her arms, before the wiley blonde LEAPS forward with a superwoman punch, LANDS HER GLOVE right on the nose! UGHH! Maxwell reeling, throat gurgling as her face disappears in leather for a brief moment! Ren’s show! Ren’s show! She slaps all sorts of leather into the tummy, then goes to work up top with more strapping hands breaking down the guard in large swaths of swings! Stella shocked, now with her back to the ropes, a far cry from just moments ago when she found herself in total control. Ren crowding in close, bullying arms pushing and shoving those flimsy arms apart, then squeezing in her right hand snap snap SNAP into the nose and lips, until finally Stella CRUMPLES at her feet from the onslaught, her head rolling onto the middle rope as she’s KNOCKED SENSELESS!! Referee pulls Ren off to check on Maxwell, but the poor girl’s KNOCKED OUT COLD! This fight’s OVER before it began!

Official Decision: Alexis Ren defeats Stella Maxwell via KO4! 

Ren beaming, throwing her hands up at this early and well-deserved victory. Immediately, she plows her body right back into Maxwell, with the Brit’s back still to the ropes now finding herself trapped, as Ren sends a bruising kneecap crashing up into her face. Then, hands pluck at disheveled blonde hair as Ren hisses and coos down at her captive prey. What started as a strong rivalry has turned into a one-sided affair before the night’s out, with Maxwell finding herself too stunned to protest much, merely groans as Ren slaps her face over and over again until the ring officials intervene.

Who knows who or what the Vixen might be eyeing next. One can definitely be sure, however, that it’s something big! 



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