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29 November 2019 Courtney Tailor vs Jennifer Lawrence

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 29, 2019, 12:09pm


Courtney Tailor vs Jennifer Lawrence

Before: (by Ginny) Jen Lawrence is 6-7 since her loss to Tailor in March 2018 and odds makers point to that fight - and her two losses to Kostek later in the year - as justification for making Courtney the favorite tonight. "That's a load of crap," J-Law protests, pointing to her wins (Hoopes, Krsmanovic, Rhoda , Decker, Kloss and McKinney) as "proof positive there's nothing wrong." The blonde adding, "It's always that styles make fights and in a couple of those losses, I didn't make the necessary adjustments to my opponent. You ought to give me credit for making both Upton and Righetti work hard in both of my championship fights. The only loss I really hated was the one to Atkinson... her I should have beaten. But tonight I have a chance to make up for that against her stablemate."

In responding to a reporters question, Jen pointed out, "In our previous fight, Tailor went to the body a lot and I guess I wasn't as well conditioned as I thought. This time I'm prepared for that and I've been doing lots of work on my own offense. This time the fight will be far different that what you saw in the ring last year!"

Tailor rode a year-long win streak into a JMDD title fight against Upton, ready to get another on going. “At this point Amanda and Taylor are looking for anybody to get in the ring with them! Every win counts and I’m going to be right at the front!”

J-Law: Chimera's go-to outfit, a green "Theron bikini", yellow gloves and bare feet; her honey blond hair in a French Twist. Tailor in black one-piece with her hair flipped over her left shoulder, black gloves

R1: Courtney circling outside, picking her spots to pounce in off feints. Jen keeping dukes up, trusting her body to absorb anything downstairs: she just doesn't want to give up chin to Tailor’s formidable firepower. Lawrence steadily whittling down the ring - jabbing jug; pounding ribs with the right roundhouse; dipping left shoulder/hoisting left hooks up into Courtney's midsection. Tailor not enjoying the punishment, she's scooting in and out of range, trying not to linger overly long outside, Lawrence walking her girl down with a little smirk of supremacy in a close first.

R2: Jennifer jabs Courtney to ropes, squares up on her: pate-to-pate in-fighting evolves as Texan digs in at apron. Girls stooping forward in strong stances, taking turns cuffing one another's tummies CHUP! CHUP! Girls moving heads side to side in little bobbing shifts, setting up on either opposing shoulder; strong shouldered blondes reaching in to writhe-arms for position, pulling the rival's wrists down, then clouting her about the ears. Lawrence gradually getting the better of it, picking Tailor up the short right uppercut inside; pushing off with the extended left elbow; hooking the breadbasket. Courtney grumpy, outworked at bell, Jen will take these terms all night. 

R3: Courtney undaunted, continues to bob and weave forward, hooking Jennifer's body, jamming her head into Lawrence's chest and at the end of the first minute - blonde's butt is indeed on the ropes. Tailor working her magic - working out of her crouch, twisting into shuddering hooks up and down Jennifer's right side, occasionally chopping up at jaw as the blonde covers up and takes. Courtney driving into Lawrence's trunks, chugging away to the waist, leaving her ashen faced as she’s worked over bell to bell.

R4: Pretty clear Jennifer wants to fight in the center of the ring, Courtney wants to take her girl to the ropes. Lawrence backhanding out the jab, dropping sidearm with right hands as she steps back, trying to pick Tailor up as blonde comes in. When Jennifer’s back hits ropes, Courtney takes over, clubbing arms, jugs and midriff with scuffing, churning, non stop action. Close round, but Tailor's coming forward and grinning throughout - Lawrence not selling as well with concerned looks and grimaces.

R5: Courtney looking to keep on the pressure, sweeping lefts and rights across Jennifer, who crouches down, then COMES UP HOOKING! Walloping crash takes Tailor across the teeth, driving her to ropes at the stagger...ON COMES JENNIFER! Lawrence baring her teeth - piling into Tailor, stacking her up, dipping the right shoulder to shovel righty-to-gut; dipping left shoulder, popping hips-right and REEFING home the body-hook! Courtney crying out - HER turn to hurt...Jen just bashing away to glory, cleaning up stout when TAILOR STARTS TO ANSWER! HAMMER AND TONGS! COURTNEY AND JEN PASTING AWAY TOE-TO-TOE! Crowd delirious as curvy-sexy blondes check their minds at the door and just start wailing. Lawrence stubbornly absorbing shellack - jamming straight rights up top with palm-down delivery; lashing that hook amidships in search of quit. Tailor grimacing, keeping elbows in, dipping herself side to side and swatting punches at all things Jennifer. Bell: girls slugging away mindless until ref pushes 'em apart...chests heaving, mouths wide open, eyes glaring with dull hatred through 5

R6: Courtney over the top right: Jennifer covering up, ducking and rolling-with, answering back a stuffing right to breadbasket...the puts 'em shoulder to shoulder and working. Tailor belted thick about her midsection; hooked tits and jaw; munching right uppercuts short n' tight inside. Lawrence bullying her way forward, but at cost, Courtney lathering tummy with brisk hup-hup right/lefts; answering hook-for-hook to Jen's tits. Steady give and take drives fighters to ropes: they dig in on the apron, looking to survive another round of each other's mining operations downstairs. Lawrence sets her hips, starts reefing workmanlike hooks to waist/ribcage: bruising thump sounding out loud, drawing moans of sympathy from ringsiders. Tailor's legs in stiff A frame, butt in ropes...she's taking too much to the body; she can't answer! Courtney paralyzed, hands at temples, teeth bared in grimace...Jen's body-hooking her, then pushing her into ropes, setting feet to rip hooks upstairs, then lick the waist right/left THICK! Tailor breaking down, getting limp and shabby, guard starting to loosen OH THOSE THUMPING HOOKS IN THE BODY! Courtney finally sobbing out loud, draping arms around Jennifer's shoulders to clinch. Lawrence stacks Tailor up with healthy shove under the armpits, ragdolls her and HOOKS HER GOODNIGHT! Courtney's head swiveling as her hands drop/eyes click shut...she pools in boneless heap to canvas as Jen looms over top, drawing thumb-across-throat and crowing until ref rushes in. KO6 in brutal fashion Jennifer Lawrence.

After: Lawrence preening proudly facing the media afterward, although she has the class to blush with embarrassment when the first question is about her "throat cut" gesture in the ring. "Yeah, that was a bit over the top," she admits sheepishly. "That's really not who I am as a fighter. I got carried away by the emotion... this fight was important to me and it was a statement victory that I needed to have. But if I can't build on this with several more wins, I'll have trouble getting back to what I want - another chance at the welter title."

When pressed about her plans, specifically future JMDD fights, Lawrence was uncharacteristically noncommital. "I'm not avoiding JMDD," she stated, "but that's not where my focus is. I've made no secret I want to win the welter title.... hopefully several times... but a lot of the best welters are also active in JMDD and (sometimes) that's where you have to go to catch up to them." 



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