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29 November 2019 Kate Upton vs Karlie Kloss

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 29, 2019, 12:06pm


Kate Upton vs. Karlie Kloss(Words: Front Street / Results: Lookout!)

Quality welter matchup featuring rangy Kloss, who's collected plenty of impressive scalps, and Upton, who's already a three-time welterweight champion. And, while Kate The Great is the favorite, Kloss isn't impressed. "Lima, McKinney, Freeman, Righetti...they all beat her. And, I beat all of THEM. That ought to tell you how this is going to go."

"Um, we fought BEFORE," growls Kate. "I left Karlie in a pool of her own drool. THAT'S how this is going to go."

Kloss aggressive early, using the reach to keep Kate at bay. Upton wants to work in, get physical, but Kloss is making that impossible. She's snapping that jab into Kate's lovely face, stopping her, then dropping in right hands to punish the busty one. Upton actually backed up a couple of times, such is Kloss' power. But, Kate not cowed. She's determined to close and bang. But, she can't get it done. Instead, Kloss continues dropping those big bombs on her behind the jab. It's a testament to how sturdy Kate is that she takes them and stays afloat. But, that kind of punishment is going to add up over time and Upton's corner knows it. They're shouting to their girl to move, get off square, but it's not happening. Instead, Kloss bangs away right to the bell, taking the first wide to lead 10-9.

Kate moving the feet more now, angling, getting inside to work body. Karlie tying her up in there, but Upton shoving off, banging away, winning the interior wrestling matches and opening up the taller girl for hard leather. Kloss gets breaks from the referee here and there, but, mostly, the mugging on the inside is allowed to go on because Upton is able to work out of the clinches, and that mugging favors Kate The Great, who's having by far the better of it. Kloss has her moments, landing some hard shot of her own, but, the vast majority of the three minutes of this stanza see Upton either tenderizing Kloss' ribs and midsection or forcing her to back and cover with hard shot to the head. When the bell rings, it's Kate and quite wide and we're all even on the cards at 19.

Kate looking to work forward and GETTNG ROCKED! Just seconds into the round, Kloss stops Upton with a jab and drops a BOOMING right hand on her! Former champ GOBSMACKED, stumbling sideways, nearly going down. And Karlie lets the hands go! She's throwing everything in the arsenal at the reeling Kate, driving her back into the ropes and letting her have it with both hands. Upton in a tight guard, leaning back on the cables, blocking, rolling with, looking to run clock. Ref looking in closely, clearly considering stopping this. Upton jabbing back once in a while, but mostly just taking, and she's taking a TON of punishment from the taller girl. Kloss hammering away, looking for the finisher. Looking, but not finding. Thus, when the bell rings, Upton is still standing. But, Kloss has taken it wide to lead 29-28.

Karlie in command. Kloss dominating a still-buzzed Kate. Upton in retreat, can't hold her canvas. And, Kloss taking full advantage to pile up points and hurt. Karlie even working some body, digging to the midsection and ribs, all while continuously forcing Upton to back and cover. About midway through the round, Karlie has Kate pinned to the cables. And, then she goes to work on that famous rack. With Upton's guard high, Kloss begins pounding her bra cups, bringing gasps from the former champion, who tries to tie up to slow her rival down. Karlie, however, stacks the shorter girl up, and goes right back to work. It's ugly for Upton for the final minute, as Kloss gives her a thorough beating both upstairs and down. When the bell finally rings, Karlie's won another one wide and now has a 39-37 lead.

Kloss continuing to command things early, backing up her rival with hard, accurate shot to the head. Things go that way for about a minute, and then Kate begins holding canvas. She's banging back hard, and several fire fights develiop in the middle of the ring until Karlie figures this might not be the best way for her to win the fight. At that point, the rangier Kloss gets back to gunnery platform stuff. Kate responds by getting back to what she did in the second round, angling forward, looking to close and fight inside. She has some success, and gets body work done when she does. At other times, it's Karlie getting the terms she wants, and, when they're boxing at range, Kloss gets the better of things. When the bell rings, it all adds up to another Kloss win, though a narrow one, and Karlie's up 49-46 at the half.

Replay of the second and third minutes of round five. Upton's shaken the damage and has those sturdy legs back under her, and she's using them to move and angle, looking to get past Kloss' long jab and bang her body inside. Like in the previous round, Upton has some success doing that, and she scores to both head and body when she's in close. At range, it's Kloss who's getting the better of things, and it's all about the reach advantage. Kate's firing back, but she's short on most of it. Result of all this is a closely-fought round in which no one can create any distance. Both fighters, realizing it's very close late, try to steal it, but it's Upton who manages to get inside with about twenty seconds to go and land just enough thumping leather to take the points and cut Kloss' lead to 58-56.

Right back to the familiar pattern. Kloss trying to enforce distance, Kate working inside the jab to bring her power to bear. BOOM! Again, just seconds in, but, this time, it's UPTON who lands a bomb and KLOSS who's steppin' in fence post holes! Karlie reeling, nearly going down, as the busty one lets the hands go and drives the taller model back into the ropes. Upton gets to work downstairs, hammering the ribs and midsection, trying to bring the guard down. Kloss keeps the hands up. And Kate goes RACK. Upton paying her fellow model back for the fourth round rack attack...with interest. Now it's gasps of pain from Karlie, who still manages to keep the guard high, and avoid a finisher from the former champion. At the bell, Kloss is standing, though Upton's thrown a shutout and is back within a point, down 67-66.

Kate on a mission. She's stepping to a wobbly Karlie and bringing the punishment. Kloss giving ground, keeping the guard high, looking to counter here and there, but mostly playing defense, trying to ride out the storm that IS the former champion, who's sitting down on every punch looking to finish this thing. Kate working a little body, but it's mostly head hunting now as she bangs away with both hands and...BOOM! Right hook, Upton! Karlie actually does a half-spin to her right before COLLAPSING IN A HEAP on the canvas! Kate not exactly in a rush to a neutral corner. Kloss down on right hip and shoulder, right cheek pressed against the mat, eyes closed as the referee counts over her. There's no movement at all from the taller girl as the numbers rise and the count passes her by. It's OVER! And your winner by KO8 is Kate Upton!

Kate still hard-eyed in the aftermath. "She talks a big game and then she tries going rack with me," the former champ says with a shake of the head. "Well, how did all that work out for her? Maybe you can ask her after they wipe her drool off the mat. Just like I said." 



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