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29 November 2019 Title Ch Amanda Righetti vs Cassidy Freeman

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on November 29, 2019, 11:44pm


AMANDA RIGHETTI (Welterweight Champion) (36 y/o, 5 ft 8, W: 97, L: 28) vs CASSIDY FREEMAN (37 y/o, 5 ft 8, W: 27, L: 22)

Results: Lookout!, Writing: Bonzo

Before: Cassidy Freeman and Amanda Righetti are old rivals, and each of their four battles in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2016 has been a true welterweight war. Cassidy‘s incredible physicality has always posed a real danger to the redhead champ, and there was a time when Cassidy, Amanda and Bridget Regan pretty much ruled the roost at welter. Righetti needed come-from-behind knockouts after suffering plenty of damage against Freeman in their first two combats and Cassidy‘s title-winning TKO5 of Amanda in March 2014 has joined that rare echelon of comprehensive beat-downs administered to the usually dominant Righetti, joining the likes of Bridget Regan‘s two title fights and the notorious Paula Patton ragdoll upset. Divided fortunes after her legendary 2014 win – which remained Cassidy‘s only title run during ten years in the division – have taken some of the blaze out of the combat, but pre-fight press dates highlight just how emotional and heartfelt Cassidy and Amanda‘s rivalry remains today.

Why is fighting Righetti different from battling all those younger supermodels, Freeman‘s asked:

“Well, we go back!“, she smiles. “That‘s why it‘s no surprise that Amanda‘s waited so long to fight me during this legendary run of hers. And I don‘t blame her a bit. I‘ve had plenty of chances to beat girls like Atkinson, Kostek, Rhoda and Prinsloo and failed at the job, but this is something else. I mean, there was a time when people thought Righetti would just dominate welter for the ages, was nigh invicible – then Bridget and me kinda took a sledgehammer to her, and it was a shock! Deep down, Amanda knows. I‘m not saying she fears me, but I‘m sure her body‘s got a memory of what I did to her back in the past, and that‘s the kind of zone I need to get her back into. That mental zone when Amanda realizes she‘s not the biggest, baddest woman in the ring. Uh-oh. When I get her there, the streak ends.“

Coming back from a tough all-nighter against Katy Perry, Amanda‘s now trying to extend her winning streak to an unstoppable 23, breaking Kristanna Loken‘s 2003/2004 middleweight (nine) defense record along the way. Why Cassidy now?

“No matter her position in the rankings or her current stats, Cassidy‘s track record pretty much makes her an exciting opponent each and every time,“ Amanda explains. “But let‘s look at the facts first. Yes, my loss to her was tuff and hard, but I‘m 3-1 against her, right? But yeah, she‘s got a point – there‘s always something in the air when we meet. We‘re just two proud, physical redhead gals who want to dominate the other fighter – things just have to explode! But I‘m a step too far for Cass right now – we‘ve been equal rivals for a while, and tonight marks the moment where I leave her in the dust, finally make it a one-sided rivalry. I‘ve already broken Bridget Regan‘s spirit – tonight, it‘s Cassidy who will have to surrender.“

Fight night attire: Girls clad in no-nonsense boxing wear: Cassidy‘s sporting classic-yet-tight baby-blue boxing trunks, blue boots (white laces), a white sports bra, white gloves, hair in a braid – Amanda‘s clad in short red sweatpants, black boots (white laces), a dark red sports bra, black gloves, hair loose.

Fight:R1: Girls form rigid jab stances, opening fire as they step and pivot – Righetti‘s spreading her feet wide, right heel off the canvas, weight on left foot, stepping into a pretty stiff poke...early confronts see Amanda‘s left hand splash, put a spank to Cassidy‘s face (mouth). Hard body dip (to left), Amanda – she rips a right body uppercut above Cass‘s hips...Freeman feels weight-of-shot, closing elbows in grimace as she steps out wide a-circlin‘. Fast hop n‘ steps around Cassidy‘s left flank – ‘Manda‘s left poundin‘ flat, stiflin‘ to opposite redhead‘s raised mitts/head...hard turns, dips see Righetti‘s crosses / uppercuts land to Cassidy‘s hips, mid-section as Amanda‘s looking to bring power, get respect thru early combats. Freeman‘s jabbing stance‘s not less refined, but she‘s outboxed early as girls step to: Righetti‘s defensive instincts a little faster here – lil‘ shoulder-rolls, quick left / right weaves, fast leanin‘ side-steps have her avoiding contact with Cassidy‘s powerful poking lefty.

Exemplary scene: girls step around, eyes all wide and alert, left hands out to pump – it‘s Cass‘s left hand that skids off Righetti‘s left shoulder as Amanda‘s jab spanks back redhead face, head a-twitchin‘ on impact! Jab‘s got Rigs walkin‘ forward – Cassidy‘s stepping back fast, her dukes at temple….a hard, diggin‘ body uppercut pancakes Freeman‘s breasts flat...a quick-twitch right hand slips to Cassidy‘s upper temple, skids the hairline! Mid-round: Amanda‘s right at mouth, left hand danglin‘, a-pumpin‘, making fast hops/steps in pursuit of foe – her legs get that effortless strut as Freeman fades to ropes. Righetti dips, leans into left hand cross to Cassidy‘s paunch – Freeman STUBS BACK THE SUDDEN, SHORT RIGHT HAND! So much power, timing, shoulder and hips behind that shot: righty KISSES off Amanda‘s jawline, putting a clickety-clack buzz in Amanda‘s strong legs! Baby-steps as Righetti back-pedals in confused haste, her torso unstable, wobblin‘ to left / right – Cass snarls, thumping a jab to Amanda‘s pecs, spearing a body cross upside her hips.

Righetti‘s rickety steps reach ropes – and Cass‘s being rag-doll brutal as Amanda leans her head past top rope, hands at temples, covering up and leaning away! Flat pounds to shoulders stack Righetti up, clobber her upright...hard, massive right hands club at the champ‘s head! Soak-up time for redhead champ as legs buzz n‘ buckle: a BEEFY strong forearm lays down hard on Amanda‘s right shoulder as redhead leans out for clinch, shoves her back to cables for HUGE, thumping right hand deep into Righetti‘s tummy that has her all a-gaspin‘ n‘ a-grimacin‘. Thumping control position stays that way throughout round: Cassidy‘s on top, pounding away flat, drubbin‘ heavy, flat strokes across Righetti‘s strong arms / biceps, clobbering away at side of head and mitts.

Inside Freeman‘s corner during break: “Early damage, Cass! Early damage‘s always been pivotal to any Righetti defeat, and you got her there, kid, you got her there!“

R2: Fast, aggressive big-girl boxing, Cassidy Freeman: jogging slide-outs, side-steps from Amanda at the open tell her she‘s shot, and redhead challenger steps in fast and hard! Dramatic, sloshing jab pumps, howitzer blasts: drumming poke‘s got Righetti keeping her dukes up, weaving left / right in careful range, negotiating distances – Freeman‘s stepping in big and strong as she‘s drubbing her jab to mitts (face), cocking a sluggin‘ lil‘ hook deep into breasts...she‘s palm-pushing to ‘Manda‘s shoulders, then walking her girl ropeward from sturdy, dominant mid-ring positions. Driving aggression forces Amanda into cover-ups, her butt leaning on ropes during sponges of earmuff bashes (side of head, mitts) – she starts pulling down Cassidy‘s strong arms and tying up meaty / clinchy for ref‘s breaks. That slappin‘, stepped-in jab poke‘s bringing hurt, power to Righetti: she‘s busy just trying to slide, weave away from it...when Cass steps that rock drill jab home (mouth!, forearms!, breasts!) it automatically slugs the big redhead out of her stance, comfort zone...you can see the shoulders bending, her hips in pendulum, legs hopping fast as Amanda‘s trying to stabilize after the shot.

Second attack zone: follow-up punches to jab – and Cassidy‘s preferring to stay low center-of-gravity, that big, athletic frame sometimes pretty much grinding into Righetti‘s chest/ribs, Freeman‘s head beneath Amanda‘s chin. Cass sets hips with a twist, her shoulders and hips blasting out into effortless power: that wide, deep right hand body uppercut‘s one of the nastiest weapons in boxing – rigid punch impact grimaces Righetti, cramps her up and sits her against the ropes, mouth open in shock. Short, fast attacks, Cassidy: head low, body low...she‘s pounding away to Amanda‘s brawny forearms / biceps (foe‘s hands at temples, elbows in, a hunch), numbing redhead. Freeman‘s looking for nasty hooks, crosses, placed callously atop Righetti‘s hipbones, pounding flat to lats as Cassidy‘s frame presses down hard on Amanda ropeside...alternating righty uppercuts bash at ‘Manda‘s head (guard), trying to open spots in redhead defense for big, fight-ending punches.

Action‘s at the ropes, but not always: Cassidy‘s doing the walkin‘, steering redhead to back via impressive shoulder shoves, driving jabs to tummy, rack – not many girls can move Righetti‘s body like that! Tie-ups happen, but there‘s plenty of damage, Cassidy on Amanda, before ref‘s breaks: a thump left hook to Righetti‘s right shoulderblade, a rangy roundhouse righty splashes to tummy, sits Big Rigs ragdolled into ropes – Freeman grinds in, pressing down as Amanda struggles to stabilize, trying to walk Cass back with hands around hips (shoulders) for breaks as Cassidy‘s staying brawny, patient.

R3: Amanda‘s leggy stamina returns – she sets up a more lithe stance, hoping to break Cassidy‘s rhythm, stop the overwhelming aggression. Freeman still pouncin‘, belligerent… a long jolt lefty jab‘s already hunting a back-slidin‘ Righetti‘s head nanoseconds into the round! The left jab steps in, Cassidy – fast slip-forward, Righetti, and she‘s emerging inside Freeman‘s reach for a knee-jerk right-hand uppercut...shot sputters to Cass‘s shocked mouth/teeth, checking her good as Amanda‘s sliding by her right flank! Foggy eyes in Cassidy‘s pretty face as girls turn, stay toe-to-toe: Righetti beats Cassidy to a corking left cross, smiting her right temple via concussive impact – shot‘s finally got Freeman staggered, a-stumblin‘. Righetti takes a half-step to right (back), dippin‘ low for a swingin‘ sidearm right hand across a trembling Freeman‘s waist (ribs), pretty much punching breath out of redhead. Freeman dippin‘ low, too: a flat-knuckle left taps Righetti‘s right flank (hip-bone) – an explosive lefty out of the crouch pulses to Amanda‘s ear/temple...girls just walk each other into ruinous punches while staying shoulder to shoulder.

Mid-ring combat: girls lower heads, ripping hips n‘ torsos into body shots – vicious trade throbs to opposite tummy, ribs...girls shake out arms, hop-step legs to stabilize after dramatic hits, then step back in HARD. Past the mid-round mark, Righetti‘s jab establishes more problems for Freeman as momemtum‘s ripped away from her: heavy jab shells off shoulder, paving way for thumping right-hand body crosses and hooks to ribs/neck/arms. Just one of your big-girl power sieges, as Cass feels the power she dished out to Amanda last round, absorbing plenty redhead sock now: Freeman‘s sliding out, trying to dip, roll, slip, block – the lefty jab‘s cycling to strong redhead pecs and arms, timing her for shots to mouth, cheekline.

Fast slide-backs soon end at ropes: a hard left to tits, right hand jolts to jawline, knocking back Cassidy‘s head. Solid work for Righetti at ropes, turnbuckles: drumming throbs across Freeman‘s waist flanks – head dips low from aggressive counters, nasty body hooks numb Cassidy‘s stamina. Down the stretch: girls step out fast...Righetti‘s left dictates as girls trade blunt right crosses, scoring sturdy to mouth – faster rhythms, staccato attacks see Amanda walking forward...both girls absorb but Righetti‘s reacting a little faster, initiating trades, forcing Cass to negotiate from ropes. Bell: girls linger for steely eye contact – no flyweight shenanigans, just two gritty n‘ tuff girl fighters searching for quit.

R4: Righetti sets a faster tempo, surprising Cass with handspeed – lil‘ slide-backs, walk-ins trigger Freeman‘s counters as girls exchange shots, beat each other to punches. Cassidy‘s left starts to paw out...but Amanda fast-taps a straight-left to Cassidy‘s lower jawline, scrubs a scratchy right uppercut upon Freeman‘s hairline...the redhead‘s stepping away wobbly, torso a-tiltin‘, hands placed delicately around temples.

Initiative, momentum: Righetti‘s doing fast hops, staying broad-legged, bendy, changing weight across her feet – mostly she‘s just sticking a hard, STIFF jab to Cassidy‘s chest and pec muscles. Work‘s gettin‘ done: Amanda steps into a phone-booth battle, driving Cass back via her poke – short, jerky jabs drive to redhead jug-line, the occasional rib (oomph, as punches sink in deep)...short, hard uppercuts club Freeman‘s strong biceps, as detonating (left, right) crosses bash hard n‘ wooden against Cassidy‘s head/shoulders/guard. Sullen, grim looks for Cass, switching from body defense (right at rack, left across gut) to head defense when Rigs bashes away (hands lowered from temples, eyes): she‘s hoppin‘ on the spot, blocking shots hard n‘ stiff to guard/forearms, rolling shots via shoulder-twists, trying to trigger heavy left-hand crosses to Amanda‘s head inside.

Mid-round: girls work in phone-booth, bumping shoulders into steps, pushing for better positions – Cassidy‘s back in aggressive mode, twitches a ramrod lefty uppercut to Amanda‘s tummy/mid-section, just above the hip-bone, repeats shot as girls tumble-stumble to ropes...Righetti‘s trying to grab around Cassidy‘s neck, pressing weight down n‘ dragging her foe into a clinch to break. Ref‘s break: girls draw close again like fighting magnets – head, hips bump against each other, torsos lean forward, low punches get swapped for nasty body shots, guh-guh! Slo-mo replay zooms on pretty, exhausted faces: blank expressions, dimmed eyes rollin‘ and twistin‘ when brutal body shots land! Whoah... stubby, rising left-hand uppercut, Cassidy: short, CRISP punch connects to Amanda‘s jawline just as girls bump heads, wrassle for control – impact loosens, relaxes Righetti...she‘s stepping forward into Freeman‘s arms, clinching as legs totter! Strong stack-up for Freeman: she twists hips, powering down Amanda‘s arms..she‘s walking Rigs against ropes – she‘s strokin‘ strong, sullen BASHES to either side of ‘Manda‘s head/guard, trying to get the powerful redhead to slacken, quit.

Last minute: Freeman‘s jab‘s walking forward, landing heavy shots off her shoulder, landing thuds to Amanda‘s pec/neck. At ropes: Righetti rolls a Freeman straight-right, lands the short, CRISPY left cross to Cassidy‘s mouth in got-cha fashion – now there‘s the totter in Freeman‘s legs! Reversal: Righetti grinds atop, walks Cass alongside ropes, doing lil‘ shoulder bumps, tapping the left for body shots upon redhead hips/ribs/flanks, the right hand bashing to Freeman‘s skull/ear in sloshin‘, drummin‘ fashion! Not many clean, mean punches as girls grind, bump n‘ stumble for control: Righetti‘s activity, thumping body shots secure the points as close round winds down.

Girls slow on way to corner, hurt, showing steely-eyed looks of grim determination. Inside Cassidy‘s corner: “That stubby left uppercut inside, Cass – I wanna see that again, girl! Got ‘Manda into a world of hurt – that‘s what you need to take to her now!“

R5: Phone-booth battle in the fourth, rangy distance game early in the fifth round – that smooth, hard, pokin‘ Amanda Righetti jab‘s back! Leggy slides, side-steps as Amanda‘s stepping to the left, her athletic shoulder pumping HARD, rhythmic jabs in clockwise pivots around a bobbin‘, eager Cassidy who wants to step in via the jab, too – ‘Manda‘s brick-powered shot‘s making Cassidy pay for these intrusions, SPLITTING her upper lip, SCRATCHING a cut above her right eye, KNOCKING her mouth back! Freeman‘s playing sulk to Amanda‘s anti-access area denial, slowly starting to crawl back from redhead range, dragging her feet across the canvas, bobbin‘ more passively on the spot, luring Righetti into more active approaches.

Girls step into each other via spearing approach-jabs – both punches get the crruuuusshing connect! Only the hardest jabs in boxing: Cassidy‘s shot knocks back Righetti‘s mouth, splitting her lower lip, tossing her into limber-legged baby-steps – Freeman stumbles away to her right from a nasty temple shot! Wounded warriors circle back in slow pivots, loosening up stances: Amanda‘s righty‘s placed at mouth, left hand danglin‘/pawin‘ low, mouth-breathing, eyes wide alert – Freeman‘s forming her arms in peek-a-boo at mouth, upper bod sloshing in dramatic bobs, turns as girls read, time, look for spots to engage. ‘Manda TOSSES the lefty overhand uppercut, huntin‘ for the head, but the powerful, whizzin‘ punch swoops just by a head-bobbing Cassidy‘s hairline – short, straight, stubby-jab, Cassidy‘s counter...nasty lil‘ shovin‘ punch pitches to Righetti‘s mouth...she‘s circling out hurt!

Mid-round: a lungin‘ lil‘ jab digs into Righetti‘s rack, faltering her – girls move into closer quarters, bumping heads and (left) shoulders, jolting punches instead of tying up. Short, thudding punches applied to hips/ribs/flanks: Cass bludgeons a stout right hand upon Amanda‘s left hip-bone, forcing grunts, moans...and Righetti‘s hurt! ‘Manda trying to tie up around Cassidy‘s arms, a lil‘ glassy-eyed from tummy shot – Cassidy slides those legs n‘ hips back, pawing arms free, walking Amanda into the mean, tidy (left) uppercut as redhead folds forward! Righetti‘s picked up stiff! The champ‘s head knocks back on jerk impact, arms all rickety and loose as she‘s stumbling to find her balance! Delayed impact sees a glassy-eyed Amanda tumble forward, sloshing down past Cassidy‘s left side – SHE‘S DOWN! Freeman slides back, staring down at fallen prey: Amanda‘s on her face n‘ knees, sweaty hair touching canvas, taking heavy breaths! Righetti scrambles forward, getting a leg up, swaying rickety and trying to stabilize: she‘s able to beat the count at 8!

Exhausted welter vixens stumble back into the fray: Freeman‘s trying to stay rangy via the jab, control her, eat up Amanda for the finish, but it‘s no-go – girls fall in heavy, laying in mouth-on-shoulder, diggin‘ and swattin‘ away to body. Freeman‘s pumping adrenaline sees her power atop, wrassling Amanda to ropes, looking for that twitchin‘ lil‘ left uppercut to end Amanda‘s night – Righetti‘s riding it out, absorbing Cassidy‘s swatting shots across her flanks/ribs, body jolted by Freeman‘s bashing strokes to skull/guard, butt-on-ropes, tying up muscularly for long ref‘s breaks.

Bell: Cassidy‘s pumped n‘ motivated, staying hot in Amanda‘s face, as ref jostles in between girls – Righetti‘s a battered vixen, her hair sweaty as she‘s stabilizing against the ropes. Inside Amanda‘s corner during break: smelling salts, legs rubbed as redhead champ‘s hurt after surging Freeman knockdown! – “Time to rally, ‘Manda! Control jabs, trust your legs...we‘ve still got half the fight, girl.“

R6: Long, mean jabs off Cassidy‘s shoulder – rhythmic pump, left shoulder edging forward, puts pressure on Righetti early, sees her negotiate the incoming poke via lil‘ head-turns, torso-rolls, leggy slide-backs. ‘Manda‘s butt hits ropes: she sets up a left shoulder to Freeman‘s aggression, trying to roll shots. Freeman‘s jab‘s cuffing strong to Righetti‘s rack/pecs, pinning her girl down: short, sweeping tik-tok lefts, rights from Cassidy‘s explosive bob, left shoulder/elbow used to stack up Rigs, push n‘ shove her into better position – she‘s bulling in her right hands atop Amanda‘s trunkline/hipbones, slugging ‘em short, heavy, hurting. Redhead‘s butt rides atop ropes, hands clutched at temple: Cassidy‘s clubbing shots at her head, taking swipes left n‘ right to ‘Manda‘s ears! Girls move alongside the apron in tight configuration, touching pates, bumping hips/shoulders towards the other gal, staying active, always be touchin‘: Righetti defends well, socking a short, heavy forearm across Cassidy‘s jugs, swiping back clacking shots upside Freeman‘s forehead/temples – girls all greedy n‘ grabby when Amanda leans off the ropes n‘ shoulders in on Cassidy‘s bod...sucking toe-to-toe as girls bash away, clobber, pummel!

Freeman‘s gruesome, relentless to keep that top position – she‘s wrigging her arms free, SUCKS a short, MEAN uppy across ‘Manda‘s jaw, staying clear of a clinch while bulling away inside. Strong legs rocked, knees bending thru: Amanda‘s eyes show exhausted, grim determination – she‘s absorbing hurt! Mid-round: wide, long steps, Amanda...she‘s making canvas ground, Freeman a-stalkin‘ in pursuit – girls trade vicious jabs to mouth, lean into right crosses off the jab as punches sputter to mouths, necks. Short step into Cassidy‘s range: Amanda swipes a short lefty hook to jugs, pitches head back fast from Freeman‘s drubbing straight-right, drops a short left cross to Cassidy‘s right cheek as she‘s pivoting back out right...there‘s the see-saw in Freeman‘s legs! Girls slow during second minute, pivoting in and out of range, timing lefts, re-grouping via hops, side-steps, staying alert.

Down the stretch: Cassidy‘s bobbin‘ close, head low, her hands crossed at breasts, ready to pitch into shots – Righetti‘s back-pedalling, feet set in wide stance, danglin‘, pumpin‘ the left….RIGHT CROSS, RIGHETTI! Gorgeous lil‘ twitch as lefty feints, triggers the right cross, walks Cass into it – shot splutters to Freeman‘s left cheek/ear as redhead‘s left goes a-sailin‘: head swivel, Freeman – her legs go into shock! Cassidy‘s a rickety beauty, torso unhinging – she‘s all rag-doll loose, tripping over her feet and CRASHING TO HER BACK! Freeman‘s eyes jolt awake as long redhead legs stretch out in square angle to ropes: she‘s spellbound, groaning softly as lips murmur, eyebrows frown – she‘s finally lifting her head in confusion, throwing bewildered looks up! Her legs twitch desperately as her upper body‘s just paralyzed, shut out – poor Cassidy can‘t get off her back! Stunning finish as Amanda Righetti takes the KO6 to stay welterweight champ! 



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