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30 November 2019 Charlotte McKinney vs Abigail Ratchford

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Brunette Ambition At The Asylum II: Electric Boogaloo


Posted by HBO's Boxing At The Asylum on Nov 30, 2019 at 10:46am



"I see how it is over there," says Abigail with a shake of the head. "Can't find a welterweight to win for them. Well. Here I am, boys! And, when I take out McKinney tonight...well. I'll be available!"

"You know what? I'm tired of all this s**t," says a hard-eyed Charlotte. "I'll talk IN the ring."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside and that's 'Blem' by Drake and here comes 'The Queen of Curves' herself, Abigail Ratchford!"

Tess: "Might as well jump in and address the rumors. No question Abigail has been considered for possible addition to Front Street in the past. Correct, Cassandra Lynn?"

Cassie: "No doubt about it."

O'Dell: "And, she's clearly hoping to make a big impression tonight. Ratchford into the ring and helped off with the robe. She's wearing a lovely white number that shows off an absolutely ROCKING body..."

McCarthy: "Fans really popping for this girl, but, she's a little CHUBBY, frankly..."

All I want to eat is cherry licorice

I don't care if it sounds ridiculous

Even the bird and the bees

Eat how they damn well please

McCarthy: "I HATE that stupid song!

O'Dell: 'The tune in question would be 'Cherry Licorice' by The Felice Brothers, and, Charlotte was, no doubt, referring to the fact that we might well be hearing it for the last time here at Asylum..."

McCarthy: "MY sources tell me Weirdo had just about given up on this failed Dancing Hooker and is only using her because some fighters he REALLY wanted on this card got pay-per-view challenges!"

O'Dell: "I don't know about any of that, Mac, but what we all DO know is that there were rumors that last month's Perry/Righetti fight would be the last welter fight in Front Street history and there's no question changes are coming here. For the moment, though, McKinney down the aisle and into the ring to be helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve. She's looking plenty good in that blue number and the fans liking what they see..."

McCarthy: "Low standards."

O'Dell: "We're about ready to go. Time for some picks. Tess likes Charlotte. Mac?"

McCarthy: "McKinney's a failed Dancing Hooker, but Chubby is a tomato can. McKinney."

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess!"

O'Dell: "It's unanimous for the first bout. And, the ladies wasting no time going after one another! Blonde and brunette letting the hands go early and RATCHFORD ROCKS MCKINNEY! A BIG right from Abigail and Charlotte is hurt! Brunette pouring on the fire, looking to pull a shocking KO1 here!"

McCarthy: "She's about to send this Dancing Hooker packing! They may not even let her get her stuff from the locker room!"

O'Dell: "Abigail just REEFING heavy leather at Charlotte! McKinney backing up, covering up, jabbing back here and there, trying to slow this brunette tornado down, but having very little success doing it. Instead, it's Ratchford giving the blonde a serious beating at the moment..."

Cassie: "Got to ride this out. Nothing else for it."

O'Dell: "And, that's what the blonde's doing. She's backed to the ropes now, keeping that earmuff tight. Charlotte tying up now, but Abigail shoves off, works some body. Ten seconds to go in the first. GOOD right from Ratchford and there's the bell. HUGE first for Abigail."

Tess: "10-9 Ratchford, and that was almost a lot worse for McKinney."


O'Dell: "Abigail right back at Charlotte early. Ratchford sitting down on all her punches at the moment, looking for the shot that will finish this thing and THERE'S A HUGE RIGHT HAND, CHARLOTTE! McKinney GOBSMACKS Ratchford with a brutal right hand counter. Where did THAT come from?"

Tess: "That's got to be what Ratchford's thinking..."

McCarthy: "After a shot like that, she's probably thinking 'Where am I?'"

O'Dell: "And, now it's CHARLOTTE who's going all in. Blonde POURING fire on the reeling brunette looking to get her out of there. Abigail showing she's plenty sturdy, however, shipping the shell and staying afloat, also managing to stay off the ropes despite Charlotte's efforts to force her back there..."

Cassie: "I'm impressed by Ratchford's ability to take this kind of fire and stay on her feet."

O'Dell: "Fifteen seconds left in the second. Charlotte still trying to finish this thing, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Abigail hanging on, playing defense, countering here and there and there's the bell. Big round for Charlotte, she evens the thing at 19...but, like Abigail in the first, she loses a chance to finish."


O'Dell: "McKinney back to work, stepping to Ratchford, backing her up with hard shot. Brunette keeping the guard up, not holding canvas, but she's firing back some now. GOOD right by the blonde and Ratchford a big right hand of her own and it's ON in the middle of the ring!"

Cassie: "LOOK out!"

O'Dell: "Bomb after bomb being thrown now, as blonde and brunette having at it! Nobody backing up and nobody backing down. Instead, we've got a serious firefight taking place, and, Mac, I don't think it can go on for long, not with the kind of power these two have..."

McCarthy: "Something going to give if it keeps up."

O'Dell: "And, keep up it is, at least for the moment. Twenty seconds to go in the third. RIGHT HAND, MCKINNEY! And Ratchford fires right back AGAIN! And, that backed up Charlotte. ANOTHER big exchange and the ref leaping between the fighters at the bell! What a round. Close. McKinney."

Tess: "And, Charlotte's got the lead 29-28."


O'Dell: "Nothing subtle about what's going on as we start the fourth. Ladies simply walking to the middle of the ring and letting the hands go. Clearly both fighters want to prove something, and neither is going to let the other prove it. Instead, they're going toe to toe, banging away, and the crowd is LOVING it!"

McCarthy: "And, this is proof of how dumb Weirdo's corner people are! This favors Ratchford, because, what's she got to lose?"

O'Dell: "Might be right, Mac, but Charlotte not going to get will imposed upon her. Instead, she's standing her ground and firing bombs in response to the bombs being thrown by Abigail. GOOD right by Ratchord and that forced McKinney to cover up and the brunette responds with a HARD flurry..."

Tess: "Going to say again what we've already said. Very impressive that these fighters can take shots like these and stay on their feet."

O'Dell: "And, take them, they are, because nobody's willing to disengage here. Instead, as we head down the stretch, the carnage goes on. Mostly to the head, but a few shots to the body in there, too. Five seconds left. SHARP right from Abigail and there's the bell. Close. Ratchford."

Cassie: "Even at 38."


O'Dell: "Fifth begins with MORE heavy leather, as, again, blonde and brunette meeting at center ring and trading punches. And, both are committing on everything, squaring up, landing hard shot to the head. A little more body work going on now and DOWN GOES RATCHFORD!"

Tess: "WHAT A SHOT!"

O'Dell: "Out of NOWHERE, Charlotte lands a right hook and Abigail is flat on her back. Blonde to a neutral corner. Count at three. Four. Five. Six. Ratchford rolls to her belly at seven. Eight. Hands and knees. Nine. Abigail to her feet! Did she beat it? Ref says yes and will give her the mandatory..."

Cassie: "That was CLOSE..."

O'Dell: '"Certainly was, but the brunette survived...for now. Because, on comes CHARLOTTE! McKinney winging away with both hands, looking once again to finish this thing. She's got the brunette trapped on the cables. Twenty seconds to go. Charlotte teeing off. Abigail hanging on. Clock ticking. GOOD right by McKinney, but there's the bell! Ratchford survives the fifth."

McCarthy: "But, McKinney wins it 10-8 and goes up 48-46."


O'Dell: "Blonde determined to finish as we start the sixth. Charlotte aggressively after the brunette, backing her up with barrages of leather. Ratchford giving ground, keeping the guard high and WOBBLING MCKINNEY WITH A RIGHT-HAND COUNTER! Out of nowhere AGAIN!"

Cassie: "No idea how Charlotte is still standing. None!"

O'Dell: "Abigail going all in now, letting the hands go and DROPPING CHARLOTTE TO HER BACK! This place is going NUTS as Ratchford heads to a neutral corner now! Blonde flat on her back as the referee's count reaches three. Four. Five. Six. Charlotte sitting up at seven. Eight. Nine...McKinney to her feet, barely beats it..."

Tess: "This has been SOME kind of fight!"

O'Dell: "Charlotte now getting the mandatory. Ref looking closely, but going to let this continue. And, ON COMES ABIGAIL! Ratchford letting the blonde HAVE it, forcing her back to the ropes and WORKING HER OVER to head and body, banging a little RACK in there as well! Charlotte in a high guard, hanging on as the ref watches closely. Ten seconds to go. Ratchford pounding away. Charlotte clinching now, and there's the bell. Huge round for Ratchford..."

McCarthy: "10-8, and we're even at 56."


O'Dell: "Ratchford THUMPING McKinney. Charlotte on wobbly legs giving ground as the brunette fires off flurry after flurry of hard leather. She's backing the blonde up with every punch. McKinney unable to come close to holding canvas. Instead, Abigail backing her into the ropes and now going tummy!"

McCarthy: "Those kinds of shots will either bring the guard down or break YOU down."

O'Dell: "Ratchford doesn't seem to care which and now it's RACK TIME again! Abigail banging those bra cups! McKinney turning the elbows in, crouching, trying to block some of those shots and Ratchford lands a HARD uppercut that wobbled the blonde again!"

Cassie: "I have no idea how this is going to come out, but Ratchford is making a STATEMENT tonight..."

O'Dell: "She most certainly is. Fifteen seconds to go in the seventh. Brunette banging away, looking to finish the blonde. McKinney somehow continuing to ship this punishment and stay on her feet. Ten seconds. ANOTHER good right by Ratchford! And, there's the bell. Shutout for the brunette."

Tess: "And, Ratchford grabs the lead 66-65."


O'Dell: "Ratchford determined to end this thing. She's right back at a retreating Charlotte as we start the eighth. Abigail has shown a TON of power so far in this one, and it may only take one more good shot to get the job done on the blonde, who's taken plenty of punishment so far..."

McCarthy: "This is EXACTLY the right strategy for Ratchford. Go for it right now. Don't let this get to those bought and paid for JUDGES!"

O'Dell: "McKinney keeping the guard high, playing defense, countering here and there, but letting Ratchford fight lead while she tries to get the legs back under her. GOOD right by the brunette and a BOOMING REJOINDER FROM MCKINNEY! DOWN GOES ABIGAIL!"

Cassie: "That might do it!"

O'Dell: "Again, it comes out of NOWHERE. Ratchford flat on her back. Charlotte to a neutral corner. Referee's count at three. Four. Five. Six. Abigail rolling to her belly. Seven. Eight. She's climbing the ropes at nine....TEN! It's OVER! Referee waiving it off with Ratchford just having reached her feet! It's OVER! And your winner by KO8 is 'Agent 00DDD' Charlotte McKinney!"

Tess: "Ratchford NOT happy! Insisting to the ref that she beat the count...but, he's not going to be moved."


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Charlotte McKinney, and, Charlotte, that was SOME fight..."

Charlotte (nodding): "That girl can PUNCH. No question about it. Thing is, I can punch HARDER. And, that was the difference."

Tess: "One month to go before the roster is solidified..."

Charlotte (shaking her head): "All I can do is what I just did. And, if I'm not here in January, well. I'll be SOMEwhere." 



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